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Friday, March 16, 2018

A disaster inventory has been resolved: the government has decided to change the rules of real estate valuation

The good news: the authorities have heard the cries of the citizens, weighed down by new taxes. And not only heard, but also understood that the cries are justified. And undertook to remedy the situation, while citizens absolutely not razvopilsya.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

To solve this problem, the Government has developed the draft Federal law “On state cadastral evaluation”. On may 3, he submitted to the Duma. Deputies, probably, will adopt it in the near future because of his need clearly expressed by President Putin at the “hot line”.

The new law transfers the functions of cadastral assessment to state agencies, selecting them from commercial firms.

Before municipal and regional authorities chose commercial company competition, paid her money and she was evaluated land plots or capital construction sites of the ordered cadastral blocks.

Now – no contest. To assess property will budget companies. Commercial firms did not meet expectations. Too many mistakes and ineptitude – which, however, is not surprising in our Kingdom. But the main problem is not even in error, and that the owners are not responsible for them. Nahalturil and fled. And the state to disentangle.

The authors of the draft law “On state cadastral evaluation” wanted to minimize mistakes, and rashlebyvay. But they managed it only in part. Radical changes compared to the previous procedure there. However, some humanization is present.

“Good” innovations in the bill are.

First, the results of the evaluation – prior to their approval – will be posted on the Internet for 35 days. During these days, any interested person may submit comments on it.

To write, for example, that you I appreciated the house, as if he were made of brick, and he of foam blocks, and not 20 years ago built, and 40, and it is not two hundred square meters, and one hundred and sixty.

If the comments in the public institution are considered to be justified, the cadastral valuation was correct. And you’ll even see that its fixed, because the intermediate information, the Internet will be updated every five days.

The second “good” innovation that if the housing market drops sharply, held an extraordinary cadastral valuation.

Generally by law, it shall be held not less than once in 5 years, and not more often than once every 3 years. But every three months will now be counted the index of real estate – to see how it changes in price.

If the index will decrease more than on 30% in comparison with the day, which recorded the results of the cadastral valuation, then, within 3 months will be carried out an extraordinary assessment.

And another one – third already! – the manifestation of humanism: if the extraordinary evaluation is suddenly somehow exceeds the former (which would be strange, of course), it will not apply.

Concerning the contestation of the cadastral value, here – without humanization. The current procedure is almost completely preserved.

Relatively easy it will be to challenge the technical and methodological mistakes made by valuers: apply in the prescribed form and give evidence that the error is indeed made. I appreciated the plot as if he were ten kilometers from Moscow, and a hundred metres from the bus stop. And look at the map: my site is over 70 km away, the bus does not go there, and the neighbor’s exactly the same plot is estimated by your own appraisers 5 times cheaper.

Technical and methodological errors will be corrected for free and quickly – within 60 days.

But if you have a different case – you say, do you think that your apartment was estimated at the amount at which it now will not sell then you do not fall into the category of lucky ones with technical errors. You have to suffer, so as to reduce the cadastral value.

To achieve this will have, as now, in commissions to challenge in the courts. But definitely need to order an independent examination of the market value, which will cost tens of thousands of rubles – not everyone can afford.

The new law will come into force on 1 January 2017 but before 1 January 2020 established a transitional period, when there are about the law. Some procedures will go under the old law, and some under the new.

In Moscow cadastral assessment was conducted in 2014 year. Since then market prices have fallen. Even more, they fell in the field – on land and home.

The market for these two years have dipped just about 30%, so for residents of our region are now very desirable would be an extraordinary evaluation, which is carried out under the new law.

Global relief he us, of course, will not bring.

But as they say, a black sheep – though wool a shred.

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