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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scientists have found that specific in the brain of mathematicians

In the brains of people with mathematical mind, hidden special areas that are responsible for an intuitive understanding of numbers, discovered a group of scientists from France. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Still to explain the propensity to mathematics some people there were two hypotheses. According to the first, the historical development of mathematical abilities due to the emergence of language and speech. The second hypothesis States that when working with numbers and abstract mathematical concepts the brain uses an intuitive understanding of space and time, which has a more ancient origin than the language itself.
To understand the relationship between language and mathematics, scientists conducted an experiment. It was attended by professional mathematicians and people who are not associated with this science. The level of education in both groups was the same.

The study participants were asked to rate a series of statements as true, false or meaningless. Part of the statements was linked with mathematics, the other had nothing to do with her. In the experiment, the brains of participants were scanned using functional imaging. This method allows you to determine exactly which areas of the brain activated during certain activities.

If the claims the brain is “techies” and “humanists” were saying the same thing. However, when it came to allegations concerning algebra, geometry and mathematical analysis, it was found that in the brains of mathematicians are activated distinct areas in the parietal, significanoe and prefrontal cortex. The people with no mathematical education, these areas of the brain was only active when solving simple arithmetic problems.

The researchers concluded that the mathematical thinking, the brain uses a neural network that is responsible for perception of numbers, space and time. It differs from the neural network associated with language competence. Thus, the researchers were able to confirm the second hypothesis, which argues that the development of mathematical abilities is not connected with the language.
Earlier it was reported that a group of researchers from Yale University and Harvard University have established a link between passion for adventure and the special structure of the human brain.

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