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Monday, February 12, 2018

Kissing in front of the kids turned out to be good for their health

Many earlier studies have shown that family scandals occurring in front of children can negatively affect their behavior, mental and even physical condition. In the new work, the group of scientists from Wayne state University, several have expanded this statement. As found psychologists, parents, do not hesitate to kiss, and generally show each other affection in front of the kids, thereby affecting their health beneficial.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Experts invited to participate in a study of 80 children aged 10 to 17 years with asthma who lived with a long time married or cohabitating parents. Each one of these young scientists asked for four days to keep a diary, pages of which to note times when they are stronger or weaker than usual felt asthma symptoms, and also to tell about your mood and make short notes concerning the communication between their parents, for example, “mom and dad were arguing today” or “today mom and dad hugging and kissing”.

It is curious that, unlike other scientists who conducted similar research, the experts found that the quarrels of parents negatively affects health of children. However, children with asthma whose parents showed each other affection, breathe easier in the most literal sense of the word, reports qz.com.

“Parents need to take into account the fact that children respond not only to parent them, but also to the communion of the father and the mother among themselves, said Samuel Zilioli, one of the authors of the study. In turn, the mood of the child can affect his health”.

As one of the explanations why parents quarrel did not affect the health of children, researchers have suggested that negative affect is not so much the conflict between father and mother as the uncertainty that he settled. When a child sees how parents show each other affection, he realizes that they left the conflict behind, and consequently, confident in the future.

Experts recognize that their study has many shortcomings — 80 participants represent a too small sample, but 4 days is a very short time, to the same children are not always fully trusted by the respondents. However, scientists believe that they managed to raise a pretty important aspect of the long-debated issue.

His research psychologists reported in the journal “Health Psychology”.

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