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Friday, February 23, 2018

Odessites were not allowed to honor the memory of victims of may 2

Action in memory of those killed in the trade unions Building in Odessa two years ago was marked by a number of scandals. No one was ever allowed directly on the scene to get information about the bomb, caught about. MIA threatened that they were ready to shoot to kill. A number of Western journalists who intended to cover the event were not allowed to Ukraine. In spite of everything, an event in memory of proponents of the “Antimiani” held.

In Odessa, the people in the morning carrying flowers to the Kulikovo field near the House of trade unions, which may 2, 2014 tragedy that claimed the lives of 48 people, more than 250 people were injured. However, law enforcement authorities in the morning cordoned off the Kulikovo field from-for a call about the bomb scare, and never missed came to honor the memory of the victims.

“From time to time came shouting “Fascism will not pass!”, “Odessa-Russian city”, “remember Odessa”

A commemoration meeting was scheduled for 14.00. And although an hour before that time, police said that the explosive device on the field is not found, the scene remained closed. The journalists explained that there is no disposition to pass people on the field through a single metal detector. Police said that still continues to check the adjacent area of the territory. Earlier in the underpass near the train station, which is located near the Kulikovo field, found three grenades.

Despite all the obstacles, the action in memory of those who died during the tragic events of 2 may 2014 has taken place. Not being able to approach the House of trade Union, people staged a rally directly in front of the cordon of soldiers.

The protesters unfurled a large poster with photos of the victims, built a makeshift memorial of flowers borne on the lawn at the entrance to the field and also put flowers at the feet of the soldiers. On “living memorial” are a lot of flowers, helmets, and St. George black-and-white ribbon. The flowers are posters with inscriptions “Kazan remembers”, “Saint Petersburg”, reports TASS.

Among the participants – representatives of different countries. In hand posters with inscriptions “France”, “Israel”, “Italy”, “Germany”, and others. From time to time came shouting “Fascism will not pass!”, “Odessa – Russian city”, “remember Odessa”. By lunchtime there were more than 2 thousand people, and the people kept coming.

Mothers and relatives of the victims brought black balloons and gave them to the public. During the campaign people released into the sky balloons and white doves.

Diodorus the Bishop and the delegation of the Odessa diocese also wanted to go to the place of tragedy, but the police was adamant. After waiting several hours and getting permission to pray at the House of trade unions, the delegation of the Odessa diocese officiated a memorial service for those killed in the area of the square and left flowers there in memory of the tragedy. And the Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel performed the memorial service at the Holy Dormition monastery in Odessa.

Even after the official part of the event people disagree and continue to communicate. Outraged people chanting “Murderers!”, “Do not forget, do not forgive!”.


The situation in Odessa escalated long before the anniversary of the tragedy. First prohodili minor assaults, last week began and more major clashes. The evening of 25 April, unidentified persons fired from a grenade launcher building one of the banks, then there was an attack on a tent camp of protesters against the mayor Gennady Trukhanov. A few days later unknown from the traumatic weapon fired at a passenger bus Odessa – Kiev.

Some politicians began to speculate on the subject, and pumping so choppy. The Governor of the region Mikhail Saakashvili warned President Petro Poroshenko about the dangers of state collapse and has called for the introduction in the region units of the national guard. Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Stanislav Rechinsky said that may weekend in the country whose authorities are busy discussing the new government may lose Odessa.

Poroshenko responded: he ordered the head of police and the chief of the national guard to Odessa to introduce additional forces to protect public order. In the city were concentrated trained fighters of the national-radical groups “Aydar”, “Azov” and “Right sector**”. The Russian foreign Ministry has expressed serious concern about this.

The chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk 30 April accused the activists of the movement “Antimaydan” in that they allegedly planned to arrange explosions on the Kulikovo field in Odessa. Such a conclusion they did based on the fact that the staff of SBU found a hiding place in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city with grenade launchers, grenades, ammunition, smoke bombs and signal rockets.

The SBU Said that in Odessa from April 30 to may 10, the police move to enhanced mode. Just order in the city provide about 3.5 thousand police officers and 300 employees of the SBU.

Added fuel to the fire, and provocative statement of the Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryana Shkiryak. He said that law enforcement officers are authorized to open fire on defeat in the event of aggressive actions with the use of weapons at events in memory of victims in Odessa. However, Saakashvili has hastened the day before to refute his words. “All sorts of statements about what someone will shoot to kill. I discussed this yesterday with the President of Ukraine. I officially can say that no instructions to any representatives of the interior Ministry to make statements about shooting to kill and things like that is not allowed. This is wrong”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.

Local media reported that the Ukrainian right-wing radicals trying to destabilize the situation in the eve of may holidays and are preparing provocations in Odessa and, possibly, Kharkiv and the capital, the extremists will try to disperse the veterans ‘ procession.

Overall, as of 19.00 managed to avoid serious collisions. Was limited to verbal exchanges with the police.

Only, in the course of the rally there was a small incident between protesters and radicals. According to unconfirmed reports, to the place of mourning rally came representatives of the “Right sector” (banned in Russia). But the conflict did not cause drastic action of any party. What was the cause of this little conflict and detained the participants, is still unknown, RIA “Novosti”.

It was reported that the local police in the city detained 12 people. In particular, five people who wanted to go to the area through the cordon, two of them pronounced anti-Ukrainian slogans. One person was arrested on Deribasovskaya street due to the discovery of an explosive subject on the car, near the Cathedral square, police detained four people within the incident, activists and passers-by. Plus in Greek detained two people with gas cartridges “Teren”.


In Odessa, Moscow and many other countries on may 2 held events dedicated to the memory of those killed in the House of trade unions two years ago. In Ukraine, a mourning action meet with complications due to multiple calls about a mining of people not allowed on the Kulikovo polamide the 20 hours assigned to another rally at the Cathedral square with the participation of Pro-Ukrainian activists. He was supposed to start at 12.00, but it was postponed to a later time, probably to maximize dissolve in time with the action in memory of those who died in the House of trade unions.

“I show embarrassing for the government things”

Preparing for the anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa was marked with another scandal. The Ukrainian authorities selectively refused to let in the city of the journalists who could tell the West the uncomfortable truth about the events taking place there. So, the first deportees were Polish journalist Tomasz Matejczuk. SBU has banned him entry for five straight years, putting a stamp in the passport.

“So, I am a threat to security of Ukraine,” says he, Mateychuk. – But I have only one weapon – the camera, with it I show the truth, which, probably, do not like the Ukrainian authorities”.

“This is a new, European Ukraine. Freedom of speech, free media, free society – you are not and never will be. It’s better to be free”, – noted Polish journalist. “My work demonstrates the problems of Ukraine and Ukrainian society. I show embarrassing to the government things that do not like local politicians and journalists who accuse me of the Russian propaganda”, – he said.

According to Mateychuk, this time he went to Odessa to make a report about the events of may 2. “I wanted to show what is happening there, to demonstrate to all parties to the conflict to make an objective material. The Ukrainian authorities, apparently, didn’t want I was there”, – says the journalist.

In addition, before leaving for Ukraine, Muzychuk has published on his page on the social network, the list of topics he intended to cover, in addition to Odessa. Among them: reform in Ukraine and their absence, the community’s President Poroshenko and his party, Nazi formation, including the Misanthropic Division, the public opinion about the war crimes of the UPA** such as the Volyn massacres, mass emigration of Ukrainians, including in Poland.

The SBU also refused to let the Ukraine German journalist and writer Saadi Isakov, said the lawyer on the case about the tragedy in the House of trade unions Kirill Shevchuk. According to him, Isakov was forbidden to cross the border at the airport at passport control without explanation. Tonight they’ll send him back.

Shevchuk believes that the prohibition on entry is dictated by the publications of the journalist, in particular his article “Burnt conscience”. It says that the Kyiv authorities responsible for organizing the clashes in Odessa on may 2, the crackdown on the tent camp on the Kulikovo field, mass murder and the burning of the House of trade unions. In particular, in appears the name of the current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, who was in contact with radical organizations on the eve of the tragedy in Odessa.

Such cases can become massive. “There is information that in the near future to Ukraine should arrive journalists from the United States, France and other EU countries. Given the trend, they may also be denied entry,” said the lawyer.

Impunity for the perpetrators of the arson in Odessa

In 2014, after the coup d’etat in Ukraine, the activists of “antimiani” in the protest tent camp in Kulikovo field in Odessa. Day 2 of may in the heart of the Greek area began a scuffle between activists of “antimiani” on one side and football “ultras” from Kharkov and Odessa, and radicals “euromayday” on the other. The fight ended with the destruction of the tent camp on the Kulikovo field, where there was a gathering of signatures for a referendum on federalization and granting the Russian language a state status, and the burning House of trade unions where took refuge the representatives of “Maidan”. Victims of the conflict were 48 people, including seven women and one child, nearly 250 people were injured.

“How could any of these bad people during this time not to delay and not to put”

However, until now the truth about those events is hidden and the perpetrators are not punished. Officially Kiev authorities would have conducted an investigation and declared the instigators of the clashes 22 people. Half of them was arrested, all of whom were exclusively supporters of antimiani”. The trial lasted almost two years and completion is not visible yet, because the investigation has no proofs of fault of defendants. At the same time, the investigation found no evidence of a planned arson of the building.

In addition, the courts on the activities of law enforcement officers and rescuers, two years after the tragedy not even started. The main charges to the right keepers down to the fact that they collided, said a member of the journalistic expert “Group 2 may” Sergey Dibrov. There were plans for a “Wave” and “Thunder” for riot control and disarmament of people, but none of them that day was not used.

Many questions remain and the squad, the duty of which is a 5-minute drive away from the scene, and in fact drove the calculations about an hour. The investigators believe that the inaction of the fire on 2 may 2014 resulted in massive loss of life in the House of trade unions. The then chief of regional DSNs Vladimir Bodelan, like a number of his former subordinates were brought to criminal responsibility under article 135 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Leaving in danger”). However, in March this year, the Bodelan, immediately after arrest of his former Deputy and the head of the duty shift, has disappeared from law enforcement agencies. Before that for almost two years, the law enforcement officers Bodelan was not interested.

“How could any of these bad people during this time not to delay and not to put. There are in fact video evidence that they (the radicals) shot at people, – said TASS, the Chairman of the Council of mothers of the city of Victoria, Macula, Macula. – And they (the representatives of radical groups) feel themselves masters of the city. And to blame only the government.”

The head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski today also called on the authorities to conduct an independent and transparent investigation of this tragedy and punish all those responsible.

The Russian foreign Ministry in turn stated the preservation of the extremely unsatisfactory situation with the investigation into the tragedy in Odessa on 2 may 2014.

“The impunity of persons guilty of arson in Odessa, the fact remains and, apparently, in Kiev and in some Western capitals pretend that this is normal and not discordant with the principles of the rule of law and basic norms of international law in the field of human rights”,- said Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner on human rights Konstantin Dolgov.

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov also accused Kiev of concealing the truth about the tragedy in Odessa on may 2. “It is clear that the Kiev regime is doing all it can to hide from the Ukrainian people and the entire world community the truth about this tragedy on a planetary scale. But it is unclear why the government of the United States, Germany, France, UK and other countries calling themselves civilized and democratic, ignore the crime,” wrote Azarov in Facebook.

Debt, in turn, said that violated the standards investigation, in particular the principle of impartiality. The beginning of the investigation, said Debt was delayed unreasonably in relation to the actions of the police and fire service, admitted lapses in the collection of evidence. In addition, were never made public the results of forensic examination, revealing the cause of death of people. Investigators, in turn, has not established the persons involved in the Commission of a crime.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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