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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Was started in Estonia in NATO exercise – than it threatens Russia

Estonia conducts a major military exercise, which involved 6 thousand soldiers, including representatives of the NATO countries. The maneuvers will take place near the border with Russia and will last for three weeks. In addition to the ground troops they will involve attack aircraft from Poland, fighters from the USA and the UK.

photo: AP

Estonian media called NATO exercises Spring storm Spring storm) the most ambitious in recent history of the country. Officially stated that during the maneuvers will be worked out the scenario of a sudden mobilization of troops and the announcement of the call to service. In addition, the exercise will assess the skills of an infantry battalion of the Estonian servicemen-“conscripts” before enrolling them in reserve. The exercise will involve military personnel from 10 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada and USA.

Of course, by Russian measures, the number of troops involved in the exercises, is not very large. For example, in the largest military exercises in Russia will employ about 100 thousand people. However, it is likely that NATO servicemen, will work not those tasks which officially declare.

“In fact, is the practical implementation of NATO plans for the deployment of infrastructure, which are aimed primarily at the reception in case of aggravation of the situation and the deployment of expeditionary forces of the NATO. It is no secret that they have increased the number of so-called priority engagement forces, which within 48 hours shall be in readiness will be placed in one of the countries of the Eastern flank of NATO, plus the quick reaction force,” – says military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal” Victor murakhovski.

Also, during the frequent in Eastern Europe, NATO deploys the relevant infrastructure, primarily the headquarters on a permanent basis, the depots of arms and military equipment, communications and control, and thus they are targeting the creation of groups near the Russian borders. In addition, NATO is the same as Estonia at the airport Amari placed the aircraft on a rotational basis, where the flight time to St. Petersburg a little more than 10 minutes.

“Of course the number of troops on maneuvers slightly, but they’re working on the preparation of sites and infrastructure for the forces, which will be much more. This raises the question why this is being prepared. NATO claimed to contain the Russian threat, but in fact deploy forces that is directed against Russia, and not to the defense of the Baltic States, Romania, Poland and so on. Given that they on a regular basis deploy a missile defense system in Romania and Poland is a very disturbing circumstance. therefore, we are forced to react.”

In fact, NATO is now actively preoriented its objectives with those that stated before. The fight against terrorism, participation in peacekeeping operations, they change into a confrontation with Russia. NATO returns to its policy to the Cold war.

“Of course the forces and means that were in NATO during the Cold war is not comparable with what we are seeing now, however, everything goes to the fact that the Alliance will gradually increase. The overall trend of military construction NATO aims to advance to the Russian borders and the creation of military infrastructure there, ready to be developed into a full-scale grouping”, – stated the expert.

It is clear that Russia is forced to respond to these threats. Therefore, in response to the increased number of exercises of NATO in 2016, Russia in the Western direction will form three divisions, one division will appear in the Central direction. In addition, we have already formed the first Panzer army, which should cover the Western frontiers.

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