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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lithuania is waiting for “little green men” in the trains of Russia

Lithuanian security forces conducted exercises, the scenario which they were to neutralize the passengers of the train “Moscow – Kaliningrad”, were trying to illegally enter Lithuania and to organize mass riots. The exercises were successful, “rebellion” passengers was suppressed. Experts believe the teachings of yet another example of how the authorities pumped a psychosis about a military threat from Russia.

Lithuania on Thursday conducted an exercise of their border services, a scenario which has become an escape from the transit trains to Kaliningrad, persons seeking to illegally enter Lithuania. The task of the border guards was their detention.

“This hysteria is incomprehensible. It’s a shame – that our intelligence agencies are doing. Such a primitive propaganda, fomenting hysteria”

Formerly the border service announced tactical exercises on the border with Belarus. “According to legend, transit train, prothuses through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, is a military command of a foreign state, among team members there is a face in search of the law enforcement bodies of Lithuania. During verification of documents inspectors of the border “Ken” on the border with Belarus there are riots – some arrivals are aggressive, and provoke not comply with the requirements of Lithuanian services”, – reported in Department.

According to him, “certain threats are always evaluated, but the purpose of the exercise is to support service skills, work coordination, in a critical situation to act in concert to “avoid panic among the officials.”

“This is a fully working machine, it is safe: we can track the speed of the train, the point of his stay in Lithuania, to be followed, and technical means. If the speed is slowing down, then automatically activated response plans, are directed forces. So I do not see any threats connected with the scheme of the Kaliningrad transit”, – quotes the head of the interior Ministry Delfi. In case of any incidents prepared, said the Minister, plans for their restraint, however, the real emergency, which could threaten national security, is still not there.

“Few people know, but on the Lithuanian border stations Ken from Belarus and kibartaj from Kaliningrad region Lithuanians put on the roof of one of cars GPS-transmitter. It captures all the movement and braking along the train. Put in Ken, shoot in Kybartai, and Vice versa. However, even Russian conductors do not want trouble, even anyone not allowed to smoke on the platform in the Parking lot in Vilnius”, – told the newspaper VIEW resident of Vilnius, publicist Vladimir Vodo, which often uses the train “Moscow – Kaliningrad”.

As I wrote earlier Lithuanian press, in the late 90-ies of the train “Moscow – Kaliningrad” is not really used illegal immigrants, mainly natives of Chechnya. Around the platform, where stood the transit train, then stood a small and unguarded fence, through which illegals simply climb over, immediately getting on the territory of Lithuania, where they appealed to the police with a request for political asylum.

“The platform where the train stops in transit, has long been surrounded by a high metal fence. I think that video surveillance works there, explained Water. – To get into the city, go to the platform before the descent into the underpass, where there is passport and customs control. By the way, few people noticed that from the border to the border stations track also surrounded by a fence, there are solar cells and so on. All this equipped on money of the European Union. Yes, it is reported about individual cases, when in Lithuania are illegal. But they say, walk on forest paths” – added Water.

A resident of Vilnius considers frivolous scenario is “a possible landing of little green men” from Kaliningrad train. “As you know, when buying a ticket for this train show a passport. All your data is stored in the Lithuanian foreign Ministry. Consul the train passes on the car, having in hand a complete list of names of all passengers and train crew”, – reminded the Water, so in case of the slightest suspicion of the Lithuanian authorities simply did not miss a suspicious passenger across the border.

Fears water, and so that a small flow of Russian tourists to the resorts of Lithuania this year finally runs out because of the actions, such teachings around the train. “The tourism sector and so loses, so the losses will be even greater. If you continue in the same vein, no one here nor in may, nor on any other holidays or vacation will not come”, – said a resident of Vilnius.

We will remind, in early April, Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius said on the landing “Russian spies” in juodkrantė settlement on the Curonian spit). He noted that “the service responded on time.” This news caused a sensation, but then society has come to the confusion about why the authorities in this case has not expressed an official protest with Moscow and appealed to the headquarters of NATO. “Russian soldiers, landed illegally on our land, were arrested, and perhaps shot? Or they are now sitting in prison?” – wrote in his Facebook, the former Minister of defense of Lithuania Rasa juknevičienė.

After that the government did not comment on the scandal with the invasion of “saboteurs”, therefore it remained unclear whether there was it actually.

“There is a media barrage, again escalate “tension”, it’s another step toward complete hysteria,” – said the newspaper VIEW about the teachings around the train “Moscow – Kaliningrad” the former Deputy Prime Minister of Lithuania, former head of the state security service, one of the signatories of Act of independence of Lithuania in 1990, now a businessman Zigmas Vaisvila. “This hysteria is incomprehensible. It’s a shame – that our intelligence agencies are doing. Such a primitive propaganda, whipping up hysteria and incitement. We are not a state but a parody of the state,” says former Deputy Prime Minister. He also did not rule out that the injection of psychosis caused by falling of ratings of all the ruling parties, despite the fact that after six months in Lithuania should pass parliamentary elections.

Recall that before the messages on the landing “landing” Vilnius in the last six months regularly warns the public about the “military threat”. So, in October of last year it became known that Lithuania has developed a plan to protect against the “green people” decided to form a rapid reaction force that could immediately stop the actions of the enemy on its territory, even before the official Declaration of war.

In early December, the Ministry of defence of Lithuania started preparation of the manual “How to win green people”, and in January, these benefits were extended in the Republic. There is, in particular, explains that Lithuanians should resist the invasion, demonstrations and strikes or “at least doing your job worse than usual”.

In March, the police, special forces and border troops conducted a special operation at the railway stations of Vilnius and New Vilna. Passengers at the stations met the special forces soldiers and border guards with dogs. The authorities staged a mass verification of documents from Russian citizens.

In the same month, the Department of state security (DGB) and the Second Department of operational services of the Ministry of defence of the Republic published a report on the possible infiltration of spies from Russia and Belarus under the guise of Lithuanian recruits. At the same time Vaisvila and another participant signing the Act of independence, Parliament Deputy Rolandas Paulauskas counterintelligence called in number of persons, whom Moscow uses it for propaganda purposes. In response, Vaisvila urged the security chiefs to apologize and to resign.

“Yesterday came an official response, in which EU experts stated that no laws MP Paulauskas does not break, said Vaisvila the newspaper VIEW. We’re waiting for a response from the Prosecutor General’s office, from which we have already demanded to bring criminal case. In addition, we are preparing a libel suit against the heads of these two departments to court, to put in place these provocateurs, occupying such a responsible position”.

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