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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A superweapon for the fleet: battle suit and drone boat

The defense Ministry will hold in September for the second international military-technical forum “ARMY-2016”. At the exhibition, which will take place on the basis of culture and leisure of the Armed Forces “Patriot”, will present the latest developments in the Russian military-industrial complex. Will present there new and for the Navy.

TNLA “Marlin 350”. A video frame of the developer JSC “Tetis Pro”.


Water cluster of the polygon Alabino is a dynamic display of weapons, military and special equipment of the Navy. As noted in the defense Ministry, a dynamic feature of the show will be the actions of frogmen units of the combat underwater sabotage forces equipped with the latest diving suits “amphora”. The structure of this diving kit should include a closed respiratory system, which prevents the release of gas bubbles during breathing. As well the wetsuit, black color, allowing to work at depths to 40 meters, and at temperatures from zero to +36 degrees, a knife, compass, fins, flashlight and a special system of underwater acoustic communication. Also included is a vest. The total mass of equipment approximately 50 pounds, including 22-pound breathing apparatus.


Also at the exhibition will demonstrate achievements in the creation of marine robotic complexes. Visitors will be able to see the latest remotely operated underwater vehicle “Panther”. This complex is able to operate at depths up to 1000 meters. It is equipped with two mechanical manipulators that can place the cable cutters and a circular saw for cutting complex designs with thickness up to 90 mm. Pantera has an automatic depth-keeping, sonar, complex satellite navigation and device for erosion of soil. To observe the actions of the device operators can use two controllable cameras high sensitivity near the manipulators and video camera rear view.

As told in the defense Ministry, the complex airmobile. He promptly with the help of military transport aviation can be delivered anywhere in the world. Equipment “Panther” is placed in three containers on the basis of KAMAZ, easily transportable and can be installed on different ships.

Also at the forum will demonstrate Autonomous remotely operated underwater vehicle “Gavia”. It belongs to the class of small devices. Built using modular technology which allows you to quickly change the configuration for specific tasks. A feature of the machine is the autonomy, the ability of over-the-horizon control with the use of satellite communication systems. “Gavia” can dive to a depth of 1000 meters. The apparatus can be used to search and mine works. To serve a false goal-a simulator for training anti-submarine forces, as well as anti-sabotage teams.


Another novelty of the forum will be remote controlled unmanned vehicle “Marlin 350”.

It is designed to search for underwater objects, performing observation and inspection of work under water in coastal or inland waters at depths up to 350 meters. “Marlin 350” weighs 50 kg and can be used for search operations, protection of water areas, inspection of pipelines and cable lines, ice works, scientific research, oil and gas fields. The complex, in addition to the apparatus, includes a surface module includes 3 monitors to display video and hydroacoustic information, the embedded computer and the remote control apparatus. Manipulator “Marlin” is able to raise from the bottom up to a weight of 12 kg. It is used in support of diving operations. “Marlene” can deliver not only the equipment for a diver working at depth, but also raise the surface elements taken from the emergency object.


In addition, the sites will be exhibited fast boats and boats. So, visitors will be shown the unmanned boat “Typhoon”. A prototype unmanned boat based on high-speed boats BL-680 was presented to the Minister of defence in 2013 on the Rzhev test site. Its technical specifications are still classified. It is known that he is capable of preserving up to carry on Board an unmanned aerial vehicle and provide it with remote start. The office as a boat and an unmanned aerial vehicle is carried out via satellite.

As well as the exhibition will be presented the hovercraft “Pardus”, boats, amphibious. In addition, it will demonstrate coastal missile complex “Ball”, as well as multi-purpose fighter SU-30SM fighter ship-based MiG-29K and other equipment for the decision of tasks of search and rescue, navigational and hydrographic support.

Alexander Stepanov.

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