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Monday, March 12, 2018

In Jerusalem have been read in memory of the author of “Mr. Twister”

On Tuesday, may 3, in Jerusalem, were the first in the land of Israel “Marszalkowska read. Earlier, a similar event has already been held in Russia – in Moscow in June 2015. According to the organizers of readings, participation in which is accepted as cultural figures and politicians, their geography will expand. In the meantime, in Jerusalem, all those present were given the unique opportunity to listen to poems, and translations of the authorship of the famous Samuil Marshak in Yiddish, to see rare photographs from the archives of the poet’s family and to watch the trailer for the short film released about him.

photo: Renat Abdullin

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Israel Avigdor Lieberman reads a passage from “Mr. Twister” in Yiddish.

The event was held at the Jerusalem Center for visual arts “Beit from a-Musar” (“the Israeli house of quality”). Jerusalem was chosen for “readings” is not accidental.

It is a special place for Samuil Marshak: he lived in this city, wrote about him, and was first printed as a Jewish author. In 1907 he published his first collection “Cyanide”, which was devoted to Jewish themes. One of the poems was written on the death of Theodor Herzl. Then he translated from Hebrew and Yiddish a number of works of Chaim Nachman Bialik. Russian-Jewish literature applies one of the last works of Marshak – autobiographical novel “In early life”, written in 1960.

The idea to hold “Marszalkowska read, so that the memory of the poet faded, belongs to the Governor of the Voronezh region (where he was born Marshak) Alexey Gordeev and the head of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) Yuri Kanner.

According to the President of the RIVERS, it Gordeev, initiated the installation in Voronezh the monument to the poet (the first in the world!), proposed to unite the efforts for the commemorative events. The next place “Masakowski readings” – London, – said Yuri Kanner. – When I learned about the monument in Voronezh, Marshak, I was very proud that it was on the initiative of the city authorities and not the Jewish organizations he had posed. We consider it our primary duty to tell the world about the multinational Russian culture and an international list of people that shaped this culture. And that this culture belongs to the world”. As for the Russian cities, there is a chance the readings in Saint-Petersburg.

photo: Renat Abdullin
The poet’s wife Sofia Mikhailovna Milwidsky (Marshak) in traditional Jewish attire. A unique shot taken in Jaffa in 1911, the only photographer-Jew in the city.

“I’m just a cunning head of the region, with a smile commented on his attention to Marshak Alexey Gordeev. – If you remember the story, we can see that people define relationships – not only within particular human communities, but also at the international level. And, of course, such a poet as Marshak unites our country.” According to the Governor, there is a huge potential for cooperation with Israel: “Can be, in this case, our common cultural base can be a good basis for economic relations,” he said.

One of the first speakers during the event was Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of the party “Our home – Israel”, and former head of the Israeli foreign Ministry. He read the beginning of a satirical poem of Marshak’s “Mister Twister” in Yiddish – despite the fact that not all of those present speak the language, work has kept recognition.

However, the most popular among subsequent speakers used marszalkowska translations of Shakespeare’s sonnets, on this basis, we even sung a few songs.

Grandson of the poet Alexei Speransky, in turn, presented to the public a new book is not the most famous lyrical works of Marshak, edition is remarkable in that its authors designed it and the artist worked in close contact with the works of unique illustrations.

At the end of the event, attendants were waiting for another surprise – a trailer for the film “Nathanel”. Short black and white picture is dedicated to one of the most tragic episodes in the life of the poet – the death of his year-old daughter Natanel. According to the creators, in the film they tried to reconcile the loss of Marshak and how he then became an outstanding children’s poet. As told “MK” Director of the film Alexey Bychkov, it is not known whether the film is brought to a wide audience, but at festivals, the creators intend to send it. Now preparations are underway for the show in Israel – in Voronezh, the film has already been demonstrated.

Renat ABDULLIN, Jerusalem

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