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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Solve the mystery radio signals from space, astronomers afflicted

An international group of researchers managed to figure out what is the nature previously recorded on Earth of mysterious radio pulses of a few milliseconds. Experts managed to name the source of these signals and the mechanism of their formation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Ever astronomers recorded less than twenty so-called short radio pulses, or FRB (fast radio burst). Some experts suggest that they reach the Earth by the thousands every day, but because of their short duration to catch every such signal — a great success.

The impetus for the study which focused researchers, was recorded using the 64-m Parkes radio telescope, located in Australia and received the designation FRB 150418. Previously, experts came to the conclusion that the signal source is located in the galaxy Arp 220, located at a distance of about six billion light-years from our planet. It was quite unexpected, because in this galaxy the star formation process is not too actively, and earlier, experts believed the most likely cause of the origin of short radio pulses it is the birth of a star. It even gave rise to the suspicion that the signal is not FRB or some new shape.

However, further experts, who published their study in the scientific journal Nature, understood that the pulsed source is not a star but a supermassive black hole at the galactic center. Researchers believe that a black hole pulling in surrounding objects, accumulates a huge amount of energy, and throws it with the help of short powerful pulses, which represent the FRB.

The authors of the study emphasize that the short radio pulses to date been studied very little is known about them about as much as was known about cosmic gamma rays 30 years ago. However, experts hope that their work will help you to know more about FRB, which, in turn, will allow you to use them to obtain new information about the Universe.

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