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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Obama announced “the way of the leader”: the US must dictate the rules of world trade

Barack Obama believes that the U.S. should not give in trade to China. And that is the TRANS-Pacific partnership agreement, which will include 12 countries, will help to establish U.S. leadership in the global market.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

President Barack Obama appealed to Congress with a request as soon as possible to sign the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP). This is stated in the article the American President in The Washington Post.

In his address, he called all the best aspects of this document: the TPP will include 12 countries, which make up almost 40% of the world economy. And in this market the US will become leaders, said Obama.

According to him in the area of TPP private firms will be able to compete freely with state-owned enterprises, the Internet is free, the agreement also enhances protection of copyrights of intellectual property that will allow innovators to build and create.

Obama noted that in this zone will be eliminated all obstacles to the sale of American goods abroad. This, according to him, applies to more than 18 000 taxes on products that are installed in other countries for American manufacturers.

Due to all these factors, assured the President that the United States will be able to sell more than is produced now, and this, in turn, will help to create more high-paying jobs.

Obama believes that building a wall to isolate itself from the world economy, only isolates the country from the incredible opportunities that it provides. Instead, says the American leader, the USA should be leading, should be a leader and command on the world market.

“The world has changed. The rules of world trade are changing. And that the United States and not countries like China, must write them.” “Other countries must play by the rules, which will be installed by America and its partners, not the opposite,” says Obama.

In his opinion, this agreement strengthens and national security: when the reduced number of people suffering from poverty, when trading partners are flourishing, and when the economy is forging closer ties in a strategically important region, America is getting stronger, Obama said.

At the same time, he warned Congress that to proceed with the signing of the agreement is impossible, as the main competitor — China — is also discussing trade rules with other countries in the Asia Pacific region. For example, said the us President, in Australia last week hosted a meeting of representatives of 15 Nations, to the end of the year to conclude his deal called the regional Comprehensive economic partnership.

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