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Monday, February 19, 2018

The outrage of Americans by the actions of the Russian su-24 looks like hypocrisy

“You scout, you give me a photo of their newest weapon to bring, otherwise what you scout.” So, Russian military pilots explain the purpose of the maneuvers that su-24 of the Baltic fleet has taken around the U.S. destroyer. Indignation of the head of state Department John Kerry about looks is pure hypocrisy: American pilots behave exactly the same.

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry spoke about the famous incident with the American destroyer “Donald cook”, which flew the Russian su-24 combat helicopter. According to Kerry, “Donald cook” was allegedly entitled to open fire on the plane.

“Sit at home, at the dock, no one above you and will not fly, but crawled to foreign shores, don’t cry”

“We condemn this behavior. It is reckless, provocative, it is dangerous. In accordance with the rules of engagement they (Russian planes) could be shot down,” Kerry said, adding that the United States will not allow “ourselves to be frightened at sea”, and recalled that the Russian side had conveyed the U.S. position about the dangers of such actions.

Curious what Kerry said about some “rules of engagement”, although no hostilities in the Baltic sea have not been explored. Later, he even discussed the incident with the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Senior General reserve of the Russian air force who served in including the aviation of the Baltic fleet, on condition of anonymity, commented the newspaper VIEW of the incident. According to him, the incident is not anything unusual, except for the nervous reaction of Americans. Soviet, and then Russian planes regularly made similar overflights of NATO, including American ships – and never because it does not have such information sensation.

With regard to the acceptable parameters of the approaching aircraft to a military ship of another country, then American and Russian pilots “always violated those values, which were spelled out at us.” “The scout is required to bring the images of a “trough” close up,” explained the pilot task performed by a Russian su-24. Interlocutor dismissed the version that such maneuvers the planes made for the sake of aggression, although it is appropriate to talk about psychological pressure, which “is and always will be”. In other words, each such passage is not imitation of attack, and above all exploration.

Talk about simulated attacks (what say us military sources) is not accounted for, including the fact that the range of the start of anti-ship missiles already decommissioned Tu-16 was 270-325 km “We have always simulated launch of missiles on the ships, and any: and our, and others’. It was called TA (tactical start). The aircraft equipment allowed to conduct these trainings in start-up and no hanging missiles,” – said the pilot. For the sake of imitation attacks makes no sense so close to a foreign military ship.

Thus, the su-24 was no more than exploration. And such intelligence in one of the aviation forums are very colorfully described the former military pilot of the Baltic fleet, flying on su-24, Igor Stalls: “the Chief of intelligence, Colonel Egoshin (gave the order)… You scout, you give me a photo of their newest weapon to bring, otherwise what you scout. After such instructions and the words “I believe in you” the reverse will start to fly… and That’s wise, if Colonel Egoshin ordered to steal their new SAM system. And he did it!”

The Baltic sea is small, and when the ship goes near NATO Baltic naval base, “we just have to follow him,” said the General. He recalled a similar behavior of Americans. In particular, the range of Northern fleet has repeatedly flown in an American helicopter, which rose from American ships. He was approaching at 50 meters and even closer to Board the Russian ships. The U.S. military openly photographed the deck of the Russian ship.

“We are not particularly bothered that they were hung for hours at the Board… I don’t understand why now something to panic every time you see in the sea? This is a military rather than civil aviation. There are other rules. Sit at home, at the dock, no one above you and will not fly, but crawled to foreign shores, don’t cry”, – said the source.

Thus, the U.S. has no moral right to accuse Russia in connection with the flight over the “Donald cook”.

Recall that front-line bomber su-24 and Ka-27 flew near the American destroyer “Donald cook” in the Baltic sea on 10 and 12 April. On Board the Polish destroyer was the helicopter. According to the American side, at one point, the Russian aircraft was approaching to a distance of nine meters from the vehicle.

After the incident the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland summoned the Russian Ambassador in Warsaw Sergey Andreev, and the state Department announced the discussion of the incident Kerry with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. During a telephone conversation Lavrov, according to the Foreign Ministry, stressed that a comprehensive explanation on the subject have been given by the Ministry of defense of Russia.

According to the representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov, the aircraft made a planned training flight at about 70 kilometers from the Russian naval base. The flights were carried out in strict accordance with international rules of using airspace over neutral waters.

The situation has attracted the attention of the Chinese Agency “Xinhua”, in an interview which military analyst MA Jun said that the incident demonstrates the different approaches of the USA and Russia. So, it is America that first released information about the “simulation attack”, once again wanting to say that Russia’s actions “undermine stability in the European region” and because of this, and there is a Russian-American confrontation. “The U.S. always do”, – the expert explains.

At the same time, for Russia the presence of American destroyers in the Baltic sea – “in and of itself a provocation”. Therefore, the actions of Russian aircraft is just a reaction to the behaviour of America, and Russia, of course, never admits that it violates any principles.

According to him, which leads RT to talk about intentional “simulate attack”, you need to have a good reason, not just to fix the aircraft at low altitude over the ship. And Russia’s actions in these definitions clearly do not fit, so the accusations of the USA in this situation, “far-fetched”. In terms of geopolitics of the Ukrainian crisis America has strengthened its presence in the Baltic sea that hurt Russia’s strategic interests. Therefore, Moscow using frequent military exercises and patrols more closely monitoring the region.

As a specialist in international relations Chu Yin says that because of NATO expansion to the East between Russia and USA tensions often arise at sea, but usually they were able to settle by means of “tacit consent”. But this time, Washington actively “fanning” the topic in the media and trying to put pressure on Russia.

In Russia, too, see the artificial injection of tension between countries. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich sure that “the language of threats Russia simply can’t accept”. “And secondly, this situation could well be sorted out through the exchange of information via closed channels. No need to artificially escalate the tensions between our countries”, – the Senator said the Agency Regnum.

Interpretation of the Washington incident he called a “misunderstanding”, because Russia does not knowingly course the aggravation of relations with the United States.

In turn, the expert of Association of military political scientists, associate Professor of political science and sociology REU named after Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev sure that Russia just showed the intention to prevent the “arrogance of Americans”, and did cast them to the stage of disturbances. In response, the Americans in the person of Kerry decided to take revenge in the information and political space.

“The U.S. is flicked in the nose. Official Washington in the person of Kerry decided to scare Russia, which, they say, “we could shoot you, Russians, don’t take liberties, we too can become impudent”. Quibble is to intimidate. But to say that Americans really would resort to the use of weapons, is not necessary. They are willing to speak out and to press Russia in the information space, but in reality they do. Because the answer “Donald cook” was sunk,” said Perendzhiev the newspaper VIEW.

Such a harsh reaction from the US expert explains also the fact that Americans consider themselves to be dominant in the air and used to threaten anyone. “The words Kerry is a demonstration not of strength but of fear. Americans got stress. And such stress they will receive in the future,” – said the expert.

As to the possibility while such approximations to aviation ships to explore, Perendzhiev calls this obvious fact. “This intelligence-warning: to indicate that we can see you and is ready to use force in case. The plane didn’t just find himself as a threat, but also studying what happens on this military ship, to understand their intentions, would the Americans use force, it is a prospecting call. But the Americans began to show their aggression. It was a war game. The military realized that it is better not to touch each other”, he concluded.

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