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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Found a way to change the color of the skin hormones

Female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone can change the color of the skin, and this process can be controlled. To such conclusion the American experts, who also managed to find equivalents of these hormones, is able to change the color of the skin without the “side effects”

photo: morguefile.com

According to the researchers, estrogen makes the skin darker, and progesterone, on the contrary, lightens it. Previously this was known in the most General terms, but in the new study, experts managed to discover two of the cell receptors of skin cells called melanocytes, through which a similar effect is observed, reports livescience.com.

During experiments with cell cultures to a group of scientists under the leadership of Todd Ridky at the University of Pennsylvania failed to prove that under the influence of estrogen the production of melanin decreases, and progesterone, in contrast, causes an increase of its production. This is due to the interaction with two proteins — GPER and PAQR7.

In the future, experts noted that the regulation of the skin tone instead of estrogen and progesterone it is possible to use compounds G-1 and Org OD-02, and in this case it is possible to avoid other possible influences on the body female sex hormones.

Scientists hope that on the basis of their results in the future may be a new method to change the hue of the skin, which can become alternative to modern methods. In this case, such technology could be used not only to create an artificial tan, but for more complex and important goals: for example, it would help people with disorders of pigmentation of the skin, including those suffering from an autoimmune disease called vitiligo, causing the disappearance of certain areas of the skin melanin.

Their study, experts published in the journal eLife.

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