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Saturday, July 22, 2017

A true “preparation for aggression” would be conducted differently than in Poland I think

The Minister of defence of Poland said about the signs of “preparation of Russian aggression against NATO”. The Minister even indicated the direction of the main attack of the army of Russia and Belarus are supposed to cut off the Baltic States at “Suwalki isthmus”. However, if Russia really wanted to attack this area, the number of stationed troops in Kaliningrad would be fundamentally different.

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz saw signs of “preparation for aggression” in the actions of the Russian military. “It’s time to talk about it openly… All of Russia’s actions say about systematic preparation for aggressive actions”, – said the official in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

“Speaking from a purely speculative, on the border would be stationed a minimum of 4 field armies”

“We would like a real military presence on Polish soil of U.S. troops and NATO who would be ready to contain the enemy, and, ultimately, to respond to aggression from Russia”, – said Macierewicz. Polish defense Minister warned that “aggressive actions” of Russia will not remain without response from the American partners of Poland.

“Aggression against Poland will meet a sharp and decisive response from the United States and the troops of the Alliance. Russia needs to realize this and it is an effective deterrent,” – said the head of the defense Ministry of Poland.

“Russia is acting provocatively, to split NATO”

Most likely, Mazarevica inspired the recent “strong protest” by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, after the story of the flight of Russian su-24 near the us destroyer “Donald cook”, carried out joint with Poland exercises in neutral waters in the Baltic.

According to Mazarevica, like Russia’s actions were expected, moreover, the Minister talked about this earlier, colleagues in NATO.

Macarevich, sees the reason for what is happening in NATO’s plans to expand its presence on the Eastern flank of the Alliance. According to him, Russia is trying to show that the Baltic sea for NATO “restricted area”.

“If you look at the history of the actions of first the USSR and now Russia, we can say that this is a routine action of Russia, – quotes TACC interview with the Minister. – When approaching some important events, important decisions, especially strengthening the defense of NATO countries, including Poland, Russia starts acting provocative to divide the Alliance, public opinion, to influence the journalists and to strengthen the position of those who would like to stand on the side of the Russian Federation”.

As notes TASS, while the Polish Minister did not bother to explain, is the essence of “provocative actions” of Russia and how they affect the unity of NATO.

However, last week, Macierewicz still explained why, from his point of view, Russia needs “aggression” against Poland.

On guard “Suwalki isthmus”

According to the Polish state news Agency PAP, the defense Minister said that NATO must guarantee the containment of a potential aggressor in the region “Suwalki isthmus”. We are talking about 70-mile stretch of the Polish-Lithuanian border between the Russian Kaliningrad region and Belarus. Apparently, he assumes that Russia will want to win this corridor.

“We have a common opinion on the fact that the decisions of the summit should reaffirm the expanded permanent presence of NATO troops to the extent that guarantees deterrence of any aggressor, with emphasis on security “Suwalki isthmus,” said Macierewicz. About it the Polish Minister said after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the commander of NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove.

The specter of strike by the Russian troops across the isthmus, cutting off the Baltic States from the main territory of NATO countries, not only personal fantasy is a prominent supporter of the conspiracy theories of Mazarevica. In December last year, the influential Polish Internet publishing Onet made the same version with reference to the commander of U.S. forces in Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, “does not hide his concern” vulnerability “Suwalki isthmus” that de could become the first victim of the attacks of the Russian troops.The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and NATO

The Polish edition compares the position of this portion of the territory of NATO with the so-called Fulda corridor. This concept of the cold war meant the lowlands in the South-West of the former GDR, which runs in the direction of the West German Frankfurt am main – this section of the NATO strategists considered one of the most likely areas of invasion of Western Europe armies of the Warsaw Treaty Organization. In addition, note that the “Suvalki corridor” (or “Suwalki gap”) resembles “Suwalki bulge” – a term since the Second world war.

However, the current Western military tend to fantasize about hybrid war than about the “hot” clash with Russia. The already mentioned US commander in Europe, General Hodges expressed the same idea, which later repeated, Macarevich. “I’m sure Putin wants to destroy our Union, but not by attacking it, and by creating divisions within NATO,” the London Guardian quoted the statement of General before the military and politicians in Berlin.

“Why Poland?”

The script, voiced by Metservice and its overseas counterparts, it looks absurd – it is, in particular, specifies military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a retired Colonel Viktor murakhovski.

“If we approach this issue from a theoretical point of view, you need to keep in mind that in the period of the Soviet Union on the border with Poland was the 11th army, consisting of four divisions. It was the second tier of our offensive force, the first was located in East Germany and in Poland itself. So talking about some kind of aggression from Russia is absurd”, – the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

“If we talk purely speculative on offensive operations of Moscow against Poland, at the border would be stationed at least four combined-arms army. Any professional soldier must know”, – said the expert.

In fact, the strengthening of the Russian military grouping in the Kaliningrad region pursues a very different, defensive end, Murakhovsky says.

“Let’s start from the beginning, why do we need Poland? All the questions are removed at once, – said the expert. – Russia is modernizing and upgrading its military grouping in the Kaliningrad region. The fact that the enclave – in the heart of Europe and it requires a special approach, one has to make extra efforts for its defence. To strengthen its naval systems and to deploy air defense systems and missiles.”

The source reiterates that all these measures are purely defensive in nature and pose no threat to Poland, NATO or other countries in Eastern Europe. “On the border with Poland and NATO, Russia has stationed one brigade and one regiment. For the offensive of these troops, of course, is not enough. Polish military simply want money, that’s worried about everyone,” – said murakhovski.

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