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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sergey Lazarev has commented on the fall in rehearsal of “Eurovision”

It wasn’t even a press conference, a so-called Meet & Greet “introductory” meeting the press pool “Eurovision” with the participant after his first rehearsal. The first day is usually the most sleepy in the further sequence of events which are growing snowball as we approach the contest of the battlefield. However, due to the fact that it was on this day “swing” came to the first rehearsal of the artist, whose chances of winning, according to the unanimous opinion of the bookies, almost equal to 100 per cent on this ‘meat and grit” of people crammed much more than it used to be.

Photo: Artur Gasparyan

All anxious to see the pop star threatening to the “Eurovision” another trip next year to Russia, which many in Europe (in contrast to the “milanista” 2008), now not so much happy and gets how scary and paralyzed by surprise. Even a great friend and partner of Philip Kirkorov in his creative-producer “the dream Team (Dreamteam), the Greek Ilias Kokotos so expounded this General European attitude in the last year at the competition in Vienna: “I can think of lots of reasons why Eurovision should not now go to Russia, but the song is A Million Voices Polina Gagarina and it is absolutely worthy of the first place”.

Then, however, that Mr. Kokotos that Mr. Kirkorov were bystanders, and now with the rest of his international brigade they inspire and lead Europort Sergey Lazarev. The song You Are The Only One he stands at the head of the betting forecasts since March, as soon as it was published along with the catchy and mesmerizing clip, which was all ablaze with fire and passion.

Journalists in the press center, waiting for a may 2 dress rehearsal of Mr. Lazarev, first were set up, of course, rather playfully skeptical than friendly, and when the artist behind increased first black wing, the hall swept a snide chuckle. Began immediately to remember last year’s winner of the Swede Mons Zelmerlov with its projections, although immediately remembered and more piquant circumstance – the leadership of Mons, as well as Sergei now been confirmed by the bookmakers almost from the beginning.

When Lazarus grew up behind the second black wing, and he himself all in black, already turned into some hellish black angel-tempter, snide the press diminished and nervousness increased. Then the artist went over the wall, from which, thanks to the notion of producer-magician of the Fokas Evangelinos (also Greek) became suddenly appear out of nowhere steps and ledges (something similar to what he did to Dmitry Koldun in Helsinki in 2007), but suddenly when you try to step into the void of eternity on the magic ice, Sergei stumbled, “icicle” slipped and crushed and stellar body fell somewhere in the black abyss. Broadcast in the press center immediately cut off, and a few minutes all were guessing a broken leg or arm? Solid, however, the scourge – the fainting at Serge, then drop. Although, fortunately, everything worked out in the first and in the latter case, and one might even say that I had handy.

Because when the broadcast resumed, following three runs, the audience sat at the huge screens that hung on the press center has already been rooted to the spot. And when the rehearsal was over, the whole multinational journalism team exploded with cheers. From the previous nervous snide not gone. However, the room itself, though was shown in the draft version, as expected on the first run, convinced even skeptics that the bookies are “croak”, not a lot henbane.

On the ensuing ‘meat and grit” lead the meeting began communicating with Sergei, of course, sympathetic with the question of health, referring to the incident with the fall. The artist relaxed, smiled and answered: “All is well! And the need for rehearsal!”. And then made another “miracle” – a half-hour communicating with the audience in fluent and very good English, which seems, for the first time happened with the party of Russia in this competition. He spoke simply and sincerely, what has endeared him even more. Amazingly, there was not a single tricky question (which might well be expected, considering, that is, the structure of the political moment), and the “podoviridae” was asked about that, they say, you are a big star in Russia, so went with the intention to win? Sergei did not flirt: “Yeah, star, but this is a contest, and I’m here on General grounds compete with other wonderful and talented artists who have a lot of good songs, and I think now is not about winning, but about how to do my job as best as possible, I am happy and proud not only to participate in this wonderful prestigious competition, but also to represent his country”. Simple, but wise, profound, but without pathos. The sympathy of journalists to the artist grew with his every response.

Philip, who, of course, “patronize” all of the events told from his side about how long and persistently tried to persuade Lazarus to go to the contest, “because it is his scene and his place”, also said that the song is not just from a “store” and written especially for Sergey and for “Eurovision”. Answered doubt in imitation of Mons, saying that projection is a current trend in modern stage design, and not exclusive of one artist, referred to the Madonna concert, who recently visited, and seems to be really convinced the doubters.

The press, meanwhile, is more imbued with the destiny and personality of favorite. I was talking about his acting experience. “I have an acting education, – said Mr. Lazarev, playing Figaro in the theater of Pushkin, so if you’re in Moscow, come to the theatre to see me. Leading the meeting noticed that, “maybe next year we’ll all go to Moscow.” The likelihood of such a prospect, judging by approving buzz in the audience, journalists have seemed as probable, so it is quite pleasant, not frightening as it was a half an hour ago. In this change of mood completely “guilty” one and only Sergey Lazarev, who managed by force of charm and words to make a small miracle in the very early stages of the competition.

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