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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Kremlin has awarded the hero of labor of 2016

Newly a few years ago, the traditional ceremony honoring Heroes of Labor was held in Moscow on Saturday, on the eve of may 1. President Vladimir Putin presented awards to five new winners – the famous singer Iosif Kobzon, a famous oilman, Vladimir Bogdanov, and also the Saratov teacher Lyudmila Kornilova, the squatter and the Dalai Kungaeva designer Paul Kamneva.

Ceremony honoring heroes of labor was held on Saturday – on the eve of the Day of international solidarity of workers in the Catherine hall of the Kremlin, said the newspaper VIEW. The leadership and competitiveness of the state depends largely on the aspirations of every citizen to self development, personal growth, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of awarding gold stars of the heroes in the Kremlin.

“Our task is to promote achievements of their ancestors, based on thousands of years of heritage, to create a new country, a prosperous, forward-looking”

“We need to constantly improve their professional skills, explore new areas and competencies, to focus on the most advanced requirements and standards. If you work on yourself, work hard, and to realize their potential, and the country will go forward,” said Putin, said the newspaper VIEW.

He recalled the achievements of compatriots, who showed that true patriotism lies primarily in selfless work for the good of the Fatherland. “Our task is to promote achievements of their ancestors, based on thousands of years of heritage, to create a new country, a prosperous, forward-looking,” – said Putin.

Honorary titles have been awarded five Russians, including people’s artist of Russia, state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon. In addition to the famous singer, it awarded the General Director “Surgutneftegaz” Vladimir Bogdanov, senior shepherd agrokooperativa Tsokto-Khangil from Transbaikalia the Dalai Kungaev, the General Director and General designer of experimental design Bureau “Innovator” Ekaterinburg Pavel Kamnev and teacher of history of Lyceum of Saratov Lyudmila Kornilova. The title has “for special labor merits before the state and people”, noted on the Kremlin website.

And if the names of Joseph Kobzon and head “Surgutneftegaz” Vladimir Bogdanov at the hearing, about the heroes of Kungaeva, the Stones and Kornilova, the majority of Russians hears for the first time. VZGLYAD learned which way to the award passed these people.

Eminent shepherd

60-year-old Dalai Gogaev from the village of Tsokto-Hangil of Transbaikalian edge has started as a laborer on the farm named XXII party Congress in 1971, that is already 45 years ago! After serving in the army he returned to his native farm, where he became first a tractor and then the assistant of the shepherd – that is, shepherd. The past 30 years the Dalai Gurinovich works as a senior shepherd in agrocooperative Tsokto-Khangil – the successor of the disbanded farm. Thus, throughout his life, he gave to one company and in that time has become one of the most experienced and well-known pastoralists of the region. Sheep breeding stock senior shepherd of the Dalai Kungaeva is breeding – breeding of the Transbaikal fine-wool breed of sheep. Thanks Kungaeva in 2013, his agrokooperativa was awarded the status of breeding plant breeding of sheep breed Transbaikalian.

Kungaev really a master of his craft, in addition to the title of Hero of Labor, honored with many other awards. For example, he regularly carries his pedigree goats at the interregional exhibition. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, one of the ewes of his flock was awarded a gold medal and diploma of the first degree.

General designer

Another hero of labour – General Director and General designer of experimental design Bureau “Innovator” Ekaterinburg 78-year-old Pavel Kamnev. The native of Makhachkala Kamnev back in 1961 graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute and since then has been devoted to developing new military technology.

In addition, Pavel Ivanovich – doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences.

Novator is one of the famous enterprises of Ekaterinburg. Engaged in the development of large-caliber artillery systems air defense. Earlier, the designer was awarded the order “badge of honor”, order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree”, medal “Veteran of labor” (in 1979), “300 years of Russian Fleet” jubilee medal of the Ministry of defense of Russia “Admiral Gorshkov”. He is also a laureate of the state prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, science and technology, honorary aircraft Builder, honorary citizen of the Sverdlovsk region.

Hereditary teacher

Teacher of history of Lyceum of mathematics and Informatics, Saratov, Lyudmila Ivanovna Kornilova has accomplished much, – colleagues speak of her as a creative person, its lessons are not boring anyone. In her work she tries to use the most modern learning technologies and focuses on the development of each student as an individual. In her class the students actively work with historical sources, to protect their projects, including publicly. Lyudmila Ivanovna organizes lectures, seminars, conferences. Her study of history is a rather large, equipped with the latest technology and science, the creative laboratory, rather than a standard class.

Also the teacher’s work can be assessed by what her students achieve. In this respect, Lyudmila Kornilova is, for someone to be proud of – her charges annually win prizes in competitions, contests, conferences of different levels.

During the work in the Lyceum the teacher has produced 17 medalists.

Awards and honors Lyudmila Ivanovna lot. So focus on the fact that most hearing – in 2007, a teacher from Saratov won the competition for Russia’s best teachers within the priority national project “Education”. Kornilov is a member of the all-Russian public organization “Association of teachers of history and social science”, the author of the course “history painting in the works of Russian artists”.

Interestingly, total work experience of family Kornilov is 224 years old! Most members of this family worked as teachers. Grandmother Lyudmila Ivanovna, aunt, mother, brother, wife, brother, two nieces, husband and son.

Oilman of Tyumen

64-year-old CEO and co-owner of an oil and gas company OJSC “Surgutneftegas” Vladimir Bogdanov in 1973 he graduated from Tyumen industrial Institute on a speciality the mountain engineer-drilling oil and gas wells, then – the Academy of national economy under the USSR Council of Ministers, is a member of the Academy of mining Sciences and Academy of natural Sciences.

In “Surgutneftegaz” working in various capacities from the mid-70s. In 1984 (when he was only 33 years old – approx. OPINION) was the Director General of “Surgutneftegas” since 1993 – General Director.

According to Tyumen.rfn, the home of Bogdanov called: a true patriot of Siberia, the great oilman, head of God. It is noted that one of the most successful people in the region and the country as a whole. While overseas resorts always prefer native Uporovskogo district, the parent village of Suerka.

During Soviet times, he could become the Minister of the oil and gas industry, and he was offered the post, but the Surgut Bogdanov was closer.

“Surgutinform TV” adds that of the 20 heroes of labour of Russia – two of surgutne, employees of the company “Surgutneftegaz”. In addition to this Bogdanov Ivan Eidolon, master on capital repair of wells.

The singer, whose name is known to everyone

Joseph Davidovich Kobzon in the view is not particularly needed. Born 78 years ago in the town of chasov Yar of Donetsk region of the Ukrainian SSR, he became one of the most famous Soviet and Russian pop singers. His performing style everyone knows.

At the same time he was always in the midst of cultural and political events. The Deputy of the state Duma of the second through sixth convocations. He headed the Duma Committee on culture, since 2011 – first Deputy Chairman of this Committee.

To list all the titles and awards of Joseph Kobzon, probably not enough even a whole notes. So to name just a few: the Hero of labour of the Russian Federation (2016), hero of the DNI (2015), winner of the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree (2012) for his great contribution to legislative activity and the development of national culture, is also a holder of the order “For merits before Fatherland” II and III degree, laureate of the Government prize of Russia (2011), people’s artist of USSR (1987), laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1984), laureate of Lenin Komsomol prize (1976), etc.

And although the current award will be his next in a long list, most likely, he will find it especially valuable – after all, Iosif Kobzon told about what sings to all working people.

Revived the title

Recall the title of Hero of Labor in our country, was revived in 2013. The term appeared in 1921, in 1927 was established the title of “Hero of labour”, with breaks it existed in the Soviet Union until 1991.

The idea to revive the award, in particular, was made in March 2013 held in Rostov-on-don conference of the Russian popular front (onf). On the same day, President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree. It said that the title was revived in order to increase the visibility and prestige of selfless and conscientious labour” and is given to citizens who “have achieved outstanding results in public, social and economic activities, has made a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country”.

The title is the second highest rank of Russia along with the title of hero of the Russian Federation. Hero of Labor awarded a special sign of distinction – the gold medal “Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation and the diploma conferring the title. To date, this high award was awarded to 20 people.

In may 2013, titles were awarded to the first five people: the artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev, mechanic, OOO “Russia-agro” Yury Konnov, Director of the research Institute of neurosurgery named after academician N. N. Alexander Konovalov, Burdenko, the driver of mining excavation machinery mine “right” of OJSC “SUEK-Kuzbass” Vladimir Miller and Turner FSUE “Instrument-making plant” Konstantin Chumanov.

In 2014, winners were coach of the national team in synchronized swimming Tatyana Pokrovskaya, master “Surgutneftegaz” Ivan Eidolon, President of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve Alisa Aksenova.

Last year the title was awarded to the head coach of the sports team of Russia on rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova, the milkmaid from Ingushetia Marem Bogatyryova, the teacher of the Lyceum of Chernyakhovsk of the Kaliningrad region Galina Gromova, razlivku steel Novolipetsk steel (NLMK Yuri Savin and General designer of the Corporation “Moscow Institute of thermal technology, Yuri Solomon.


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