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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Among associates of trump found “agent of the Kremlin”

Donald trump recently announced the names of those who are his foreign policy advisers – in the event of his victory, they can occupy key positions in a future administration. The American press immediately found among them is extremely Pro-Russian character, Carter page. It will be no wonder if soon it will start to mold at least an agent of influence of the Kremlin.

One of the main lines of attack on trump is that his accusation of amateurism and lack of team. That is, it supposedly not only a dangerous extremist, and Hitler, who you can not trust the command of the strongest army in the world, but also alone, who has no one.

“Trump adviser compared U.S. policy and sanctions against Russia with the way they behaved slave owners with the slaves”

But, even though trump and goes as antisferovo candidate, to talk about the fact that around him there are no serious figures, of course, wrong. It is clear that today very few people willing to Shine their ties with trump – but he’s been publicly supported even two former presidential candidates, and quite popular, Governor Christie and neurosurgeon Carson, not to mention a former candidate for Vice-President Sarah Palin. There are speaking in support of the governors. Yet few people in Congress willing to bet on trump and even more so to admit to sympathy for him. But the closer to a Republican Congress, that is, it is clearer than that of a billionaire not to stop, the more will be detected tempfiles.

But if the political team trump was anything to know, then with foreign policy, everything was covered with thick fog. Who recently dispelled the candidate – on Monday, the Washington Post published a story about trump’s visit to the editor, in which he first called the names of their foreign advisers. That is, people who in case of his victory in November will occupy important positions in the administration of the President of the trump.

The billionaire announced only six names of his advisers, adding that he still has a lot of names, and promising to publish a full list in the coming days. In the first place and by the fame, the political weight is Jeff sessions. 69-year-old Senator from Alabama recently publicly declared their support for trump – he is a prominent figure in the Republican party.

Jeff sessions Trump swears

(photo: Marvin Gentry/Reuters)

He is one of the most conservative members of the upper house, popular in right-wing circles, as the Washington Post says he “was a member of the “tea party” before it became cool”, that is, refers to him as one of the forerunners of the “dummies”, antielitnye movement that has won serious positions in the party in the first half tenths of years.

Sessions almost twenty years sitting in the Senate and is headed there will be two subcommittees – immigration (the legal Committee) and on strategic forces (Committee on armed services). Sessions takes a firm stance against illegal migration. It is clear that in this matter he is an ally of trump – but not only that. He is a supporter of tax cuts and government spending, for what it called “budget hawk”. At the same sessions for every kind of strengthening of the military potential of the United States – which is natural for the head of the relevant Subcommittee.

In theory and in practice sessions may apply for the post of Secretary of state – unless, of course, trump’s nomination at the July Congress of the party will feature behind-the-scenes agreements with the Republican establishment on the division of portfolios in the future administration and billionaire don’t have to promise this post to someone else.

Our expert on combating terrorism trump called Walid Phares, Advisor on national security in the house of representatives. This Professor at the Washington National defense University is also known for his appearances as an expert on terrorism and the Middle East on TV channels NBC and Fox News. 58-year-old Phares, Lebanese Christian by birth, as well as the tramp, wary of the infiltration of Muslims in the United States. In the last presidential election he was one of the advisers to Republican presidential candidate MITT Romney.

Walid Phares (photo: still from the video securefreedom/youtube)

Have with trump and two soldiers – Joseph (Keith) Kellogg and Joseph Schmitz. Lieutenant General of the US army, 67-year-old Kellogg now retired – but in 32 years in the army he participated in the Vietnam and first Iraq war. In 2003, already having resigned, he was back in Iraq, after the second war, which ended in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the occupation of the country. Now Kellogg was already a contractor, the Pentagon was in full practice gear to the private business of some of its functions. As a representative of the Kellogg company Oracle for almost six months he was chief managing Director of the Interim administration of the coalition troops, that is one of the key people in the occupying power.

If Kellogg is known in special circles associated with the second army counselor, a 59-year old Catholic Joe Schmitz, a figure a little more public. Son of the famous at the time of the far-right Congressman John Shmitta (scored 1.5 per cent at the election of the President of the United States in 1972), graduate of the Naval Academy and of Princeton, a Catholic and knight of Malta, in the Bush administration he was one of the leaders of the Pentagon inspector General. Not so long, from 2002 to 2005, but these years were just on the Iraq war.

From the Pentagon and Iraq, Schmitz was forced to resign after public accusations by senators in various offenses, including obstructing the FBI investigation. Schmitz went into “business”, becoming the head of Blackwater, the world’s largest private military company that became infamous after Iraq and Afghanistan (now it is renamed to Academi). Now engaged in “business”.

But the most curious for Russia the character wormed among the two experts of trump energy. As a consultant in the oil and energy billionaire named George Papadopoulos, the former until recently, adviser to Ben Carson, now he has left the presidential race and support trump. Papadopoulos was the head of the London international energy center, and until last year was a research fellow at the Washington-based Hudson Institute, specializiruetsya on geopolitics and energy security.

A second consultant for the trump – Carter page, managing partner of Global Energy Capital. This graduate of the naval Academy and new York University business worked at the Center for national policy in Washington, headed in the influential Council on foreign relations “study group on energy development in the Caspian sea” – and then went to work in a Corporation Merrill Lynch, where he spent seven years as an investment banker specializing in energy projects.

Of them three years occurred in Moscow, where he was responsible for opening the office of Merrill and was an Advisor on key transactions for Gazprom, RAO UES and others, as stated in the biography on the website of his company. Left Russia to the West “fighter against the regime”, the economist and former Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko commented so on Twitter to the news: “all employees “Merrill Lynch” in Moscow expected to see him in politics. Carter Paige the team trump”.

But little did American investment bankers working in Russia? In itself, this says nothing. However, it turns out that Paige not only has good connections in Russia, but also speaks of her even friendlier than trump. More precisely, not about her – and about American policy toward Russia. Lifting up the article page, it is quickly discovered the American press – and now in The Washington Free Beacon article appears about the wrong views of the Advisor to the wrong candidate:

“The appointment of Paige attracted criticism from some experts, according to which the written article is more similar in its content on conspiracy theories from the Internet or foreign governmental propaganda than the Council, which you would expect from one of the top aides of the President of the United States.”

“Many public comments page about Russia and Ukraine as if taken directly from the broadcasts of Russia Today, the propaganda arms of the Kremlin in the U.S.,” lead site words of Hannah Thoburn, the analyst from the Hudson Institute.

Joseph Schmitz (photo: still from video securefreedom/youtube)

What is said expert and investment banker?

He compared American politics and the sanctions against Russia, however, acted as the slave owners with the slaves, more precisely, with the instructions that they wrote in the mid-19th century. A report issued last February, the article “New slaves, global edition: Russia, Iran and discrimination in the world economy” Paige compares text then released the national security Strategy of the United States with published in 1850 by slave owners for recommendations on how to achieve the “ideal servant” – and finds many Parallels in the methods of pressure on Russia and trying to tame a slave.

Moreover, Paige criticizes Washington and specifically Nuland for provocative actions and interference in the Affairs of Ukraine, blames NATO for “biased philosophy and draconian tactics”, “the interventionist and discriminatory policies” towards Russia.

That is, Paige writes that the no trump does not speak – so that he will advise him? To think that soon Paige will announce the agent of the Kremlin – and well, if commercial. After all, the organizers of the campaign against trump haven’t read the other article, in may 2014. There Paige accuses former U.S. Ambassador in Moscow Michael McFaul that he promoted “revolutionary effort” in Russia – “it is clear that efforts aimed at incitement to unrest and instability in Russia, were agreed with Washington”.

In addition, Paige still calls Igor Sechin, Rosneft CEO and Putin’s closest ally, a man who made “to promote us-Russian relations more than any man on both sides of the Atlantic in the last decade” (through the development of partnerships with ExxonMobil).

So well, if Carter page just says purchased by Russia and smuggled to Trump the groom – and may in fact an FSB agent to call.

While it is clear that Paige was at the trump not really by accident – people who know our country, referring to it as a partner and aim to build good relations in areas where this is possible (and energy is one of them), attracts defied the Washington machine of the billionaire, not afraid to talk about his respect for Putin and Russia. If he wins the trump in November it will become clear how justified their expectations.

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