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Friday, January 19, 2018

From the leadership of the armed forces of Ukraine was kicked out of one of the “phony heroes”

Petro Poroshenko explained the resignation of the head of the Ukrainian Navy Sergiy Gayduk. The reason were “systemic weaknesses in the performance of duties and the moral authority”. The authority of the Admiral really fell, when after the referendum in the Crimea Ukrainian naval desertion had become rampant. As it turned out, to escape dressed in a Bathrobe gathered himself commander of the Navy of the country.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called the reason for the dismissal of the head of the country’s Navy Sergiy Gayduk. “Considering the position of volunteers and public and taking into account the systemic shortcomings in the performance of official duties, and low credibility among office staff, decided to release Sergei Haiduk from office of the commander of naval forces of armed forces of Ukraine”, – wrote Poroshenko on Saturday in Facebook.

“Navy commander found two hours later in the back, disguised in a robe working. In fact, all these “sham heroes” left the staff adrift”

That Poroshenko was released Haiduk from office and appointed a new commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Ukrainian media reported on 2 April. However, on 4 April, the command of the country’s Navy has denied these reports. In the end, to clarify the situation, the President had to confirm his decision on the page in Facebook. According to media reports, the post of commander of the naval forces of Ukraine may take the chief of staff of the General staff Lieutenant General Igor Voronchenko.

In the back room in his dressing gown working

The authority of the head of the Navy Admiral Sergei Haiduk after the referendum in Crimea is really very loose. And not just because of objective circumstances resulting from the loss of Sevastopol. After the results were announced of the popular vote, Gaiduk tried to escape, disguised in the robe of a worker, said the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo.

“What kind of authority can there be, if after the referendum, the black sea fleet commander Aleksandr Vitko arrived at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy, to meet with his counterpart, and he wasn’t found? There was only an empty Cabinet, and two hours later found the commander in the back, dressed in a Bathrobe working,” said Sevastopol Governor.

“In fact, all these “sham heroes” left the staff adrift. Just think about how the Lam, and then on the Ukrainian TV told me how they, tangling the traces and firing, heroically left the Crimea. Although for anybody not a secret that all Ukrainian military, who wished to leave the territory of the Peninsula, were released without any issues and problems”, – said Menyailo.

On 11 March it became known that created by order of Peter Poroshenko and the Ukrainian defense Ministry, the working group found that the desertion of the personnel of the Ukrainian Navy and visiting naval officers “occupied” Crimea is genuinely alarming. In 2015 military units of the Ukrainian Navy voluntarily left 559 servicemen, of which found only 122. Since the beginning of this year deserted 87 sailors returned only 13. The Ukrainian military is not only not looking for deserters, but also hide the fact shoots. On 286 soldiers who left parts, there is no information in the documents of the fleet, noted “Думская.net”. In addition, last year, despite the warning by the security Service of Ukraine, under the pretext of family circumstances visited the Crimea Ukrainian officers 155.

Also following the results of check became known that Sergey Gaiduk after detention in March 2014, the FSB of Russia in the building of the headquarters of the naval forces of Ukraine in Crimea passed to the Russian secret service the cases of all the officers of the fleet.

Among other violations found waste of 1.5 million hryvnia ($58 thousand) allocated for the renovation of the galley of the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”. Purchased technology and refrigeration equipment are unable to install due to unsuitability for use on warships.

In addition, the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Serhiy Gaiduk was involved in nepotism. According to Ukrainian media, the son of the fleet commander, senior Lieutenant Evgeniy Hayduk was sent to Canada for language courses, and at the headquarters of the fleet is the stepdaughter of acting rear Admiral Dmitry Taran. These facts are contrary to the law of Ukraine “On combating corruption”.

“Your fleet is now even more zero”

The scale of defections from the Ukrainian Navy really should be recognized as impressive, given the total number of personnel. In July 2015 the Deputy chief of staff of the Navy command Dmitry Taran told that because of “Russian aggression” Ukraine lost 75% of the personnel of the fleet in Crimea.

The reasons for the mass escape of the Ukrainian naval officers is not surprising. According to Deputy defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, the average level of salaries of Russian servicemen in 2015 amounted to 62,2 thousand. In this case, judging by the statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the shooter-a soldier fighting in the so-called “ATO zone”, that is a priori one of the most highly paid fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces, has received increased pay 7 thousand hryvnia (about 21 thousand).

In the end, “if other branches of the armed forces of Ukraine at least formally are large enough, their fleet, both formally and practically – zero value. But after the events of March 2014, this value, say, zero,” – stated in an interview with the newspaper VIEW head of analytical Department of Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin.

Recall that during the Crimean events in March 2014 St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian Navy was raised to 54 out of 67 ships of the Ukrainian Navy (including 8 battle ships and the only submarine of the Ukrainian Navy diesel-electric SUBMARINE “Zaporozhye”). By the way, in the Main staff of the Russian Navy reported that “Kiev” is defective and will not be used. For obvious reasons, the Ukrainian Navy has lost and the only naval educational establishments of Sevastopol naval Academy named after P. S. Nakhimov.

According to Aleksandr kramchikin, the current number of combat ships of the Ukrainian know – there are only seven pieces. The others are small boats and supply vessels, warships not to call. “Build boats, ships more – in Nikolaev. But in Nikolaev build for a long time, since 2012. And while a single instance even launched. Although it is very small and the ships are supposed to be issued on neskolku pieces in a year. The rest is nothing more than boats for the border guard”, – said the expert.

With the fact that the Ukrainian Navy “is almost nothing left,” agreed the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov: “the Main forces of Ukraine based in Sevastopol, not in Odessa, where still not primarily a military port, noted earlier, the expert comments to the newspaper VIEW. – In the Crimea, Ukraine has lost not only ships, but also storage, repair facilities. To create from scratch in Odessa, need a lot of money. We know that the construction of the port in Novorossiysk. It’s expensive and a very long time, Ukraine, of course, this can not do”.

According to Frolov, “they got only one frigate, the former patrol ship “Hetman Sahaidachny”, several small landing craft, but very worn, and some auxiliary vessels. That’s all,” he listed the expert.

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