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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Friends make people immune to pain

Human sensitivity to pain was inversely proportional to the number of his friends and other social contacts, and this connection is so palpable, that one of these two indicators. In nature such regularities figured out by scientists from Oxford University.

photo: morguefile.com

The task, pursued by specialists, was, in particular, to check endopioids theory of social attachment, according to which the number of social ties affect the selection of in the human body endorphins. According to the assumption of some experts, this hormone during the evolution was necessary and as a powerful natural painkiller, and as a substance that can boost mood — including, and when meeting with friends.

In the researchers conducted the experiment involved 101 people aged 18 to 34 years. Initially, each participant had to fill in a questionnaire in which to answer, how many friends he sees at least once a month. Volunteers also answered questions that allowed us to determine the degree of compliancy and stress resistance.

The second part of the study allowed us to verify the level of the pain threshold of the participants (more than in the human body secretes endorphins, the pain threshold of his above). The test was the fact that people had to lean on the wall all over my back, standing feet on the floor with bent hips and knees (as if he’s sitting). After a while in this position, the person will start to hurt and the muscles according to how long a volunteer has not changed posture, the experts could roughly determine its level of sensitivity to pain. As it turned out, a higher tolerance for pain had those who had more social contacts, and more important was the number of friends that a person sees on a monthly basis and not weekly.

The result is distributed on the men and women who participated in the experiment. The exceptions were volunteers, different a good physical preparation: although friends they have on average been less than the other participants (which in itself is curious), the pain threshold they were quite high. The researchers suggest that their “portion” of endorphin these people get through training.

The results of their work, scientists reported on the pages of scientific publication Scientific Reports.

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