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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dmitry Linter: Our action destroys the Estonian myth of occupation

“Bullying is not only in my address. We have about two dozen activists who are directly engaged in the preparation for the action “Immortal regiment”. Each has already been subjected to a certain pressure,” – said the newspaper VIEW one of the organizers of the action “Immortal regiment” in Estonia Dmitry Linter, who tried to detain upon departure from Estonia to Russia.

Estonian human rights activist Dmitry Linter involved in the organization of the action “Immortal regiment” dedicated to the Victory Day on 9 may, the day before undergone screening on the way from Estonia to Russia. Human rights activist tried to blow up the train, when he had to leave Tallinn. This itself, Was promptly reported in Facebook, the information is quickly hit in the news.

“I guess they assume that illegal drugs is a red banners, the ribbons and photos “Immortal regiment”

“Sitting in Narva, waiting for something to happen. Threatened to pick up the phone. Scare – wrote the Linter, backed by record photographs of the people, subjected to his inspection. Four peppers in the outfit as a war. However, the parnyaga hands are shaking. Nervous. Seized and photographing things,” he added. The train, which was Linter, was detained for 40 minutes, but in the end, the defender still went on it in Russia. About how he made his examination, and the reasons for hostility from the law enforcement authorities of Estonia Dmitry Linter has told in interview to the newspaper VIEW.

LOOK: the incident on the border of Estonia and Russia – what was that? Inspection, detention?

Dmitry Linter: It was demonstrative intimidation in violation of applicable procedural rules. As I said, people who repeatedly passing through the Russian border – as the conductors and passengers were not guards. They say that it was borderline counter-intelligence Department.

LOOK: have You noticed that you were followed, and informed?

D. L.: In Tallinn before it was recorded by surveillance. Before, when I went to the station, ordered the detention of cars. Then we have a missing edition prepared leaflets, which were already paid. Yesterday before leaving we were just about to take it but it’s gone now.

OPINION: why is, in your opinion, arose sharply in recent days, the level of activity of the Estonian law enforcement?

D. L.: Two weeks Estonian authorities did not react to us, and now the police decided that it was time to start “negotiations”, because it became clear that the “Immortal regiment” will gather enough people, especially to Tallinn. Information about it could not hide, so they switched to direct provocations, intimidation, searches and threats of violence.

OPINION: what was used against you with violence?

D. L.: all Around me were four people: one my hand “held”, the other a hand on his shoulder put. Given the hand when trying to pick up their phones. With this said, we will use violence, if you will not allow us to inspect your belongings, you will not get everything out of your pockets, will not take a picture of your laptop and the materials that you carry.

OPINION: You tried to take from the train?

D. L.: Yes, wanted to do it. As I understand it, the leadership of the trains even have said that I removed, but at some moment changed his mind. Began even to conduct proceedings: to interrogate, to conduct the interrogation Protocol. But for a few minutes something has changed: received calls, and the interrogation ceased.

OPINION: Presented these people any documents? They explained the reasons why you inspect?

D. L.: Yes, they showed the documents of the police of Estonia. They assumed that my stuff can be drugs. They have on this account was operational information. Probably, they assume that illegal drugs are red flags, maybe the ribbons and photos “Immortal regiment”. Is it something akin to prohibited drugs.

GLANCE: You will continue to engage in the action?

D. L.: of Course, we will hold the event, despite all these actions. I can just say: bullying is not only in my address. It created a problem for many people who are involved in this. We have about two dozen activists who are directly engaged in the preparation for the action “Immortal regiment”. Each has already been subjected to a certain pressure. One of them – Sergey Minko. This is the lifeguard who was fired from the rescue Department in Tallinn for Estonian videotaped the parade. This video has got several hundred thousand views, it can be seen that parade no. The Estonian authorities took offense and fired him without any reason.

OPINION: the Event that you are going to spend – it will be held officially, you have submitted all the necessary application?

D. L.: Yes, it is absolutely allowed. We have a news system, that is special permission we should not receive. The procession is done according to the law. The only issue we have is with the closing of the streets. For six days I could not get a response from the city Council. Assume that the streets close to us are not allowed – so let’s go on the sidewalks. It is not prohibited.

OPINION: Why your action is causing such discontent?

D. L.: It’s not my action – is the action of people who honor their ancestors, the memory of the liberators. Therefore, it displeases our Estonian action destroys the myth of occupation. They impose this myth for 20 years, and suddenly it turns out that a part of the population directly disloyal.

The second point that scares them, is that the Immortal regiment March will pass by three points, where are the NATO troops, and NATO headquarters. And it is clear that red flags and portraits of ancestors don’t really like Estonian security officials, therefore, there is such pressure. I remind you that the procession will go to the Bronze soldier monument. When transferred to the monument to the soldier, was the condition to remove him from the center of the city, where he “all the way”.

OPINION: How many people do you expect to see in the column shelf?

D. L.: In the application we have 600 people. I think 300-400 people will be exactly. This is a serious event for Tallinn: there are already a few years there were no applications for public events, except as may 9, when people come to the monument to the Bronze soldier. In Tallinn 600 thousand inhabitants, among them 30-40 percent of Russian so that’s a big number.

OPINION: When you plan to return to Estonia?

D. L.: just a day or two I’m going back to Tallinn.

We will remind, on April 30, the leader of the “Night watch” Dmitry Linter stated that his social movement is planning to hold on may 9 in Tallinn the action “Immortal regiment”.

Linter was one of the leaders arose in 2007 of the movement “Night watch”, when the Estonian authorities April 26 began the excavation of the graves of Soviet soldiers on the hill tõnismägi in Central Tallinn, on 27 April there was dismantled a monument to the soldier-liberator and transferred it to a Military cemetery.

These events have caused indignation of Russian-speaking inhabitants of the country and provoked mass riots in Tallinn and in northeast Estonia, during which more than 160 people were injured varying degrees of severity, were apprehended almost 1.2 thousand people.

On April 26 it was reported that in 2016 the memorial procession in memory of the great Patriotic war was joined by 16 States, the action “Immortal regiment” will take part 39 countries.

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