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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mikhail Shvydkoi: “the Wife of oligarch is unlikely to want to marry his son to the circus performer”

Musical theatre Shvydkoi simple searches and after “Crime and punishment”, which caused a storm of emotions and disputes, vengeance immersed in the work on “the circus Princess” (operetta, incidentally, a round number since the premiere in 1926). It is clear that TM put it musical, music by Imre Kalman arranges a modern composer, and will be directed by Sebastian Soldevila (Canada), one of the founders of the theatre-circus “7 fingers” (for reference, the “Fingers” with his “Kitchen” already successfully performed in Moscow). In the meantime, Mikhail Shvydkoi told “MK” about the main surprise.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— What kind of audience you aimed “the circus Princess”?

— Well, first of all, it we will open its new season on October 12; the musical is extremely unusual, paradoxically, make it and for those who remember the classic interpretation (and the operetta theatre, and the famous Soviet film, and how it’s set, naturally, in Austria and in Hungary), and for modern people, ready to amazing experiments. Working together with our canadian friends, “Seven fingers”, directed by Sebastian became Soldevila, co-Director — Marina Shvydkaya.

— By the way, in the play “Kitchen” was left enough space for improvisation, at the end of the fed pasta…

— No, we all will be much harder, prepare a full musical performance, backed by a virtuoso circus acts (since the action takes place in the circus). We finished the casting, selected the performers of the main roles: Mr. X is a Maxim Zausalin, Theodor — Julia Vostrikova (was first occupied at the “Time life”, “Life is beautiful”, a graduate of the Schukin theater school, the course, which was once recruited by Evgeny Knyazev for the operetta theater). There will also be playing Paul’s Favorites (Pelican), Oksana Kostecki and Elena Moiseeva in the way of Carolina, Anna Gusenkova (a role that was not previously spelled out in the libretto), Ekaterina Novoselova (Marie). Well, the co-author of the play and the author of the verses was Alexei Ivashchenko.

The Pelican in the new production will be Paul Pet (photo — Grigory Yaron).

— What changes will undergo a classic base?

— On the music we meditate, one of the canadian composers who work with circus companies, might make us the arrangement because it is necessary to prepare material not only for vocal duets and choirs, but also for the circus. By the way, held a casting already and the circus (we employ 12 people). They not only perform tricks, but to dance, play in an ensemble, sing… Very soon begin rehearsals in Montreal, Sebastian, Soldevila it’s more convenient, our main characters come there to undergo the necessary training, and the Director (and using canadian actors) will create a dance+circus model, in June to move to Moscow, on Russian

Mr. X in “the Princess” Theatre of the musical will be forced to learn a difficult circus trick.

— “Princess” your moves in the present, in “our day”?

Is completely unnecessary, the characters will remain in his time, in the early twentieth century, as written by Kalman, but the viewer would still see an ultra-modern hi-tech performance: by August will prepare the scenery, without which we can not exercise “ahead” because the scenery is built circus the shells… quite a complex structure, pendants. I think that actors do not interfere with each other to avoid injuries. We will certify a canadian company that handles security at circus performances. Need careful technical study. And you will not see “retracing”; but the circus is the most advanced, exciting, sharp… by the way, the connection of circus and musical Russia — brand new product in the US and in Canada there is only one good example of this kind is “Pippin” (it “Seven fingers” was also a part of).

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
The Composer Imre Kalman.

— Circus acts you have — as a parallel accompaniment to the story?

— No, no, no separate Divertimento no series numbers “now we’re gonna roll somersault” don’t wait. On the contrary, a circus performance will be the engine and heart of all the action, this is a fundamental thing.

— I hope Maxim Zausalin not need to be retrained on a tightrope Walker…

— He invented a number of incredible complexity. And make it not under force even many professional circus artists.

— What topic accent in “the Princess”?

— Make a winning play about the power of love. That love should not know social barriers. An acute, alas. After all, Russian society is quite stratified. Any perceived tragic misalliance; it is clear that the respect for circus performers is now different than it was in the beginning of XX century, but I have to say, not that it is all changed. I don’t think that the wife of the oligarch wants to see his son married to a girl from the theatre, and especially from the circus… so the themes are eternal. People should not change their sense, it is as though banal sounded. A story about living love, about human passion could be more important than anything else. Today we live in a cliche, I’m afraid to live. And here we will show that there is no need to fear! We need to love and to do deadly circus, because life is the already the most deadly room, which we all are.

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