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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Experts predicted when in Russia will begin mass protests

The closer to the election, the closer the power interested in possible protest sentiments in society. On this account, even conducted studies. And to keep “abreast”, according to open sources, the Ministry of internal Affairs has purchased the hidden video equipment to monitor mass demonstrations.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The situation is, to put it mildly, not very. According to the latest data of Fund “Public opinion”, 75 % of Russians are dissatisfied with their salary, while 40 % are no longer able to endure from pay to advance. Only in the last month of winter, the income of our citizens has declined by nearly 7 % in comparison with February 2015

The staff of the center for economic and political reforms has found that different protest actions (demonstrations and strikes) for three months in 2016 in Russia was twice more than in the first half of last year: 132 in 57 regions of Russia. These figures do not include Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Especially notable Samara, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kirov region. They were followed by Perm, Transbaikalian and joined them Primorsky territory. Note, those regions where the Federal government is looking to relocation of residents from the Central regions. And where promises to give every newcomer a hectare of land for doing business, if someone wish to move to permanent residence in the far East.

The desire of the authorities to probe the public opinion is clear. At the end of the year we’ll have elections in the state Duma and the various parties will certainly try to make on the economic difficulties some political capital. The trumps in their hands may be the bankruptcy of enterprises, downsizing, moving to part-time — all-all, which leads to lower living standards. He’s in the last couple of years is really sinking into the already prosperous put those whose income is two or more subsistence minimum in Moscow 18,5 thousand rubles, in other regions, of course, below.

However, dire predictions of Western political scientists that the patience of Russians here overflows, broken about mysterious Russian soul. Never occurred to them that than our fellow citizens becomes worse the closer they rally around power. And even when today’s external threats to support the President, to raise his ratings – it’s all business as sacred.

Experts, on the basis of the results of the study suggest that the stock of patience of the Russians is still more than a year or two. They predict that rather than a revolutionary mood, and apathy and indifference. In General, the parliamentary elections will be held without disruptions, and presidential in 2018.

– I believe that over the next 1.5-2 years no significant protests will happen,- commented the Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of world economy and international relations, doctor of Economics Eugene Gontmakher. – First, during “zero years” the standard of living of the population rose great and we didn’t have time to lose, “eat”. And secondly, before the Duma and presidential elections the authorities will certainly try though as-that to support fellow citizens. Pensioners, most likely, to count for inflation, will not forget about the public sector. The main thing in this period not to make any stupid things that in order to not to provoke conflicts. Even something small and seemingly insignificant can lead to stress As, say, lifting on 2 roubles of excises on gasoline and diesel fuel from April 1. Because it affects everybody who has a car and who don’t. It is unclear why this was done. Such actions, of course, it is better to abstain. Well, and what will happen after the elections — that no one knows…

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