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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Senator spoke about the new Russian missiles, invulnerable to missile USA

With the accession of Sweden to NATO because of the placement of U.S. missile defense system threatened the Northern frontiers of Russia. The Federation Council was reassured to guard the Russian border will be the new missiles.

photo: structure.mil.ru

On the possible deployment of US missile defense in Sweden, which may soon to join the Alliance, Russia will respond with new developments.

Note that the Alliance has recently stepped up their actions at the borders with Russia. So, “muscle-flexing continues in the Baltic sea, where only in the last month there have been several incidents in the participation of Russian and American military.

Read the materials: There are details of how a Russian su-24 “saddled” the destroyer “Donald cook”

Russian su-27 “aggressive maneuver” intercepted an American RC-135 in the Baltic sea

The media reported the interception of reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. air force near Kamchatka

Also America is haunted and the Black sea: the U.S. moved closer to Crimea, the “invisible” fighters

Russia has always pointed far from being the peaceful nature of the American missile defense system, although the States claim that these systems are not directed against Russia.

Moscow to such statements of Washington treated with distrust, and therefore developing the missiles, invulnerable to American ABOUT.

This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Eugene Serebrennikov.

According to him, Russian specialists have been finalizing the latest generation of missiles, invulnerable to weapons, NATO, in particular missile defense systems.

It is these complexes, the Senator was quoted by RIA Novosti, can be placed on the Northern borders in the event of the entry of Sweden into NATO.

Previously, information about the entry of Sweden into the Alliance said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He said that Moscow in this case will be forced to strengthen the grouping of its troops in the North-West.

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In particular, the transfer of operational-tactical complexes “Iskander-M” to equip the ships and submarines of the Baltic fleet missiles “Caliber”, who have already shown themselves during the RAID against (banned in Russia) ISIS in Syria.

Read the material: the defense Ministry showed video of a missile launch from a submarine by ISIS militants

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