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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Capital scientist figured out how to save humanity

People are just bits of information, the set of numbers in someone created a computer program. We successfully entered into a matrix called the universe, matter which is also not that other, as… information Such hypotheses put forward today some theorists-cosmologists.

But a scientist from the Moscow Institute of Informatics problems Igor Gurevich went even further — he thought about how this information and samples of “media” to keep from threatening megacatastrophe for several centuries. That is, put the question bluntly about creating a modern Noah’s ark. Unfortunately, Igor Mikhailovich has died (he passed away late last year). But we found him a kindred spirit from the Institute of nuclear physics of Moscow state University Alexander PANOV.

photo: Alexei Merinov

Our world is still the matrix?

According to the arguments of Gurevich, information is a fundamental principle of the Universe, its laws primary, and all other laws of nature deduced from the laws of information. All — we ourselves, our bodies, the clothes, the cars used, is a material implementation of laws information.

— New Testament “In the beginning was the Word…” he thought adequate expression of its main hypotheses, — remembers Sirs, — since in the Greek tradition the “word” is λόγος (“logos”) — had a broader meaning, meant more sense in General, everything imaginable, in fact — information. Scientist believed that the process of cognition of the nature of information the main function of the Mind (collective term that includes cognitive agents and a full Luggage of knowledge, which he called “minimal subjects of cognition” (SMEs); SMEs can theoretically be spread across all corners of our Universe).

— How were the scientific community to the theory of Gurevich?

— Not all serious. Although he was not the only scientist who put the information part at the forefront of the universe. There is an international organization FQXi (Foundational Questions Institute), which brings together many famous scholars such as the former President of the Royal society, the astronomer Royal Martin Rice or our former compatriot, a talented Stanford University physicist Andrei Linde. Now this Institute regularly organizes competitions of scientific papers devoted to new research directions. For the last three years two of them were devoted to subjects which are closely connected with the role of information in the Universe. Several hundred articles if I’m not mistaken, was filed in these contests.

— They described the same model as that of the Gurevich?

— For example, in many cases, this was a movement in the same direction. Some of them were even more radical and are reduced to the fact that all that we see before us, is, in fact, nothing more than the media image, built in a substrate. We like the elements of computer models. It is so good that, living in it, we quite naturally fit into it and not experiencing any discomfort from the fact that we are just a set of numbers, bits of information.

Who, in their opinion, is behind the global computer?

Almost none of the theorists does not mean that the being has created our world is the matrix. Discussed only the possibility of existence of such a world. Among these theories are very serious. For example, in some quantum theories of gravity are purely informational combinatorial structure.

— What is the informational substrate?

— It makes no sense to discuss it. It is so basic that can be explained only through itself.

How to keep Mind?

— So, according to Gurevich, the purpose of the Mind is cognition?

— A bit deeper. Rather, Igor Mikhailovich believed that one of the main problems is not so much Mind, but the entire Universe as a whole is its self-knowledge. Therefore, the emergence of Mind is a necessary stage of evolution of the Universe, the mind is the instrument of self — knowledge of the Universe. Such is philosophy, and it can be considered a continuation of the tradition of philosophy of Russian cosmism. The formation of mind is the first stage of self-knowledge of the Universe, and the beginning of knowledge the Intelligence of nature is simultaneously the beginning of the second stage of self-knowledge of the Universe. The beginning of the formation of the Mind can be attributed to a time about 3.8 billion years ago, when the Earth appeared the biosphere prokaryotes (the simplest single-celled living organisms), but it is possible and straight to the origin of the Universe in the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. Actually the beginning of the cognitive activity of the Mind Gurevich refers to the time of occurrence in the civilization of the notion of mathematical truths, that is, according to archaeological and historical data, only a few thousand years ago.

Gurevich showed that the visible Universe contains about 10 to the 90th bits of information, and the process of cognition he is represented as the process of compression and packing of all this unimaginable amount of information in human culture. In fact, he believed that knowledge in the form of science provides the most effective way of packaging information. He even has a evaluation, exactly how many times packaged information, as presented in the scientific knowledge. Representation of the compression and packaging of information were close to him, since his original profession he was a specialist in computer networks.

Further Igor Mikhailovich leads to the fact that once due to natural or man-made disaster the learning process can be interrupted, that in his philosophy is a universal catastrophe, and not only the catastrophe of mankind, as it interrupted the process of self-discovery Universe. In order to avoid this, the Mind needs to create clones of itself in the form of so-called minimal subjects of cognition (SMEs). Under this term he understood the minimum self-sufficient colony-minded creatures, is able in principle to unlimited cognition of nature. Such SMEs should be possible to secure from unforeseen accidents. This means that you need not only to provide well-protected shelters for SMEs on the Ground, but it would be nice to throw the colony-SMEs on the moon, to the planets of the Solar system and more distant space. The latter means that we ought to think not only about Mars, but about interstellar travel. After all, the Sun is not forever, in the end.

photo: pixabay.com

From the work of I. Gurevich, “On the possibility of keeping the Mind in space disasters”:

“The formed Mind of SMEs is:

* Thinking beings — people constituting the natural Intelligence.

* Computers, devices, device, components of artificial Intelligence.

* Libraries, repositories of knowledge that provide storage methods, technology and results of cognition.

* Learning tools.

* The reception and integration of earth civilization knowledge (rfqs).

* Activate the ICP signal from rfqs or in accordance with a separate decision.

Minimal resources service of process of knowledge (the necessary habitat of the Mind):

* Means of energy and life support.

* Means of travel.

* The colonization of extraterrestrial objects (e.g. planets in different stellar systems).

Tasks, solution of which is possible on Earth and within the Solar system:

* Selection of SMEs for knowledge, means of knowledge.

* Creating a prototype (a working model of SMEs).

* Formation, training and constant work of the crews of the prototype SMEs.

* Simulation using the prototype SMEs in the process of cognition of the Universe the earth’s civilization.

* Space forecasting of disasters.

* Determining the minimum required number of SMEs in the Universe.

* Determination of the most reliable locations for SMEs (“quiet backwater”).

* The creation of the Earth protected SMEs.

* Establishment of SMEs on the moon.

* The establishment of an SME on one of the planets of the Solar system.

Aliens can’t speak loudly

By the way, remember the scientist and future search for a means of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. And your next question again I’ll defer to Alexander Panov, who also serves as Director of the Scientific and cultural centre SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an organization supporting the program of searching for extraterrestrial Intelligence, in Russia.

Tell me, my hope of establishing contact is not lost?

— Today we know about three-four thousands of exoplanets, among which there are terrestrial planets, which could be some kind of a life. It is estimated that approximately every fifth star similar to the Sun, may have earth-like planet in a habitat, i.e. not too close to its star and not too far away. This means that the nearest of them may be from the Earth closer than 12 light years, that is very close by stellar standards.

All this means that the habitat of the Mind in our Galaxy abound, and it would be strange if we were in the Galaxy alone. Moreover, it would seem that we need to receive signals from intelligent aliens from all sides. Why have we still not arrived?

There is a widespread belief that scientists have spent an incredible amount of effort to find signals of extraterrestrial Intelligence, found nothing, so no they probably aliens, tales alone. Among specialists this belief is known as one of the so-called myths SETI. In fact, simple estimates show that catch alien signals is incredibly difficult. No one civilization living on some planet, will not be able to conduct their transfer to all stars simultaneously, and at all frequencies at once. This is simply not enough no energy. If indeed they want to transmit information, then, most likely, will scan the sky one star after another with the use of powerful narrowband signals to lower the noise level. Then each star will get only a few minutes to transfer every few decades or so. In this case we need to guess at what frequency and in which lane to take. In such circumstances, to “catch” the signal is incredibly difficult — this so-called problem of the “cosmic haystack” in which we have to find a needle signal. In order to receive an alien signal with a priori non-zero probability, it is necessary continuously to monitor at least a million stars, and at the same time on all reasonable frequencies. Nothing of the kind is not done yet, of course, it is therefore not surprising that we never found. So serious looking in fact aliens has not yet begun, contrary to mass belief. Were program, in which short observed individual stars (tens or hundreds of millions of stars is required). But what is short-term observation? We at the star had a quick look and immediately turned away, and then she shined us in the back of the head. So soon we’ll find anything. You need constant monitoring of suspicious stars — first dozens, and then millions.

The Hurewicz conjecture that SMEs could be initially posted to all corners of the Universe, could change our understanding of the ways to find messages from other worlds?

— We are currently looking for a powerful narrow-band signals — “beacons”. But if our Galaxy is not populated by different civilizations, and numerous SMEs-clones of some one very old for extraterrestrial intelligence, such clones do not need beacons to find each other. They have a common origin, and therefore know who is where. Then, following the idea of Gurevich, we should look for a broadband, weak and more information-rich signals. It really affects the search strategy, so the ideas of Igor Mikhailovich important to us. This is not fiction, it’s our job, now.

Interviewed by Maria BYKOVA.

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