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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trump actually became a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Republicans

The main rival of Donald trump in the fight for the nomination from the Republican party – Senator Ted Cruz left the presidential race after losing in Indiana. Cruz has long lost the ability to beat trump, but could still do his victory is not so simple. Now the billionaire remains virtually the only ones who can vote Republicans.

The Republican candidate for the US presidency, Senator Ted Cruz refused further participation in the presidential race, clearing the way for election his party member and rival billionaire Donald Trump. “I said from the beginning that I would go to the very end, if there’s a way to win. Today, I regret to say that, it seems that way… the Voters chose a different path,” acknowledged Cruz.

“As soon as Hillary Clinton to get rid of Sanders and will focus on the fight against trump, we will see a lot of “homemade” billet”

Grand victory

“With a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism about the long-term future of our country we continue our campaign”, – concluded the Senator.

Recall, losing to Donald Trump primaries in Indiana, Cruz lost his chance to run for President from the Republican party. Donald trump got 53,3% of the votes, and Ted Cruz and John Kasich satisfied 36,6% and 7.6%, respectively. As a result, trump is more than a thousand (1,047) of the votes of party delegates vs 565 Cruz and 153 at Kasika, stated The Washington Post.

Donald trump is expected to be the Republican candidate for President, – said the Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party, Raines Bribes. – Now we need to unite and focus on how to defeat the election of Hillary Clinton.”

The departure of Cruz trump called “very brave”. “Today we have a Grand victory,” he said, and tried to cheer the passing of a competitor: “Ted Cruz is a hell of an opponent. I can assure you all that he will have a delightful future,” said trump his supporters in his native new York.

Curiously, despite its abysmal accomplishment, John Kasich not going to withdraw from the struggle, as stated by a representative of his staff, John weaver. “The current results will not change the plans of the Governor of Kasika”— quoted weaver Politico.

Recall, according to polls by NBC TV at the end of April Donald trump’s popularity among voters-Republicans and independents, who tend to support Republicans for the first time nationwide has reached 50%. Thus, in comparison with the previous survey in early April, the level of support trump grew by 4%. The popularity of his rivals, the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasica meanwhile, decreased by 2% and amounted to respectively 26% and 17%. In this channel, recalled that in early March, when the popularity of trump was about 40%, analysts are actively discussing the question of whether or not you reached the ranking of billionaire its highest point.

Competitor for Hillary Clinton?

Rivals trump got out of over backwards to somehow “reach” billionaire in the presidential race. In desperation, they made a last attempt: the electoral headquarters of the crews and Kasica stated that agreed to a temporary cooperation against trump. However, two candidates have been unable to come to coordinate their actions, and for a couple of days later, The New York Times reported that the Alliance against trump began to fall apart.

Soon admitted it himself and Cruz. “There is no Alliance,” he said. – Kasik and I made decisions about where to act especially vigorously, where to apply our energy and where to direct resources. Continuing the story of the failed collaboration, Cruz added: “we Have some disagreements on certain political issues, but I’ll tell you what, we agree. We agree that electing Hillary Clinton President would be a disaster, and that, if trump will become an official candidate of the party, then Clinton will win”.

“Comments Cruz – an attempt to retreat from the agreement between the two candidates to stop trump in the upcoming primary elections in three States”, – noted in connection with this broadcaster ABC.

On the fact that trump is “not a serious figure”, continues to insist another party of a billionaire, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, emerged from the struggle for the post of President of the United States in February. He also believes that trump will not be able to compete with the leader of the presidential race against Democrat Hillary Clinton. “The most suitable candidate for the Republicans is Ted Cruz, who has a chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the elections,” – said Bush a few days before the departure of the cruise.

Meanwhile, the ratings of trump’s and Clinton almost equal. According to a survey conducted by specialists of the University named for George Washington if Clinton and trump now met in the presidential election, the first would be supported by 46% of voters, the second – 43%, 11% of respondents are unable to determine the answer. The publication the Hill in this regard, stressed that the gap between Clinton and the trump of 3%, has never been so small. Curiously, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who is a rival of Clinton in the presidential race Democrats, according to the results of the same survey, the odds to win the trump in the presidential elections is slightly higher. Would have voted for him 51% of voters, billionaire – 40%, 9% are unable to determine the answer.

However, despite the fact that polls show how Sanders “catches up” Clinton, the former Chairwoman of the Department of state is still the favorite of the campaign of the Democrats. According to the New York Times, Clinton has already gained the support 1 948 delegates for the upcoming national Congress, including 502 so-called super-delegates – representatives of the leadership of the Democratic party. To nominate a candidate for the Democratic party candidate needed the support of 2 thousand 383 delegates. Clinton is very close to the coveted milestone. As pointed out the day before in the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki, Sanders in all the remaining primaries (primary election) and the Caucus (meetings) must score more than 60% of the vote, which is absolutely unreal.

“To fight on completely pointless”

“The loss in Indiana is critical to Ted Cruz,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist Boris Mezhuev. He recalled how before that, Cruz said Traps successful only in the Northern States, and, as a rule, in those where the Republicans have little chance of winning in the main election, because they have no majority. “And here Indiana with a traditionally very conservative voters, always supporting the more right-wing, religious politicians, unexpectedly rejected the Cruz support. This means that it is absolutely pointless to fight, because Cruz can’t stop trump,” – said the expert. He recalled that for automatic nomination of a candidate from the Republican party the necessary votes 1237 delegates, and Traps to this point as close as anybody.

Now the opponents trump remains Kasik, having the glory of moderate. “That is, he is such a non-partisan conservative. He was instrumental in the spread of Obama’s program to provide health insurance in his state, he is a successful Governor. At the same time, he is a man occupying certain positions on social issues, for example, does not accept abortion,” said Mezhuev. He recalled that trump’s positions about abortion, gay marriage, etc. while not known to anyone, he is always out of answers and limited to generalities, while the cruise there was also a hard position.

According to the analyst, Kasik need, “to those people who are willing to vote for anyone, not only for trump, had a chance to vote for Kasika… Traps will still come first, there’s no doubt, but at least so that he wouldn’t automatically pick up (voice) the remaining 200-odd candidates,” said the source, admitting that the chances of even this minimum.

“For Hillary will vote in the world”

It is difficult to say whether trump to compete with Hillary Clinton, admitted the expert. “As soon as Hillary Clinton to get rid of Sanders and will focus on the fight against trump, we will see a lot of “domestic” pieces, in which she will have to demonstrate himself as a very experienced and rational person, unlike trump, which is still not a single day worked in the power system,” said Mezhuev. Clinton will rely on “all those qualities that trump, by definition, do not exist, experience, intelligence,” – said the source. He added that Hillary will show yourself as someone capable to keep the world from war, and what to expect from trump, they say, unknown, that he now speaks loving words, and once you’re in power, something else will.

According to the analyst, these blanks have already been made, many have already clearly makes Obama. When it comes to a choice between trump and Clinton, “Hillary, as a person who is known to all, will start voting in the world, not just America. Most people in the world, though dissatisfied with something, but they don’t want to change anything. And it might work”, – said the expert.

Many qualities trump that now seem very charismatic, “in the framework of the campaign will be very problematisating. The question of how the trump is ready to fight to the end for joining the White house,” said the source.

“Until we see that Traps destroyed the Republican party. She will never be the same, her something has to change. Moreover, these elections clearly showed that the two-party system is inadequate to the reality, those people who are called by the same party, do not have anything in common”, – concluded the expert.

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