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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Detained suspects in the murder of the ex-chief of police Syzran

The investigative Committee reported the arrest of three suspects in the resonant murder of the former police chief of Syzran Andrew Hosta and members of his family. “Everything was done for the speedy arrest of the villains,” commented on this information the official representative of IC Vladimir Markin. The suspects were natives of Central Asia.

“Everything was done for the speedy arrest of the villains”

“Based on the nature of the wounds, he was still for some time alive”

In the course organized in close cooperation with the Moi in the Samara region, Ministry of internal Affairs on the city of Syzran, the criminal investigation Department of the FSB and the investigative and operational actions established direct executors of the murder of six people and seriously injured a minor, according to the website of IC Russia.

We are talking about the murder of a former police chief Syzran Andrew Hosta and members of his family.

According to the UK, three suspects were detained as a result of carefully planned events on 30 April and 1 may on the territory of Samara region. They turned out to come from one Central Asian Republic, which is not specified.

Soon all the detainees will be charged and brought before court the petition for custody.

The official representative of SK Vladimir Markin added that in the present case is continuing active work directed on establishment of circumstances of Commission of crime, as well as other participants in the crime. More information he promised to share after a number of investigative actions.

As part of the investigation established investigative team, which includes more than 25 investigators and criminologists, the work involved, polygraph examiners, psychologists, has conducted several hundreds of investigative actions and operational-search activities, including 19 appointed forensic examinations, conducted several dozen searches and seizures, interrogated a large number of witnesses, carried out several inspections of the incident scene.

On his Twitter page Markin added that “everything was done for the speedy arrest of the villains.”

Later he noted that investigators seized from the suspects hid the murder weapon and the business card of the murdered Andrew Gosta.

Resonant murder

We will remind, on April 24 in an attack in the village of Ivashevo Samara region was brutally killed the former chief of police Syzran and Deputy chief of staff of research Affairs of the Samara region Andrey Host and his family members. Only at the scene were found the bodies of six people. In the attack survived seven year old girl, she was hospitalized and was in a coma.

Police later reported the discovery of the murder of the fake bomb.

By order of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin a criminal case was transferred for investigation to the GSU SK of Russia. SC opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 105, part 3 of article 30 and part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of two and more persons, attempt at murder).

In SK reported that all the victims, including Hosta, have died from blows with blunt objects, blows were inflicted on them during sleep.

The interior Ministry of Russia has announced a reward of 3 million rubles for any information about the killers.

From the outset, observers drew Parallels between that crime and brutal murder of 12 people in stanitsa Kushchevskaya in November 2010. Then, too, among the dead were children, two of them strangled.

About the murder of Hosta there were different possible motives. According to police, it could be robbery, property attack. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy chief of GU Ministry of internal Affairs across the Samara region Andrey Konovalov, who said: “my personal version of murder – the selfish goal”.

Russia’s investigative Committee talked about three working versions. “The three of them, but while in the interests of the investigation we are not going to sound”, – noted the representative of Department Vladimir Markin.

Their data on this issue was divided and the Deputy of the state Duma from the Samara region Alexander Hinstein. According to him, the killers could be at least four. They could simultaneously log in to multiple rooms and began to put the sleeping people blows with hammers and iron bars.

“Most likely, some of the criminals had been in the house. Previously it is established that in the house they entered from the back side, and they were with flashlights. They knew that this door was not locked. The criminals knew where the server of video surveillance system and took the system with you,” said the Deputy.

“He (Host) definitely didn’t die in my sleep. Based on the nature of the wounds, he was still for some time alive. A fatal blow struck him from behind. There are traces on the body, but traces of whether it is torture, it’s hard to say,” said Khinshtein.

Elderly parents of Gosta died from injuries in a dream.

Prior to that, Khinshtein said that the motive for the murder of a family in Syzran could be a revenge ex-police chief Andrew Gostou because of his professional activities. “I believe that this is due to the work of Gosta in the position of chief of police Syzrani,” he said.

Announced in the media version of the selfish motive Hinstein considers untenable: “From the house almost nothing was missing, there was no sign of the search values. The criminals did not take neither shackle nor chain his wife Gasta. They didn’t take TV”.

The MP rejected the version about revenge of some builders who Andrew Host allegedly owed money.

The Deputy noted that in Syzran three main problems in the field of crime – illegal netegrity, manufacture of counterfeit alcohol and narcotics. However, he did not specify what area of interest could be related to the murder.

Khinshtein added that it is no coincidence that Ghost “was actually abstracted from Syzran, and his Deputy was dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies”. According to the Deputy, shortly before the murder Ghost the intention was to leave Siberia and go to the service chief of police of Novosibirsk.

“In the last three weeks, Host was clearly not himself. He was depressed, but he said that’s all right”, – said the Deputy, referring to the colleagues of the deceased.

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