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Saturday, January 20, 2018

USA scared of Russia’s “project 4202”

The publication of a new Russian hypersonic weapons, which would undermine the entire U.S. defense system, is most similar to the amount of money coming from Congress to the Pentagon talk about the “threat from Moscow”. Meanwhile, speaking about “project 4202”, the alarmists are not so wrong. At least reason to worry Washington does have.

Speaking about the mysterious Russian “project 4202” or s-51 with the revolutionary high-speed performance, the American media refer to Jane’s Information Group and bring a lot of colorful and tragic for the American consciousness details. Even it is alleged that the first hypersonic missile (or some new strategic missiles with hypersonic booster units) number of 25 pieces must intercede on combat duty in strategic missile forces regiment, Dombarovskiy in the period from 2020 to 2025. For the United States (as confirmed by sources in Moscow) that would mean the destruction of the entire system of strategic nuclear weapons and missile defense.

“Projects apparatuses capable in 5-7 times the speed of sound, was developed in the USSR and the USA in parallel since the 80-ies. The USSR had the first”

In information, most importantly the source. Trust the source and believe the information, no matter how fantastic it may seem initially. Washington Free Beacon – the edition is extremely conservative and is directly associated with the U.S. military-industrial complex. Their idol, Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton for them – horror in the flesh, and more than half of the sections consists of horror stories about the “Russian threat” and a threat to Chinese, Iranian and North Korean (this specialized sub-sections). It is WFB regularly informs American readers of Russian bombers off the coast of California, an underground nuclear factories of Iran and the achievements of hackers based in Shanghai and Pyongyang.

While they are not storytellers, or storytellers, people sometimes just shifting accents in the required side and exaggerate. In addition, the presentation of the material sometimes changed when translated into Russian. So, in our case, in almost every paragraph of the original text about the “object 4202” there is the word “hypothetical”. This is an important detail.

Notable and the author a sensation. This is not a young journalist in search of “hot”, and venerable, well-known in the circles of intelligence and military industrial complex journalist bill Gertz, Clinton worked as a columnist in The Washington Times (not to be confused with profecional The Washington Post) and famous for exclusive revelatory materials on the topic of intelligence, the international arms trade and technologies. In 1996 he opened the scheme of supply of nuclear technology from China to Pakistan, in 1997, accused Russia of a similar deal with Iran, based on the data of the “Mossad” (where?), in 2004 again criticised Russia for supplying weapons of mass destruction to Syria in 2008 was due in a California court in the case of the Chinese spy who stole missile technology, but refused to name their sources, citing the fifth amendment.

He is the author of six books with titles such as “Chinese threat”, “Failure” (about the American intelligence services after September 11) and “Betrayal” (about the Clinton administration). His weekly column called “Inside the rings” and concentrated on the daily life of the Pentagon and the military industrial complex (the internal structure and architecture of the building of the Ministry of defense reminiscent of the ring). His close relationship with the CIA, no one even tries to hide as his extreme right-wing views (before he ruined the life of bill, and now persistently spoils her Hillary). So just to dream on a given topic bill Gertz is not, his reputation is more expensive.

At the same time the sensation of “object 4202” not such a sensation. Projects apparatuses capable in 5-7 times the speed of sound, was developed in the USSR and the USA in parallel since the 80-ies. The USSR had the first: hypersonic experimental aircraft (GELA), X-90 was created in the ICD “rainbow” in the late 80s, but in 1992 the project for obvious reasons was closed. Was left of the layout, which is several times why it was exhibited at the MAKS in Zhukovsky, although there are no papers on the topic were not carried out until zero years.

Apparently, dovetales. American acting analogue of X-51 is strikingly similar to the Soviet project, forgotten even externally. If (unconfirmed) Soviet rocket developed by direct speed of 10,000 miles an hour (she was dumped in the stratosphere the plane), the American counterpart clocked up 11 200 the third time (the first launches were not very successful). Now in the U.S. (the official) it is planned to achieve a stable rate of 5-6 sound. In the theory of X-51 should in 10-15 years even supplant modern ballistic missiles.

Americans rely on hypersonic missile in the planning strategy of the so-called prompt global strike (PGS) is the application of one missile volley, the maximum damaging effect on facilities of the Russian strategic missile forces and command centres. If you want one motion to eliminate Russian strategic nuclear component, and to paralyze the government, this requires exactly hypersonic missile carrying a small but still nuclear charge. This is the modern concept of atomic warfare, when viewed from the Pentagon.

So far combat use anything hypersonic is impossible for objective reasons. Theoretically it is possible to lift this thing into orbit and throw down. But to control it at speeds over 10,000 kilometres an hour still nobody has learned. There is no guarantee that the slightest deviation from a straight line in the dense layers of the atmosphere rips open the head part, obeying the laws of physics. In addition, Americans have a traditional problem with fast-burning fuels and engines in General – do not work with them. It is the result of overuse manned “Shuttle” in the end design idea in rocket stalled, the engines have to be purchased from Russia in spite of sanctions.

The last two tests X-51 (in 2011 and 2012) were a failure. The first missile was ordered for destruction just because of problems with management, while the second and did “crazy”. On the data series, now the USA has serious problems with the further development of hypersonic missiles – and this is when actively reviving all programs associated with the strategy of the Belarusian state University.

The overall message of Hertz speakers bill: those Russians again beat us to it and (hypothetically) after 10 years will deliver a hypersonic missile on combat duty. Some of the details are clearly taken from the ceiling (as, for example, directions to Dombrowski, he Jasnensky polygon in the Orenburg region as location), are designed to add credibility. With the same ceiling, perhaps taken the figure of 25 vehicles, for some reason strapped to a rocket “Sarmat”. Given the reputation of bill Hertz, leg opening any door in the CIA, the American reader must take all these details, as they say, is based on something and close to reality. Beautiful course. In the article, of course, plain text is not written: the Congress give more money to the Pentagon on a hypersonic missile, and then comes Clinton and everything will be taken away, but the subtext in this. Everyone should be scared of a new species form the Russian threat for which there is no protection.

Meanwhile, bill Gertz while pursuing their goals, not rights. According to some data, in Russia the work on creation of a new hypersonic missile (or even a whole family of devices with similar characteristics) has resumed five years ago and are very active. They occupy even just a few KB, not as the USSR – only “rainbow”. And it is possible that a pilot launch can really be. This is called if the device is s-71 or something else – is a secondary question. But if he really is able to develop in the dense layers of the atmosphere in 11 speed of 200 kilometers per hour (that is the same as the stalled American project) is a major breakthrough. At least this is a real opportunity to reach a new level of technology that will leave far behind all now existing and even prospective U.S. missile defense system. But to talk about something specific is still too early.

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