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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SBU has completed the investigation of the reporter of the newspaper VIEW

“Now it is, of course, not to be beaten or tortured. But the fact of stay in the detention center of the city of Odessa! Our jail is shabby walls, the damp, the mosquitoes are like in the forest, when the heat and utter lack of sanitation,” – said the newspaper VIEW lawyer Alexey Glazov, which protects the Odessa journalist Artem Buzila. According to counsel, the investigation was over and Artem will be able to see the indictment.

On Tuesday at the initiative of the member of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) Yana Lantratova launched the international campaign against mass violations of human rights in Ukraine. Human rights activists, politicians and public figures from 15 countries, the campaign has sent a petition calling for Kiev to begin a public investigation of the cases, with signs of political persecution.

“Few ordinary people, once there, then do not sign a confession, even if not quite feels guilty”

According to Lantratova, under attack in Ukraine happened in the first place-minded people. She recalled, in particular, of killed on Ukraine journalists Olesya Elderberry and detained journalists Artyom Buzila and Elena Glescinskas.

The campaign launched a website UAPOLITFREEDOM on which you plan to organize information on human rights violations, the facts of politically motivated persecution, arrests, torture. Users will be able to anonymously leave information, which is then verified and displayed on the website.

We will remind, the chief editor of the Internet newspaper “for Real” (“Naspravdi”), a freelance correspondent of the newspaper VIEW Artem Buzila was arrested on April 29. The seaside district court of Odessa chose our correspondent a measure of restraint in form of detention according to article 110 of the Criminal code (“Encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine”. Artem threatens from 5 till 15 years of imprisonment.

Protecting Artem Buzila Odessa lawyer Alexey Glazov (legal firm “Glazov and partners”) has told to the newspaper OPINION about what kind of mood the arrested journalist is ready to take to the court.

OPINION: Alexey Olegovich, when was the last time you saw to Artem?

Alexey Glazov: last week. This week we expect to see. This week planned investigative actions – the provision of case materials for review. When we read, we will be presented with the indictment. After that the case will be transferred to the court. That is, the investigation is actually finished. How much case will be heard in court, it is hard to predict, since it is not easy. In General, Ukraine is not turning the judicial system.

Alexey Glazov (photo: from personal archive)

OPINION: Although it’s been three months, we still really don’t know how to look the arrest.

A. G.: About 6 o’clock in the morning began to break into the apartment, kick in the door. Mother opened it – and fell a lot of people. They then roamed the apartment, and to control their movement was impossible. Formally no complaints – they showed the court’s permission for the search, the witnesses were. But, according to Artyom, in the inventory were items that actually did not belong to them.

LOOK: when there were reports that in the SBU he is forced to sign the “necessary evidence”, even tortured…

A. G.: It was about the fact that during the arrest he was subjected to psychological and physical pressure. This is not my observation, but this was told by Tom, and I believe him. According to Artem, those who conducted the search, began to write in the Protocol the things allegedly found at his home. He protested: “It’s not mine!” Then bring it out into the next room, hit on the head, neck, palm, add: “there will Be a lot of talk – ‘ll get!”

Artem – the guy is still young, and already after a couple of slap was discouraged, scared. He has no comments in the record of the search after that was not made. He is not very experienced in such things. Then they brought him to SBU. And as I, again, know his word, there he was beaten on the head, gave the cuffs. He has sore eyes, as he shone into the eyes of a powerful flashlight. Were frightening conversation, after which he signed “explanation” is not evidence! – mentioning a lot of things he really knew nothing. After that no one touched. That is not to say that it is still “tortured”.

He was given to sign “explanation”, and the status of explanation according to our Ukrainian laws do not have the character of evidence in a criminal case. Apparently, investigators counted: if we sign this, then he will sign the record of interrogation as a suspect. But this has not happened.

Now it is, of course, not to be beaten or tortured. But the fact of stay in the detention center of the city of Odessa! Our jail is shabby walls, the damp, the mosquitoes are like in the forest, when the heat and utter lack of sanitation. Few ordinary people, once there, then do not sign a confession, even if not completely blames himself.

On the mentioned illegal actions of law enforcement officers we wrote complaints to various structures, including the regional Prosecutor’s office, the Commissioner for human rights in Ukraine, in international institutions, but adequate and in General reaction and not received.

By the way, Tom needs periodic treatment, before he regularly went to the Institute Filatova. But, thank God, we can at least pass the medication he prescribed.

OPINION: Could describe the conditions of detention?

A. G.: the Camera is approximately three by two, four bunks. Periodically, they are transferred from cell to cell, but for now it sits with three other people. Prison even before the revolution.

OPINION: who is sitting with him? Criminals?

A. G.: as far As I know, there are people accused of similar political – crimes. The fact is that today in the Odessa jail sits a lot of people on political charges! Lawyers as investigators, have the right to go to the investigative offices. And, while walking down the corridor, vaguely hear what he says. So 80% of these so-called separatists of the type of Artem. Or “Cossacks”, who are accused of preparation for terrorist attacks. It’s certainly not the official statistics, it is my personal impression.

Most of all I like a man who protects all the same rights people are concerned that people are detained not for committing a crime, but only a preparation for it. This in itself is a time of preparation is estimated by investigators of SBU is very subjective.

For example, in relation to Artem perceived as preparation to commit a crime to his journalistic activities. Articles in which he expressed his disagreement with the current authorities, training of community events aimed at discussion of current issues.

Investigators believe that he was involved in “separatist” project “people’s Parliament of Bessarabia”. But this movement has an official website which contains policy statements. They imply that this community is aimed only at protecting cultural rights and nothing more. But that’s what he blamed as the actions that subsequently could lead to opportunities to commit crime, aimed at secession of a part of Ukraine. That is, some assumptions! In my opinion, the investigators of the SBU there is no clear evidence that all this was done by Artem for that purpose. His only suspect that he wanted to do something, but he’s already sitting! And will sit, believe me, more than one month.

OPINION: what clues him when arrested had been planted?

A. G.: According to Artem, he slipped a flash drive. And it is not clear why. And on this flash drive supposedly kept the flyers “Odessa national Republic”. And even a funny moment – the map of Bessarabia. If that’s not it, then why to throw? Well, what does that prove? That he was somehow involved in the idea of separation from Ukraine “Odessa national Republic” or “Bessarabian people’s Republic”. But that’s stupid. Still he seized the computer, e-mails, which can be different to assess. He was editor-in-chief, discussed with reporters some article. All fairly trivial.Repression and terror in Ukraine

Today Artem denies any involvement in any illegal activities. He gave evidence in which he explained his stance. I’ve always been a patriot of Ukraine, has called for its territorial division. From other testimony, he refused.

OPINION: according to the Odessa newspaper “Timer”,19 June, all the same the seaside court has pronounced a sentence to Sergey Zagoruyko – one of those arrested at the same time with Artem. But, in contrast to our correspondent, Zagorac cooperated with the investigation. He signed the recognition that “people’s Parliament” really harbored separatist schemes that the organization “has spread the idea of cultural-national autonomy” of Bessarabia to create “a ground for action to disconnect the specified areas”. In the end, this man received a sentence not involving deprivation of liberty, and is already out in the wild. How would you rate such a thing?

A. G.: Zagorac made a deal with the investigation. As far as I know, it has no relation neither to journalists, nor political activists. If they each other knew, you only nodding. Between themselves, they did not communicate. But the fact of getting in the jail encouraged Zagoruko to give any testimony, just to come out.

In fact, the investigation found the man who will tell you that the conference “people’s Parliament” was convened in order to create conditions for separation of the region from Ukraine. But this is not confirmed by anything except his words.

OPINION: Another Odessa resource 048.ua at the weekend reported that “dormitory areas of Odessa was flooded with leaflets, which denounce “the mastermind and main sponsor of separatist movements Odessa, Tiraspol known swindler Dmitry Soin”. The resource says that Soin “for money from the Kremlin” not only launched the project “people’s Parliament of Bessarabia”, but “people’s Parliament of Nikolaev”. “It is for the receiving money in this project, was arrested Sliwinska and for organizing this project on the spot was arrested on Booze. If this resource does not mention any evidence or even source where he got this much…

A. G.: I Have the impression that such news periodically runs itself SBU, to form a negative public opinion in relation to political prisoners. Very often the various political activists “Maydan” orientation somehow there is information that in principle should be only in a criminal case. I think this is such stuffing, aimed at denigrating enough honest people.

As for Sona, he is a defendant in a criminal case, but his role I can’t describe. Can not go beyond the limits of secrecy of the investigation.

OPINION: AT the beginning of July in Strasbourg with the participation of deputies of the European Parliament held a conference on violations of rights of prisoners in Odessa. The deputies decided to send to Ukraine Commission, which will consider cases of violations. You expect such a delegation?

A. G.: On the occasion of the delegation I know nothing, but from our side prepared appeals to all human rights organizations of the European Union with a request to pay attention to the facts of violation of the ideals of democracy by the Ukrainian authorities.

OPINION: why did Artem want to judge separately? After all, he was arrested as part of a group of “separatists”.

A. G.: the Prosecutor’s office has decided. Maybe so you have “more to do”. The more sent to the court “separatists”, the better visible the work of the investigating authorities.

OPINION: How’s his mood? He is alert or after three months of prison still depressed?

A. G.: it is Clear that he did not really want to be there. It is the realization, when you realize that it seems to be not guilty. Don’t understand why all of it is happening. But at the same time, he is ready to fight. Quite cheerful.


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