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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dual combination: Donald Trump still can prevent to be nominated by Republicans

The candidate for the post of President of the United States Donald trump defeated his rivals for the Republican party in the primaries in Indiana. It is reported by Agence France-Presse, noting that his victory in fact, the controversial entrepreneur had secured the official nomination from the Republicans in the upcoming elections. “MK” has found out, what is to prevent the businessman to present “party elephant” in the presidential race.

photo: AP

Donald Trump

Trump left far behind Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasica. After defeat, Cruz stated that he no longer has chances of a victory and suspends its participation in the elections. Formally, the campaign continues to Kasich, although the number of his supporters indicates that he has no chance to overtake the trump.

As for the Democrats, on the parallel primaries in Indiana and the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders defeated former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, however, this victory does not change much: it still leaves far behind its rival in the total number of delegates. The analysts say that the result for the seat in the White house will compete trump and Clinton.

“Trump guaranteed a visit to the Republican national Convention in Cleveland (where she needs to nominate a candidate – “MK”), – said the “MK” chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasilyev. – However, there may be intrigue by the leadership of the Republican party. It cannot be excluded that it is due to backroom games will try to review the results of the primary election. I can say, is based on what similar kind of strategy. For a long time Republicans have been thinking about how to stop trump. The first scheme is not to give him the opportunity to score 1237 votes (they are needed for the official nomination from the party – “MK”). In late April, this strategy has completely failed. Another option is to check the credentials of the delegates (who will vote for trump in the Congress – “MK”). Before this, of course, paid no attention, it was a formal procedure. Now the Republicans decided to start the test. First of all this thing launched by trump, when in March he questioned the credentials of the delegates from Louisiana, where he’s not gaining votes.

The idea is simple. Let’s say, tomorrow will be revealed for those delegates who support trump, and then, perhaps, will be discovered that these delegates have no authority. Once they have these powers, then there is no votes. Trump will say, these voices are invalidated so that they do not have the right to vote for you. I do not exclude that, depending on the specific placement of the Republican leadership in the Congress can deprive trump of the necessary votes to return to the concept of open Congress, that is, each delegation will have to vote the way she wants, for any candidate. By the way, a compromise figure, that is, one that offers in return, all participating in primaries of candidates who may become the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, a man who has already participated in the presidential race in 2012, the third party in the American state.”

“There are two factors, – says senior researcher of the sector of internal and external policy of the USA, IMEMO ran Victoria Zhuravleva. – Victory trump and out of the race crews. Second, I think, are more substantial and actually puts the point in the first stage of the race, because Kasich not a competitor to Trump. It is obvious that in the remaining States, the trump will get the necessary number of votes and delegates. If he can do something to prevent it? Congress is always an event with a certain degree of unpredictability and intrigue. On the one hand, a candidate who is dominant among the electorate and, most likely, will have a majority of the delegates are guaranteed to become the nominee, but there’s always the unknown, because there are delegates that are not associated with the votes of the electorate who can vote depending on their interests. The moment of suspense is compounded by the attitude to Trump the Republican political elite. Those delegates that remain from the race came from candidates who are eligible to vote in accordance with their wishes. They can affect. You can fight for the fact that a significant part of the delegates did not vote for trump. But I think the chances that the elite will win and will be able to recruit delegates against trump, very little. Most likely trump will be the nominee of the party”.

As suggested by the expert, if in the final presidential race will meet Clinton and trump, former Secretary of state is likely to win. “Clinton had more chances,” Victoria says Zhuravlev. – National polls suggest that more than 50 percent of Americans don’t want to see in the White house trump. This is a serious signal indicating that Clinton will be easier to win support at the national level, although it is also ambiguous candidate and not all her support among the democratic electorate. Here in her favor for certain would be the fact that the Democrats actively don’t want trump for President. Therefore, in the absence of another candidate at the national level, they will unite in support of Clinton, and trump will help her to collect a significant number of the electorate.”

Watch the video on “Obama before the media made a joke about Hillary, trump, and myself”

Every year at dinner for White house correspondents the President of the USA talks to the press in an informal setting. Due to the fact that this is the last year of the presidency of Barack Obama had a lot of jokes, and in the end of his speech, outgoing President threw down the MIC, as do the rappers

Video from the site utube.com user The White House

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