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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Chapter DND promised Odessa quick release from Bandera

The head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko had another online chat with the residents of Ukrainian regions. This time it was due to Odessa and Bessarabia. Ukrainian media watching Internet conference, has said that Zakharchenko urged inhabitants of Odessa to revolt. Although he called a little to another.

photo: youtube.com

Alexander Zakharchenko

I must say that the questions from the citizens and really were very politicized and were focused mainly on one topic — how to get rid of the current Kiev authorities, Bandera and the nationalists? If the communication with the residents of Kharkiv Zakharchenko asked a lot of questions of the economic plan — how to survive, build some model questions from Odessa to 90 percent of it concerned how to act “under occupation?” The tone was set the first question is:”Scared to ask a question, you track down and jailed. People burned not only so, but to show that they do not stop at nothing. In the city “activists” doing what they want, all they know in person, the police is inactive. Live in occupation. Afraid even to ask the question…will ask today and tomorrow – go to jail.” Therefore, the answers and the questions often commemorated the theme of the great Patriotic war: remembered, how did the partisans during the Nazi occupation. However, Zakharchenko recommended that the Odessa yet to focus on “preparatory” work — to create a civil society. “To counter this Bandera regime, it is necessary to preserve, recover and build social connections. It is clear that in conditions of political terror it should not be political unions – not the party and not of the society of friendship with Russia. It can be any, initially informal society – even stamp collectors and fishermen. Importantly, these civil unions consisted of people who trust each other, which adhere to more or less the same – and anti-Maidan antibanderovskie – views within civil society to preserve their language, their culture, their views of the world and for the future – to keep themselves, their sense of dignity and honor…that is The main thing, do not let them destroy those social connections that exist between you, do not let them destroy Odessa as a living creature with his soul, his tongue, his expression…They want to you in fear huddled in their homes and apartments, and you go out and communicate – on any, even the most harmless from the point of view of the Bandera power.” Also he urged to use the resources of social networks: “what is the novelty and effectiveness of network organizations? That they can in a specified time in a specified place to collect a number of supporters, which is not able to disperse even the police.”.

Complaints of inhabitants of Odessa on the fact that the city is intimidated by armed nationalists, and hoes and shovels with them to fight hard, Zakharchenko remembered how it all began in the Donetsk region: “In due time we chopper very useful. We took hoes and shovels, and went to the gardens and flowerbeds that are laid by our ancestors. Those they of machine oil poured. And after that was able to rebuff the invaders. So that chopper can come in handy, if they wisely take advantage of.”.

On the question whether Захарчен6ко to retaliate against Poroshenko, who was organizovala to assassinate him, had sent the subversive group, the head of the DND said that to assassinate Poroshenko, he is not going: “And not because good attitude to Poroshenko – I think you can guess how I felt about him. I just think that the fate of Poroshenko is in the hands of the Ukrainian people. And the trial of Poroshenko needs to make the Ukrainian people”. But about the executioners involved in the shelling of the checkpoint in Olenivka. Zakharchenko said more specifically: “One thing is for sure: retribution will overtake all who are guilty of the murder of our civilians in Olenivka! Inevitably and inexorably. We already know their names, call signs and all other necessary data… Try to know what is the fate of those who were guilty of the murder of our people in the shelling of the trolleybus to the boss in Donetsk January 22, 2015.”

By the way, there were several questions regarding the possible role Zakharchenko as the head of “independence”, “What will You do first if you become President?”- asked him. Zakharchenko doubted that someday wish to become the head of Ukraine, but as a theoretical possibility said that the first thing will be held a Nuremberg-type process, where will appear before the court all those involved in the outbreak of the Civil war, followed by large-scale denazification.

There was still some questions regarding the actual fate of the DNI and LC. In particular, people were interested in, will pass the summer in the republics elections and how in the future the DNI and LC will cooperate with Ukraine. Regarding elections, Zakharchenko said, “the Probability of holding elections in the period summer-autumn increases as an election approaches in the United States and as this election looms, a pair of opponents trump-Clinton.” And about the interaction with the “square” head of the DND said: “If our elections are recognized as legitimate by the international community, the positioning of our Republic (which our “partners” prefer to call “individual districts of the Donetsk region”) will change. And in the direction of amplification. After that we turn to the question of how we will cooperate with Ukraine”. The question of where to take the updated Ukraine( after all Bandera “disappear”) a good honest politicians, Zakharchenko told how things are going with the personnel policies and the fight against corruption in the DPR. “While we created his “polygraph” is a public control plus controlling structure in the administration.” As social control is used by several options: (1) a letter to the head using special mailboxes that are in all cities of the DNI; 2) the “Treatment” on a personal website; 3) my pages in social networks; 4) public enterprises, whose main problem is the control of power and the construction of a new, not similar on former Ukraine state” And as new staff in the DNI, according to Zakharchenko, actively involve in the management of students “so as so they at the end of their Universities came to us and replaced those officials who either can not cope with the new conditions, or work “the old way”.

During the next communication on the DNR website, conducted an online conference again was arranged Ddos-attack. Again, local administrators it successfully fought off.

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