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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Night wolves” are not allowed across the Polish border

Biker Russian motorcycle club “Night wolves” making mileage “Road to Victory – Berlin and are unable to cross the Belarusian-Polish border. Warsaw considers them a threat to national security and obstructs the first year. However, stopped the motorcyclists – not the only one who is now on his way to Berlin. Their supporters continue the path. The leader of the “wolves” promises that the rest will stand at the border or will find workarounds.

Deployed on the border

“Last year I promised that on 9 may, the banner will be delivered to Berlin, and so it happened”

Part of the Russian motorcycle club “Night wolves” stopped at the Belarusian-Polish border.

“Haven’t missed anyone. We are waiting for the official information of the border service with explanations”, – told TASS the head of the largest Polish motorcycle club “Katyn RAID” Victor Vengzhin, who met their Russian colleagues at the border crossing in Terespol. “They were kept some hours, was checking something out”, he added.

About the decision to prevent motorcyclists in Poland then told the audience and the representative of border guard of Poland.

The Polish border has failed to cross even the participants who had passports of the countries of the European Union.

“We refused entry of seven motorcyclists. Four of them had passports of Slovakia, two in Germany and one of Russia”, – said at a briefing press Secretary of the Polish branch of the border guard in Terespol Dariusz senitskiy. “We acted in accordance with the law”, – he added.

Information about the ban on travel has confirmed RIA “news” and the Belarusian border guards. “From Belarus to Poland proceeded seven people, including four citizens of Slovakia, two German nationals and one Russian. All returned back”, – said the representative of the Belarusian border guards.

He added that he has not yet known the reason why Poland refused to let the participants – citizens of the European Union.

Prior to that, in Brest, Belarus, representatives of the “Night wolves” visited the memorial complex “Brest fortress” and laid flowers to the monuments to war heroes. Belarus for its part promised not to interfere with the “Night wolves” to travel to Poland.

“The goal will still be achieved”

As the head of the rally Andrei Bobrovsky, previously on Polish territory already arrived a few bikers who will continue the path to Berlin.

Another organizer of the action Andrey Omelchenko said that the bus with the other members of the “Roads of memory” freely crossed the Russian-Polish border near Kaliningrad.

As for “stuck” on the Belarusian-Polish border, on the Polish side they planned to meet a few dozen bikers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and also representatives of the Polish apartment of the Katyn RAID”. The latter were ready to ride and instead stopped by the Russian colleagues, adds NTV.

Motorcyclists from Poland noted that extremely saddened by the decision of the authorities of his country: “It is a huge disappointment, very sorry that our friends were not allowed in Poland,” they said.

The path of the column, consisting of about hundreds of bikers – EU citizens, now lies in Warsaw, where the bikers will lay wreaths at the monument to the Unknown soldier and the military-a memorial cemetery of Soviet soldiers.

The leader of “Night wolves” Alexander zaldostanov called cynical lawlessness of Poland ban on entry of motokolonna. “We have now conducted an experiment as there are European laws. Understand that there are no laws, there is just a mess”, – quotes its words “Moscow speaking”.

“Now not only did not let the guys who have Russian passports, not allowed more Europeans to get to his home. The Germans and Slovaks were not allowed to enter the territory of the European Union. They were in our convoy, riding with us. Moreover, one of them will end tomorrow a visa for Belarus”, – he told.

According to the leader of the “wolves” bikers will be “waiting for decoupling”. “Here is not about workarounds, it. Now the question is about our friend who was in a situation of utter lawlessness. He goes back home, he was not allowed to drive to his home, just because he was driving with us in the convoy,” – said Zaldostanov.

On the question of what motorcyclists are about to do next, he replied, “then we will stand on the border with Poland”. “We’ll find out how to drive. If someone will not give to visit the graves, it will make other people who are already there, will accomplish our mission. Their graves we will not leave, it’s not in our rules,” – said the leader of “Night wolves”, but did not disclose details of circuitous routes.

By the way, Alexander Surgeon Zaldostanov, in principle, can not go to the territory of the European Union together with other. He included in the sanctions list of the majority of countries for which the routes run, and can only accompany the “wolves” to the border.

On the eve Zaldostanov told the RIA “Novosti”: “last year I promised that on 9 may, the banner will be delivered to Berlin, and that was that. The same thing will happen this time.” According to him, the intention of the poles to keep the bikers complicates the problem, but “the goal will still be achieved”.

A long standing rivalry

Note that obstacles to the international rally in Berlin stalling for the first time. This time Warsaw refused to “Night wolves” of entry 29 April, explaining their emergence on its territory of a threat to public order.

The Russian foreign Ministry said in reply that I regard the refusal as a cynical and malicious gesture, aimed at deterioration of bilateral relations. The foreign Ministry had summoned the Polish Ambassador in Moscow Katarzyna pelczynska-Nalecz, she was declared a strong protest.

Russian diplomats drew attention to the fact that the governments of European countries, the roads which followed the bikers were promptly informed. In particular, the Embassy in Warsaw in March sent the foreign Ministry of Poland official note asking about helping bikers and approval of the route.

Hearing about the refusal of Russian bikers still refused to change the route. The head of the path of Andrew Bobrowski said the newspaper VIEW that some of the motorcyclists will still pass, because in the column, there are citizens of the European Union.

Professor, higher school of Economics, political scientist Oleg Matveychev noted that the actions of Poland for him there is nothing strange: “Poland prevents the Victory. At present, in fact, the semi-fascist Polish government of the Victory day causes the Allergy, so it just prevents all possible ways, spit on international treaties and conventions, spoils the holiday”, – he noted.

Last year, the “Night wolves” performed a similar rally dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. They started from Moscow on 25 April, the route passed through Minsk, Brest, Wroclaw, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Munich, Prague and ended in Berlin. The day before the start of the run Warsaw warned that bikers will be denied entry into the territory of Poland – the first country of the Schengen zone on the path of motorcyclists. 27 APR 2015 bikers made it to the Belarusian-Polish border, some of the participants missed the Polish border guards.

Later, in Germany, it became clear that some members of the German foreign Ministry has revoked visa. The rest of “Night wolves” still made it to Berlin. Motocross “Night wolves” Victory Day from Moscow to Berlin takes place every year since 2006.

The rally “Roads of Victory – Berlin” 2016 planned by the motorcycle club “Night wolves”, was launched on Friday morning from the Moscow Bike-center. The route is laid through the territory of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. It is planned that the rally will end on may 9 in Berlin.

On the website of the club “Night wolves” it is reported that motokolonna will travel to Berlin with flags of Victory, paying tribute to the known and unknown heroes of the war. In Treptow Russian motorcyclists will carry the Banner of Victory and laid flowers to the monument to the liberator Soldier.

To participate in the ride everyone. The estimated number of participants was estimated at 10 thousand people.

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