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Friday, March 16, 2018

The European Union has yielded to Turkey’s blackmail

Sunday begins the agreement between the EU and Turkey relating to the limitation of migration. At first glance, the Turks got everything they wanted, and even beyond that: the promise to abolish visas, the acceleration of negotiations on EU membership and additional funding. In fact, experts say, the EU does not wish to see Ankara in its ranks and will continue to play for time.

Under the deal between Ankara and Brussels, in exchange for the lifting of visa restrictions, the acceleration of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU and receive 3 billion euros over and above the already promised $ 3 billion, the Turks will take refugees illegally arrived to the shores of Greece. In the text of the agreement States that the parties will jointly every month to monitor the implementation of all their commitments.

“Turkey is simply not fulfilling any criteria. Its entry into the EU”

“All illegal migrants, arriving Sunday, March 20, to Greece via Turkey will be returned to Turkey”, – said at the final press conference the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, stressing that this will occur “in full compliance with European and international law, and with the exception of any collective expulsion”. “For every Syrian and will be returned to Turkey from Greece, another Syrian will be relocated from Turkey to the EU. The mechanism will be installed with the support of the European Commission, EU agencies and other member countries and UN agencies to ensure the project start on the same day, when will the return of illegal migrants from the EU to Turkey), – it is noted in the text of the agreement. Migrants arriving in Greece will be registered and any application for asylum will be considered individually by the Greek authorities in cooperation with the UN Agency. The migrants, who will not seek asylum, will be returned to Turkey”.

The requirement to speed up the process of joining the EU was one of the main Ankara. Solved that by June the European Union and Turkey agree on opening at least one Chapter in the negotiations. The German edition of DW also reports on the planned opening of another two directions: on budget and Finance. The publication notes that Cyprus as an EU member, this process can not block. The position of Nicosia formerly called as one of four obstacles to reaching agreements with Turkey. Cypriots are unhappy that Turkey continues to occupy Northern Cyprus, does not recognize the government of the Republic of Cyprus and refuses to open Cyprus to its ports and airports.

Six billion for Erdogan

As many refugees moved to Europapier-Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu has approved the package on Friday. For several days, EU leaders led by Angela Merkel tried to persuade the Turks to accept the thousands of migrants from Greece. Ankara is not only demanded in exchange for large sums of money for the maintenance of refugees, but also deliberately translated the attention to the question of membership of Turkey to the EU. In the end, the negotiations were more like blackmail. And, as we have seen, the European bureaucracy has made concessions.

However, the country holds the record for the admission of migrants from the Middle East – Germany – said the talks were “very constructive atmosphere”. “We arrive in Brussels for the third time in four months, – said Davutoglu. – Our goals are very clear: on the basis of humanitarian principles to help the refugees, and to deepen our relationship with the EU. We and the EU pursued the same goal. I hope we will be able to come to a consensus and reach an agreement. We have 2.7 million refugees, we do cope with this problem, not getting any significant support. We will continue our open-door policy”.

It is obvious that the intransigence of the Turks acted on Europe. Reuters, citing a source familiar with the talks, writes that the return of irregular migrants to Turkey would “pay the EU”. Europe, in turn, will make using Turkey Syrian refugees, and that is not all, but only those who have previously tried to enter the territory of Europe. The rest will be rerouted to Turkey.

All, according to the source RIA “Novosti”, during the negotiations arose four issues that complicate reaching an agreement. The first is the incomplete conformity of the agreement with the EU legislation and norms of international law. The second question on Turkey’s accession to the EU and the Cyprus issue. Third – the timing of the operation of the agreement. Fourth – the question of the allocation of the EU additional 3 billion euros in Turkey to support Syrian refugees (in this part we are talking about how to provide these tools). The source said that Ahmet Davutoglu tried to put pressure on the EU, saying Ankara will not go into any agreement which will turn his country into “immigration jail”. “I read many materials in the media that supposedly this agreement is about money. This is not so. This money is not for Turkey and for refugees. The first 3 billion we will start to spend in the coming weeks,” said the Turkish Prime Minister.

The EU emphasized that the second tranche of 3 billion euros will be allocated only after will be spent the first 3 billion “First list of specific projects for refugees, in particular in the field of medicine, education, infrastructure, nutrition will be compiled jointly within a week”, – stated in the document. It is worth noting that today the EU is still not able to find sufficient funds for the first aid package, of which only half was allocated from the EU budget and the remaining funds are required to collect country of the community, said TASS.

Regarding the abolition of visas, as stated by Davutoglu, Ankara expects to liberalisation until the end of June. “Of the 72 requirements of 37 has already been done, remain 35. I hope until the beginning of may to finish them,” he said, expressing hope that the European Commission (EC) and the EP “finalize process” for the summer. Previously strongly opposed the abolition of visas for Turks objected the UK. In turn, Italy didn’t like the idea of increased funding allocations Ankara.

“The search for a scapegoat”

Scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr is convinced that talk of European integration of Turkey remain on paper, such decisions should not be taken by political leaders in Brussels and in the parliaments. Therefore, he is convinced that it is impossible to say that the EU went on to some notable concessions to Turkey on this issue. “It’s a long process. I can’t imagine today that Turkey will join the EU. The European Union is not a geopolitical entity, and yet the club values. And Turkey just doesn’t fulfill any criteria. Its accession to the EU is impossible,” – told PAP the newspaper VIEW.

He believes that the issue of refugees Turkey leads Europe by the nose, as the EU does not know what to do. “Europe is desperately trying to close the EU door, and so that Europeans are not blamed for it. If Turkey closes the border, then you will blame the Turks. Europeans want to behave morally pure. On its territory, in the area of “mischief” not to do. So the search for a scapegoat on which to blame all the blame. Turkey understands this and will require their own. The process of entering of Turkey into the EU will last for years. So all play on time”, – said the analyst.

PAP explained that Europe is very important to Turkey immediately closed its doors to new refugees. Now the only hope of the EU is that new refugees, seeing as hard times have those who have already reached Europe, do not want to repeat their fate.

“But what if threads and will continue to go? No one has an answer to this question”, – says Rahr, adding that in parallel there are ongoing negotiations between Ankara and Brussels for the extradition of Turkish citizens to be admitted to the EU, but these processes, the Europeans will try to delay using, for example, requirements regarding the need for input of biometric passports.

According to him, the current situation looks like fire, which must urgently be put out. “The EU shows its viability, proving to their constituents that he’s at least doing something, but it’s not a life-changing decision. I think Europe itself is unable to negotiate and solve their own problems, such as fair allocation of refugees across the EU. All promise, but no one does anything. In this respect, the EU is simply amorphous and incapable”, – concluded the expert.

The story is one of blackmail

Basic principles and preliminary agreements were approved on 7 March at the summit of EU – Turkey. They assume that all illegal immigrants who arrived in Greece via Turkey will be returned to Turkey by the EU, and the EU, in turn, will be returned for each illegal immigrant to move from the country a refugee. Turkey demanded that the EU support in improving the humanitarian condition of the refugees on its territory. At the same time Ankara has demanded increased financial assistance from 3 billion to 6 billion. In words, the speech even went about 20 billion.

Turkey conditions have been met by some European politicians in arms. So, the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel stated that they are comparable to blackmail. Czech President miloš Zeman also stated that Turkey is blackmailing the EU, increasing financial demands in exchange for assistance in resolving the crisis. But French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that blackmail against Europe, coupled with questions of migration regulation, is invalid.

In Moscow, expressed concern the agreement between the European Union and Turkish migrants, since it does not ensure the rights of refugees. Newspaper OPINION previously wrote about the negative reaction of the European media and the public about preliminary agreements. “The authoritarian President of Turkey proved that it is unreliable and problematic partner, since outbreak of the Syrian crisis. But the urgent need of Europe to aid him on this point outweighs the bad premonitions”, – stated in the material The Guardian liberal. As the Austrian newspaper Die Presse notes: “it Was a mistake Angela Merkel to bet exclusively on Turkey. President Erdogan had the impression that he is now (almost) everything is permitted. The Europeans were silenced and afraid to utter a word”.

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