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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trump became the main candidate of the Republicans: Cruz withdrew from the race

Donald trump has become a fact of the candidate in US presidents from Republicans — once his main rival in the primaries, Ted Cruz, withdrew from the race, defeated in Indiana. Now the main intrigue — will the Trump to dial 1237 votes of the delegates from the Republican party to officially become a candidate.

photo: AP

Donald Trump

“Hello, losers! Greetings, losers!” – since the beginning of his speech the former head of the company “Hewllet-Packard Carly Fiorina that Ted Cruz took his own candidate for Vice-President, contrary to unwritten rules. It did not help. 60000 antithrombotic commercials hit on TV. It did not help. Another candidate, Republican Governor Kasic “gave” the state of Indiana Cruz. It did not help. In support of the crews were made by several governors and former governors, including Indiana. It did not help. Donald trump defeated instigated a conspiracy against him, won at Indiana for a decisive victory, scored 1053 votes of the electors of the necessary 1237 and after Cruz capitulated and threw in the towel became a “prospective presidential candidate” the party of the Elephant.

Now Trump opened a direct route to the nominees, he became master of the Republican party. This confirms obsequious letter to Trump, Chairman of the National Committee of the party of Primus Raines.

So, Donald trump was “alleged”. He after General Eisenhower’s only “alleged”, who was not involved in politics.

How he managed to win 16-17 politicians, Washington boiled in the pot? I will say briefly. He put his ear to the ground and heard the thud of protest of the exploited working class. He was a master of the television techniques of communication with the masses. He challenged the Washington establishment. He could repeat the words of the great philosopher of ancient times: “all I know is that I know nothing”.

Time favored the Trump, and he brilliantly took advantage of that. Until April 2012, trump wasn’t even a Republican. He gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, whom he will meet in the decisive battle for the White house. He took the anti-Republican positions on such issues as abortion, taxes, trade, small arms control, etc.

In his victory speech trump commended even Ted Cruz, calling him “a hell of a strong competitor,” and he predicted a “great future” for the glory of America. However, in the last round, the rivals exchanged heavy blows below the belt. Trump dubbed Cruz “liar Ted and Cruz — trump “a pathological liar”. For what? For the fact that trump, citing the journal “neyshnl, inquirer, the publisher of which his friend and brother, accused his father of Cruz, a Cuban immigrant that he, along with Lee Harvey Oswald handed out pamphlets proestrous on the eve of the assassination of President Kennedy. In addition, Cruz has called trump “a serial philanderer”. Moreover, Cruz said: “I want everybody to think about their children and teenagers. The presidential candidate talks about how great it is to engage in adultery. He’s still proud of it, describing his battle with a sexually transmitted disease as a “personal Vietnam”. Wow! But it did not help Cruz, who received in the state of Indiana his “personal Vietnam”.

But why Indiana? After winning the Indiana primaries trump scored 1053 votes of electors from 1237 needed for the nomination. It would seem that Cruz was still a chance to pull their socks up and make the upcoming in July, the Republican Convention in Cleveland “adversarial”. But simple arithmetic was against him. He lost to Trump in the remaining States, including the last primaries on June 7 in California. After that, Trump predicted no 1237 delegates, and 1280.

If the Republican party will split and the opponents trump is going to drop on him at the party Congress — Republicans nothing good is not waiting. Having lost a ranked candidate, the party itself will strike.

But what of the Democrats? In a democratic tug of war Senator Bernie Sanders after a series of defeats defeated Hillary Clinton, which is basically like a “forgotten” Indiana, due to the fact that public opinion polls showed not in her favor. The Indiana electorate is mostly white. There are very few African Americans and Hispanic.

But the results of the elections are unlikely to shake the position of Hillary Clinton, who currently has 90% of the required votes on the future of the Congress of Democrats. Today after the elections in Indiana, Hillary Clinton 2179 electoral votes, and Sanders — 1442.

The results of the election in Indiana has significantly shaken the position of Hillary Clinton, not in the sense that it will not become a “prospective candidate” of the party at the Congress in Philadelphia, and in the ethical sense. Only slightly more than half of the Democrats who voted last Tuesday, called Mrs. Clinton honest and trustworthy. Nominees for the party such results is very shaky basis.

Bernie Sanders in an interview with reporters after the victory in Indiana very sharply spoke about Hillary Clinton. That went against the moderation of tone which he had adopted before the election in Indiana. “I understand that Secretary Clinton believes the campaign is already over,” Sanders said. — But I have very bad news for her. Today we won a great victory in Indiana. Next week we have elections in West Virginia. We think we have a real opportunity to win in this great state. Then there are the States of Kentucky and Oregon. And in these States we have a very good chance to win. Winning in Indiana is important not only that we got some delegates, but also the fact that once again took in their hands the initiative that we need in order to reach the finish line.

Despite the fact that the arithmetic Sanders threatens imminent defeat, he his participation in primaries and the Caucus-goers and his long breath, which will make it to the finals, played and plays a big role in the lives of not only the democratic party, but of the whole country. Suffice it to say that people 20-44 years voted mostly for Sanders, the younger generation of the United States, their future is set progressive. And in this great merit of Senator “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders.

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