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Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Bosnia found the miracle ball

The entrance to the cave with the Holy Grail, “the planet X” — not once called them already residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a huge stone sphere of unknown origin discovered by local travellers in the forest near the town of Zavidovici. Today he called the biggest ball of rock in Europe. Some consider it the work of human hands, others doubt it.

Photo: cosmos news

Stone sphere has a radius between 1.2–1.5 meters, and preliminary tests show that it can weigh over 30 tons. Previously such education was found in Costa Rica, the Arctic, in the Irkutsk region, but they were much smaller. Archaeologists thought that the previous findings handmade, sawn stone from 200 to 1500 years BC. The purpose and circumstances of the Foundation of petrofer (prehistoric stone balls) are still a mystery to scientists. Some suggest that the representatives of ancient civilizations were making them as symbols of heavenly bodies or lines between land holdings.

As commented by doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Anatoly BRUSHKOV, at first glance, the bowl material is cemented Sandstone. The stone could be formed by seepage of groundwater and subsequent deposition of minerals in an underground cavity. For a time the boulders are located underground, and after weathering appear on the surface. However, does not exclude the geologist that the stone could bring to the Russian plain and in the melting of glaciers. Impact of minerals on the bed of stone the sharp edges of the stones were worn and were formed almost perfect spheres.

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