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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Poland increases the army because of fear in the Ukraine

The size of the army will increase by half, said the Ministry of defence of Poland. Three new teams will be formed along the Eastern border of Poland – but not only next to Russia. One of the brigades will be located near the Ukrainian border, as Warsaw, had once fervently supported the Maidan, is now forced to recognize this trend, too dangerous.

The number of armed forces of Poland will grow by 1.5 times, said Wednesday the Minister of defence Antoni Macierewicz. “The Polish army will be more. We are planning a substantial increase of the armed forces, at least 50% in the coming years”, – quotes its TASS.

“In Mukachevo, where a detachment of right-wing extremists attacked the police, and the fighting was in several kilometers from the Polish border”

According to the Minister, “in the end current – the beginning of next year there will be three brigades of the territorial defence on the Eastern flank”. “However, I would not want to under the development of the army was understood to be only the emergence of the territorial defence. This also applies to existing units,” he added.

Currently the Polish army has about 95 thousand people. The ranks are forming now subdivisions of “territorial defense”, according to the plans of Mazarevica should be 35 thousand people. Just three years ago, according to press reports, the number of armed forces of Poland amounted to 120 thousand people, of which the army accounted for 68 thousand people, to the BBC – 25 thousand and the naval forces – 8 thousand soldiers. Special forces of Poland numbered about 3 thousand people. According to the latest data, their composition was reduced to two thousand.

And here the militia against the “Right sector*”

“The decline was caused by the transition to a contract army, – said the newspaper VIEW leader of the Polish party “Change”, former member of Sejm, Mateusz Piskorski. The process was long, but now almost all the armed forces switched to a contract basis”.

However, the promise of Mazarevica to increase the army, like many of his other statements should not be taken seriously, says ex-MP. “To increase the army, in Poland there is a shortage of budget. Poland spends more than most countries in Eastern Europe on military spending – more than two per cent of GDP,” said Piskorski.

What is the relationship between the military capabilities of Russia and NATO,”While it is only about the formation of units of territorial defense. And these plans were prepared under the previous government, when in power were Donald Tusk and Bronislaw Komorowski, said the former MP. – But I emphasize that this is just the reservists and not the professional army”. According to him, the reservists are volunteers, which will call for military training from time to time. “It’s like the militia, it is prepared only in case of external attacks. The whole idea is that it should be the locals who best know their land, so they can better organize the defense,” said Piskorski.

“Talk about the formation of the system of territorial defense sounded since the 90-ies, but it did not have enough money. Program development provides a range and 35 thousand is the maximum option. A few months ago, Macierewicz promised that in test mode the system of territorial defense finally will be created. Because it expects the threat from the East, the first three teams will be formed in the Eastern provinces of Poland. As far as I know, while it is only about 10-15 thousand reservists,” – said a Polish politician.

A shelter for “the secret jailers” from the CIA

“When Poland has converted the army to a contract, there is a shortage of personnel, – said the newspaper OPINION of the Belarusian military expert Alexander Alesin. – I complained about the poles themselves, and they are full-fledged division to form can’t. Therefore, a kind of army reserve and will become the “tarbatu”.

Dramatically increase the army by 50 percent over several years – is extremely difficult. “It would have required very expensive and extensive preparations, the construction of appropriate infrastructure. In Soviet times the army pnrm was great, but since then, the infrastructure was not used. Probably already and cannot be recovered. By the way, remember the scandal with the “secret CIA prisons” in Poland? So it just meant an abandoned airbase. What is of no value for business, for agriculture, requiring too much money for the conversion, was just abandoned,” said Alesin.

As he wrote in March, the portal “Rhythm of Eurasia”, 35 thousand soldiers “territorial defense” will be consolidated in 364 companies. They, in turn, will be consolidated in 86 battalions and battalions – 17 crews numbering 1.5–2.5 thousand fighters. The command structure of brigades will be based in each province. Personal weapons will be stored at the district police commandant’s offices, while the heavier specimens – in special warehouses.

In the country there are already groups of territorial defense, but, according to the generals, are few, and they consist of lovers – activists of Patriotic movements. Last year at the Time (Eastern Poland) were the teachings of such groups. Now, with the filing of Mazarevica, everything will be official. Headquarters first brigade will be on the North-East in Bialystok (near the border with Russia) in the East in Lublin (near the border with Belarus) and in South-East – in rzeszów (near the border with Ukraine).

Piskorski drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian direction is also recognized in Warsaw threat. “Even sympathetic to the Kiev part of the Polish elite noticed that might pose the threat of destabilization in Ukraine. First, the Polish press has long been discussed the threat of influx of illegal migrants from Ukraine. Secondly, the threat became apparent after the events in Mukachevo, where a detachment of right-wing extremists attacked the police, and the fighting continued a few miles from the Polish border”.

The day before, as the newspaper VIEW, Macierewicz said about the signs of “preparation of Russian aggression against NATO”. The Minister has indicated the main attack of the army of Russia and Belarus allegedly tries to cut off the Baltic States from the rest of the NATO countries on the isthmus between Suwalki.

“The basis of the Polish army are cavalry and motorized infantry – like Alesin. – “Cavalry part” is a armoured unit. Their name, say the poles, it’s just a tradition, a tribute to the parts, made a “miracle of Warsaw” in 1920″. Polish combat aviation is big enough, acknowledged Aleksin. “It is partly from old Soviet designs is the su-22М4, even the MiG-29 still flies them. And still have 48 F-16s, presented by the Americans. A relatively small Navy, the poles are planning to increase it, so he could not only protect the coastal zone, but also to carry out operations far from Poland” – said the military expert.

“If we talk about the fleet, for over 20 years, there also was not new acquisitions, and the shipyard, in fact, closed, adds Mateusz Piskorski. – The most battle-worthy in army Special forces are considered elite. This is a separate kind of troops – the paratroopers who went through Afghanistan, Iraq, and also was still doing the operation in Haiti in the 90-ies. This special forces have trained and operated in real conditions. For this reason, these parts are generously funded”.

A large part of the military infrastructure of Poland privatized long ago, the politician said. “In the times of the Warsaw Pact troops were located mainly in the West and partially to the South of the country. In the Eastern provinces of Poland they were very few. Even U.S. bases and NATO, which now is planned to place in Poland, will appear in the West and North-West of the country. And not only in the garrisons of the times of the Warsaw Pact, but even in oldest German, that is, pre-war, garrisons,” said Piskorski.

“In General, the main objective of the new Polish authorities is to be replaced Germans in the NATO in its significance, – says Aleksandr Aleksin. Germany lowered its military capabilities, brought half of its tanks in reserve, with the air force there already, not all is well. But Warsaw wants in our subregion, in Central Europe, to play the role of a leader. They want under their influence not only Slovakia and the Baltic States, but also looking toward Ukraine and Belarus”.

Poles, in his opinion, did not consider their country a full member of NATO, because in their territory are not bases were located.

“There are now a us base and the headquarters of the rapid reaction soon there will be base ABOUT. I find it hard to understand why they are increasing the army. In modern terms a big role for high-precision weapons. As Russia showed in Syria, now is not necessary to converge a wall on a wall to inflict damage. The most important elements of the military infrastructure will be carved with precision weapons and aviation. So the build-up of personnel seems to me more a political measure in order to seem stronger,” suggested the Belarusian military expert.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted inured decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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