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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Save dairy products from diabetes

A group of scientists under the leadership of Mark Debir from the University of Virginia questioned the conventional wisdom that dairy fats are generally unhealthy. According to the researchers, the fats found in milk, yogurts, cheeses and kefir, on the contrary, play an important role in protecting the body against type 2 diabetes.

photo: morguefile.com

Specialists conducted a major study involving 3 of 333 people. In the late 80-ies of the last century, the volunteer was taken a blood test and measured blood levels of fats of dairy origin. Two decades later, scientists have found, in any of the participants developed diabetes, and this information was compared with data obtained earlier, reports radio company NPR.

As a result, the experts came to a rather startling conclusion: those whose diet included large amounts of dairy fats, the risk of diabetes was below 50 percent. Directly the causal relationship between the consumption of foods rich in dairy fat, and reduced risk of diabetes the study revealed, however researchers believe it is quite likely interpretation is that these fats protect against diabetes and help to control body weight.

Mark Debir claims that some studies conducted previously — including themselves — were forced to doubt the correctness of the assertion that consumption of large amounts of dairy fats leads to weight gain. In various scientific works, covering people of different ages, experts sometimes come to the opposite conclusion.

To explain these unexpected and counterintuitive findings are not yet ready, however, as one of the assumptions they put forward the probability that a person quickly becomes saturated fats rich in such foods and, as a result, eating less and not gaining weight.

His research nutritionists reported in the journal Circulation.

Recently, other specialists, rechecking the results of previously published studies, concluded that butter may be less dangerous for the heart than vegetable.

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