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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Powerful solar flares have caused disruptions of radio communications on Earth

Watch the video on “Extreme solar flare has shocked scientists” the American space Agency NASA has reported the outbreak of the Sun, and presented footage of this event managed to capture. The flash was powerful enough to provoke on Earth disruptions in radio communications.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Experts attributed the outbreak occurred to the class M-6,7. This means that it is 6.7 times more powerful flares of class M-1. Flare, exceeding M-1 on the power 10 times, refer to the X class, which are some of the most powerful recorded in the history of observations.

According to NASA, the outbreak was recorded in the field AR2529 where previously scientists have observed large, but initially quite quiet Sunny spot. Within six weeks this spot is quite bizarre changing shape and size, eventually becoming so large that the Earth could be seen even without magnification, and then suddenly intensified. Now, according to scientists, the size of the solar spots almost reach the diameter of the Earth. Tomorrow, April 20, it will disappear from sight, since, Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun. The researchers explain that the study of sunspots is of great scientific interest because it allows, including, to better understand how outbreaks occur on the Sun.

Solar flares are a rather common phenomenon, and many of them remain unnoticed for people. Sometimes, if the substance emitted by the Sun reaches the Earth, it can cause geomagnetic storms on our planet, auroras, and in some cases disruptions in various electrical appliances. Most powerful flash in the history of observations was recorded in 1859 — she refused to Telegraph systems across Europe and North America, auroras were observed around the globe. There is indirect evidence that more powerful flashes could happen in 775 and 993 years BC.

Some theorists suggest that potentially in the Sun may flare, much more powerful than anything seen by specialists until now. If this truly goes super flare, it can lead to catastrophic consequences for the Earth.

Watch the video on “Extreme solar flare has shocked scientists

April 18 was fixed extreme power flash in the Sun. It was recorded by the solar dynamics Observatory NASA.

Video published on the website youtube.com user zanokra

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