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Saturday, January 20, 2018

90 years of Elizabeth II: 9 facts about the British Queen

British Queen Elizabeth II on 21 April was 90 years old. The most famous and popular of contemporary monarchs, she continues to surprise and in such a ripe age. “MK” take a look at some interesting facts related to Elizabeth II.

photo: AP


Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) was born on 21 April 1926. However, the official birthday of the monarch in the UK does not coincide with the real. From the reign of king Edward VII (1901-1910) this holiday is celebrated in one of the first Saturdays of June – one of those considerations that in these days the weather is good. In addition, in June takes place a solemn event – trooping of the colour at horse guards parade. By the way, this year during the celebration of the official birthday of the Queen of the British pubs were allowed on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Queen June 10 and 11, not close till midnight (and not before 11 PM, as usual).


Elizabeth II – first monarch of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland. But not only that. She is also Queen of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But that’s not all: Elizabeth II is the Queen of the 12 independent States – Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis. And of course, the head of the Commonwealth, uniting the fifty countries – mostly former British possessions.


Queen Elizabeth II was in 1952, while on holiday in Kenya – there came the news of the death of her father, king George VI. The coronation took place in June 1953 in Westminster Abbey – the first time the ceremony aired on television. Coronation dress of the young Queen was, according to her instructions, embroidered floral emblems of the countries of the British Commonwealth. England was symbolized by the rose, Scotland – Thistle, Wales – leek Ireland – the Shamrock, Australia – Mimosas, Canada – maple leaf, New Zealand fern, South Africa – Protea, India and Ceylon the Lotus flowers, Pakistan – wheat, cotton and jute.

Today Elizabeth II is the oldest reigning monarchs in the world. (For time spent on the throne ahead of her, the king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, who led the country in 1946). Also in September of 2015 broke the record of its propabably Victoria for longevity among the kings and Queens of Britain – at that time, she was on the throne more than 23 226 days.


Last year, the tabloid The Sun has published shot in the early 1930-ies of the video standing next to his mother and sister, little Princess Elizabeth holds his hand in the Nazi salute. The footage is visible and also uncle of the future Queen – Prince Edward (king Edward VIII), known not only for their renunciation of the British throne, but also sympathy towards Nazi Germany. If your uncle was more or less clear, it is unlikely that seven-year-old girl knew what she was doing. Moreover, during the war with the Nazis, the British Royal family has done a lot to inspire countrymen, fighting against the Nazis.


When did the Second world war, Princess Elizabeth was 13 years old. Her mother refused to evacuate her daughters in Canada: “the Children won’t leave without me. I will not leave without the king. And the king will never leave”.

In February 1945 the grown Elizabeth wore military uniform – joined the Women’s auxiliary territorial service, where she was trained as a driver and mechanic.

When the war ended, Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret incognito penetrated celebrating in the streets of London winning the crowd.


Her future husband, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, Elizabeth met back in the thirties – they were the family of king Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Victoria. She was only 13, when the Princess fell in love with Philip and they began to correspond. The official engagement took place only after the war in July 1947. While Philip was not rich, was a foreigner (although he served during the war in the British Royal Navy), the Orthodox – in short, not all thought him a suitable match for Elizabeth. Be that as it may, the wedding took place in November 1947 in Westminster Abbey. To buy in the country post-war material for wedding dresses Elizabeth needed a card for the manufactured goods. The couple received 2500 wedding gifts from around the world.

Their first child – Prince Charles – Elizabeth gave birth in November 1948. In 1950 was born Princess Anne. Ten years later – in 1960 – the Queen has another son, Prince Andrew. Finally, in 1964, the Queen gave birth to Prince Edward.


Personal financial condition of the British Queen has always aroused great interest among the media and the public. When in the early 1990s there were indications that Elizabeth II is the state, estimated at 100 million pounds, Buckingham Palace, called the data “greatly exaggerated”. As the 2015 edition of The Sunday Times estimated personal fortune of the Queen of 340 million pounds, which put her at 302-th place in the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom. It is worth noting that the Royal collection, including thousands of works of art and the Royal jewels, is not owned by the Queen personally and is held in trust, as well as official Royal residences (Buckingham Palace, Windsor castle, the Duchy of Lancaster).


In October 1994 Elizabeth the Second on his yacht “Britannia” arrived in Russia – it took President Yeltsin. It was the first ever visit by a British monarch of our country. After the revolution the main reason hindering such a visit, was shot by the Bolsheviks of the Royal family, related to the British Royal house. The Queen visited Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the way, in 1986, Elizabeth II became the first British monarch who visited China.


Culinary delights Elizabeth II prefers simple food: loves lamb cutlets and roast beef, fried flounder, and chicken salad. Desserts — ice cream and pudding. As for drinks, Queen Elizabeth’s preference for champagne and white wines. Not shy of cocktails such as martinis. The British Royal family sits at the table four times a day: Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. In the morning the Queen of making Chinese tea and drinks it with milk but no sugar. During the Royal Breakfast under the Windows of the dining room of a Scottish Piper plays the tune of the morning for the Queen. This custom went since the days of Queen Victoria. Official dinner with the participation of the Queen begins with soup, then served a fish dish. As hot most of the Royal dinners served baked and roasted hind leg of lamb, one of the favorite foods of Elizabeth II. The meat was escorted 3-4 types of vegetables. This is followed by salad, and then a cold dessert. Lunch is served 5 varieties of wine.

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