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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A straight line President gave the “alarm management system”

During the annual direct line of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered questions of inhabitants of the country three and a half hours. Despite the traditionally wide range of topics, many questions were about domestic policy. Of particular relevance to this topic give upcoming elections to the state Duma. The President stressed the importance of participation in this vote.

On Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has held the annual direct line with the residents of the country. He answered the most different questions, beginning with the fate of the former wife Lyudmila and ending with the salvation of the sinking of the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

“Only in this case we will feel invulnerable, perspective, people who want to live in this camp and are proud of it”

“Will one of the Deputy”

Several questions related to domestic politics. For example, the President shed light on the future of the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who will be increasingly involved as an expert in matters of economic development of Russia. “We agreed that he would more actively to work in the expert Council under the President, may be one of the Vice. To deal with the issues associated with the development strategy for the near future, after the 18th, and at more distant prospect”, – said Putin.

Earlier media reported that Kudrin allegedly going to write a new economic program for Putin. Its preparation can be carried out at the Centre for strategic research, for that Kudrin may take one of the leadership positions. Himself Kudrin reported that he was considering a job offer at the Center for strategic developments, but no plans to leave his Committee of civil initiatives.

Head of the Center for economic and political reform Nikolay Mironov believes that Kudrin could return to the government after 2018. The expert noted that about Kudrin has long been a question, “how to return to a more active political status”, as until his appointment impossible. Thus, in his opinion, Kudrin has Prime Minister ambitions.

According to Mironov, Putin seeks to integrate Kudrin in the system more tightly, because now the former head of the Treasury, “in fact, was in the opposition bloc, though it has not actively oppositional activity, but nonetheless”, and therefore the question arose on the restructuring of the “think tank” which existed in the early 2000s, Putin.

A political analyst told journalists that “certainly raises questions”, because the country’s development strategy should be developed primarily by the government. “Here the main question is, how will be the interaction between the brain center and the government – will they have dialogue, whether they have full contact,” – said Mironov.

“Got a pie in the sky or in some other place”

One of the topics discussed recently was “Panama dossier”. In General, Putin believes that the authors of the publication offshore documents “were pie in the sky or in some other place”: “And by the style of presentation, and the facts they (the authors) specifically do not blame anyone, in this whole deal… They just bring the shadow on the fence: someone out there among my friends engaged in some business, the question is not do money from these offshore companies of some officials, including the President,” he said.

Putin admitted that he knows from growing ears of the drafters of the dossier: “We know that there are members of the American official institutions. Wrote an article for the first time, she appeared… in Suddeutsche Zeitung and Suddeutsche Zeitung is included in the holding media. And this media holding owns American financial Corporation Goldman Sachs, that is sticking out everywhere the ears of customers, they stick out, but not even blush. And we should not expect from them some kind of remorse. They will still be doing it, and the closer to the election, the more such throws,” – said Putin.

According to the President, no one in the West and in a head could not come that his friend musician Sergei Roldugin, who mainly came under criticism in “Panama dossier” spent all my money and even more to purchase valuable musical instruments, which, moreover, he prepares now the property of the state. “In Russia still it is possible to imagine a bribe in the form of Sighthound puppies, but violins and cellos – I don’t know,” said the President, adding that the purchased Roldugina tools known to all collectors, so “sell and realize it is impossible, simply impossible”.

Ironic Putin’s reaction to questions about “Panama dossier” shows that he is confident in the correctness the same way as all other participants in this “pure media scandal”. “Nothing sensational and striking, no evidence of crime in “Panama dossier” have been identified. This applies to absolutely all the participants of the exposure, but nevertheless the press, especially in the West continues to turn and twist the subject, and it is clear that it is an occasion for irony, and he (the President) believes in himself, like all the other people affected by this scandal, this is purely a media phenomenon,” said RIA “Novosti” political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov.

According to him, in offshore there is nothing wrong and this is proved by the fact that all the American exposure previously this topic was not touched upon. “It is clear that this offshore scandal is not that a storm in a teacup, it’s just a tool of global political struggle and competition. We see that the American revelations had all, including the father of David Cameron (English Prime Minister), but no significant Americans ‘offshore scandal had not referred to, although the US is a country, which is also widely used offshore companies”, – explained the analyst.

“The role of the “United Russia” is extremely important”

The President asked why the governing party does not change. Putin pointed out that this pattern is typical of the large number of developed countries, and the “political mess, on the contrary, a dangerous phenomenon”. As an example, he cited the two-party system in the U.S., as well as traditional political competition between the conservatives and the socialists in France. At the same time the head of state noted that non-systemic opposition in Russia may achieve tangible success, referring to the incumbent mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman.

Answering the question about the possibility of the emergence of new parties and political leaders, Putin said that “the revolution in the early 1990-ies brought to the surface very bright people who can lead, first, and second, most importantly, they have the position.”

A stabilizing element of the political system Putin called United Russia, which bears the weight of responsibility “for all outstanding issues, including even those for which it is not directly responsible”. However, any responsible decisions require compromises. “And one hundred percent impossible to meet these requests, unfortunately, it’s everywhere, – said Putin. – The role of United Russia, of course, extremely important but this does not mean that she has any preferences”.

Meanwhile, Putin urged Russians to come to the forthcoming autumn elections to the state Duma. “If people who want to vote for “United Russia” or want to vote for some other candidate, whom they consider worthy will be responsible to the duties of the voter, we get a government that the country wants. And so I still support those who will come, wants to come and is going to come to the polls and vote in the elections of deputies to the State Duma”, – said the President.

He denied allegations that the elections do not need to walk, because the voices are always supposedly “will be recorded on the “United Russia”. “It’s like the father of Nations once said – it matters not who as votes, important who considers. I hope this is not the case. First, no one doubts the objectivity of the electoral commissions. Well, those who still doubt, there are ways of protection,” the President said.

He assured that the EP “has no preferences”, Recalling the victories of the opposition in the elections in several regions. “In the Irkutsk region, the representative of “United Russia” in the first round did not win, failed to 0.36%. Think you can give these a fraction of a percent were not working. And in the second round he lost to the representative of the Communist party”, – the President recalled.

In his words, “if people want to vote for United Russia or for another candidate, they need to take responsibility for their suffrage, and then we get a government that the country wants”.

Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Zheleznyak believes that Putin’s words about the United Russia lay a special responsibility upon every member of the party. “We have the rest of the period not only to maintain but also to try to enhance the trust and support of our voters,” he said, adding that the party is ready to open, honest political struggle with other political forces and does not intend to “engage in populism”.

The President of Fund of research of problems of democracy, member of the Public chamber Maksim Grigoriev is convinced that people that adhere to conspiracy theories will always, therefore, some people have the idea that United Russia supposedly credited with voting in an election. “Always people will say that everything is decided for us, nothing depends on us, everything has already been stolen… Such statements are quite common. Russia is one of such countries, where they like to speak so,” said Grigoriev the newspaper LOOK.

He stressed that Putin’s words addressed to the EP become obvious and clear signal to the party that she should not so much rely on the rating of the President, as yourself to fight for the electorate.

“This is a significant statement, which should encourage United Russia to even more serious work, although it seriously works. For party which is the ruling party in any country in a situation of economic crisis the political reality is significantly heavier. Receive a percentage of votes during the economic crisis for the party, with which connects emerging during the crisis problems, this is a very serious challenge.

So I don’t think the EP is absolutely comfortable and pleasant situation for her and she doesn’t need to work. I see in the “United Russia” substantial potential. She somehow will be able to achieve significant results, but it would be wrong to assume that these results will correspond to the situation when there was economic growth. Of course, this result will be less. However, this in no way implies that other parties will not use the opportunity and moments to get his voters including harsh criticism of the EP,” predicts Grigoriev.

In turn, the President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov believes that under the difficult economic situation it is important to maintain an adequate and workable Duma, this requires a stabilizing factor, which is the party “United Russia”. “One of the functions of the EP is like this, this big platform that knits this agenda and does not allow her to be radicalized. Apparently, that’s exactly what Putin said when he spoke about the stabilizing role of the EP and from the point of view of economic and political agenda,” said Abzalov journalists.

In his opinion, today it is very important to maintain an adequate and workable Duma, which will not take populist decisions, and the rational, the adequate action from the point of view of economy. “This is an important factor, I think the President is particularly exactly this position is highlighted”, – said the analyst.

He explained that on the background of difficult socio-economic situation generally in most political organizations is the radicalization of the political segment, the care left populism, according to the analyst, the same thing happens on the right part of the electoral field, in this regard, the centrist political organizations stabilize the system. “Therefore, the moderate party, they stabilize the process. Do not allow him to be radicalized, if this middle platform goes, as a result, even political configurations, which are then formed in the state Duma or in any Parliament, it is quite unstable because you’ll never make a coalition with the radical representatives of the opposite segment,” said Abzalov.

“Such people willing to risk all”

Answering the question of journalist Sergey Dorenko, who mentioned the publication of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov video with the leader of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov at the sight of a gun, the President reminded, how difficult was the fate of the Chechen people and its current leader.

“He started with, that fought with us in the forest. Together with his father. The father was not forced, he decided that Chechnya should be with Russia. With these beliefs running Ramzan Kadyrov. Such people willing to risk all in the interests of his people. But you know these people? Not to mention that the Caucasus, people hot. And becoming these people as leaders of the region is not easy. We are all human, we all from his past. But I hope that the head of the Chechen Republic, heads of other regions of the Caucasus will realize the degree of responsibility and in front of his region and Russia in whole”, – said Putin.

However, the President believes that the formulation of his attitude to opponents of the “extreme way” is not conducive to stability in the country. “Hopefully that will change. Perhaps this is my shortcomings,” admitted Putin.

The President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov believes that such words of Putin about Chechnya suggests that he sees difficulties in certain regions and may have already started “to arrange red flags”. “Apparently, Putin sees this difficulty, and we can assume that he has already taken some steps to this defect and to fix some boundaries and “red flags” to arrange for the heads of regions”, – the expert has declared to journalists.

He stressed that Putin openly hinted that some of the actions of the Chechen leadership do not contribute to stability, because “the rapid information and political activity at the Federal level, the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, in my opinion, often put the Kremlin in a difficult and awkward situation”.

“This protection and licensing system”

He explained what guided, making decision about creation of the National guard. Primarily because of the need to put under special control the circulation of weapons in the country. “After all, it was decided not just on the allocation of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs, but about creating a unified structure where the focus would be anything related to firearms: protection and licensing system, and supervising private security companies,” he listed.

In addition, according to Putin, this decision serves to improve the efficiency of the relevant services and to reduce maintenance costs by optimizing the structure, reducing various managerial levels, but not reducing people.

“Timiryazevka left alone”

Answering the question of postgraduate student, Russian state agrarian University Catherine Laurel of Timiryazev Academy, Putin assured that “the Timiryazevka left alone”. “Although, of course, Moscow should develop and housing construction should continue. With the government we are also sure this question will discuss. I think there will be no problems,” Putin said, adding that “both the Academy and the Timiryazevka still have to actively use those resources, including land, which they have”.

Maxim Grigoriev is convinced that the theme around Timiryazevka has become quite serious not only for those who are associated with it, but also for civil society. “Most people obviously only makes sense to deprive the Academy of the relevant land is to benefit a particular group of merchants. This Mercantile interest is so obvious that such action cannot beat the power that allows this. That is why this question was put to such a high level”, – the expert believes.

Female President

First grader Alina asked whether the Russian President to become a woman, “and then daddy says that America can handle only a Putin”. In response, the President expressed confidence in the ability of women-President to cope with many problems in Russia are better than men. He said that it is necessary to deal not with America, but from internal problems: roads, health, education. “Only in this case we will feel invulnerable, perspective, people who want to live in this camp and are proud of it,” – said Putin.

Another student – Chirkov Georgy of Nizhny Novgorod asked, in what educational institution taught on the President. In response, Putin said that either, and “the main thing is to study well”.

We will remind, Putin graduated from the international Department of the law faculty of Leningrad state University (LSU). Who led the state from 2008 to 2012, Medvedev graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad state University named after A. A. Zhdanov Leningrad state University and postgraduate studies. Russia’s first President Boris Yeltsin was a graduate of the building faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute named after S. M. Kirov.

The troubles of Russia: officials, utilities and roads

The main conclusion that can be drawn from the results of direct line with President Vladimir Putin, is a low level of responsibility of regional officials, said Secretary of the RF Public chamber Alexander Brechalov. “A lot of the roads in question and in the question of housing is on the level of personal responsibility, the President feels such a responsibility and delves into these questions. Our regional officials and representatives of the Ministry of zero personal responsibility,” he said.

Bad roads, the problems of housing, what were the questions asked today of the President – is a long way away from the priorities that will occupy the minds of the people, I am sure the Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. “And this is understandable, because it is our everyday life,” he added.

“The President as no one close to people, lives with people. He is up to speed on each topic very deeply, at the level of expert. I would like to wish our officials in the regions and the Federal government to adopt a similar approach when solving real problems of real people,” said the Secretary OP Alexander Brechalov, reports the website of the Public chamber.

In turn, the head of the Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political studies” (ISAPI) Dmitry Badovsky called the hotline are not only a way of direct conversation and direct action. “The format of a straight line off the ground, and its foundations unsettled – and, in fact, and must not be changed, although, of course, there are always innovations, nuances, ranging from organizational to technology (e.g., video calls this year),” – said the expert.

He stressed that “a number of issues and the President’s instructions were fulfilled or began to run, in fact, for a time, while there was the event”. The political scientist believes that “it was an important signal of the management system, the bureaucracy – that the speed and efficiency, the performance of its functions, duties and tasks of the President should grow”.

In turn the General Director of national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov says that the format of communication of the President allows you to learn about priorities from the population. “We see that the economy comes first. Rising prices, communal fees, thieving officials. With this straight line and so it began: first the bad roads and pictures, and then went a successful topic is foreign policy. This means that Putin understands that most concerned the population. He’s ready to talk about this,” said Simonov the newspaper VIEW.

The expert has the impression that the population perceives the situation even worse than it actually is. “This means that the government is not fully cope with the management of the crisis, and this leads to more nervous expectations than it is actually. Sociologists fix that too. The population is much more pessimistic than it would be from the point of view of economy. The real situation is not as bad as they think”, – said Simonov.

He believes that the President once again appeared in his favorite role – informed politician who knows all the details: the size of the Delta of the Volga river up to the size of the reserves of the country. “This population loves sees that the President is not only foreign policy but also economy,” the expert believes.

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