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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The work of a telescope “Kepler” has once again managed to recover

The specialists of the American space Agency NASA is fully restored work space telescope “Kepler”. This is not the first time that this satellite was able to continue after serious errors. Now experts are trying to figure out what was the cause of the problem.

Photo: NASA

That the satellite is out of order, it was announced April 10. According to representatives of the mission, when you try to hold contact with the satellite system, the engineers found that for about a day and a half he was in emergency mode. Although at the moment the telescope is in normal mode, experts still can not confidently answer the question, what exactly was the cause of failure.

Telescope “Kepler” named after the German mathematician and astronomer, discoverer of laws of planetary motion in the Solar system Johannes Kepler. Sometimes it is called the “catcher of the planets”. The launch of the telescope was held on 6 March 2009. During the work of the telescope was found about two thousand exoplanets in orbits hundreds of stars in the milky way. Experts expect that the telescope will continue at least until 2018.

Previously a major breakdown that called into question the continued operation of the telescope, was recorded on may 16, 2013. Then for some unknown reason went out the second of four reaction wheels of the satellite (the first one stopped working back in July 2012. For a long time the representatives of the scientific community that with two flywheels, the telescope will not be able to continue in any form, and called the only consolation that by the time he gathered enough information for further study. However, in may 2014 the experts managed to find a solution: instead of the third engine-the flywheel was proposed to use the pressure of solar radiation. So started a new mission of the spacecraft, dubbed “K2”.

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