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Friday, April 20, 2018

Victor Drobysh about Eurovision: “Yeah, Ivan will be naked, naturalness is captivating!”

Happiness, at a press conference on the occasion Europreparty in Moscow, where in addition to our euromediti Sergey Lazarev last Sunday and gathered contestants from 10 countries, it was not Ksenia Sobchak. Otherwise would be all over the scandal and injuries: socialite and journalist could permanently lose the power of speech, but with her work it would be a disaster…

“The unity of nature and the naked man”! Under the motto Ivan Go (Come on, Ivan!) the artist promises many more surprises and revelations ahead of the competition. Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist

“My songs are very simple message — about the incredible, crazy love. About the only person for everyone. Everyone wants to be for someone single. So I dedicate this song to a particular girl. But don’t tell anyone,” — said Sergey Lazarev at a press conference on the “mystery song” You Are The Only One, than set as a point in hanging a month ago, the question “ZD” — how, however, translate the name: “Only my” or “my Only”, given the lack of generic endings in English? And said — “concrete girl”, although it was neutral and mysteriously stop at “a particular person”, for example.

Ms. Sobchak, who half a lifetime, before you go into opposition, selflessly devoted to the exposure of “fake PR” is about love and failed, although regularly advertised, weddings Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva, on these words of the artist about the “secret girl”, of course, with rumble would collapse from his chair and in addition to his own injuries would ruin all evroplastik.

“W.” press conference also conceded, as he flew from St. Petersburg after the show Philip Kirkorov “I” back to Moscow in order to have time to at least Europreparty evening. But after learning about the unexpected revelation of the pop star, too, wondered: “Well, female fans within the country to swallow, of course, any heresy from pop idol, so they say, but is it wise to haul to Europe awkward skeletons from the local dusty cabinets?”

The audience at Eurovision after another, she’s very sensitive to any insincerity, deception and hypocrisy. To “cure” people there — especially after Conchita Wurst — silly stories in blue eye can get a more expensive, and it is unclear why a wonderful artist with a beautiful song, already gathered millions of views, likes and even smashed all precarity and betting rates, to arrange such a dubious extravaganza.

No matter how were competing and neither was jealous of the Lazarev Bilan and Kirkorov — to Rudkovskaya, but our “Eurogiro No. 1” both times (in the mind, on a whim?) the contest was simple, if not as true, we avoided the absolutely blatant hypocrisy. Many viewers on an intuitive level, conquered the spontaneity and naturalness of the artist. And even the “bride” Kuletskaya, imposed, it seems that the restless Lady B. Roux(tkowski), and initially was perceived as a comic misunderstanding, which the singer himself has stressed all elusive appearance and behavior. But Serge, apparently, went a slightly different way. The flag to him in hands…

All the above can, of course, to remain only speculative grumbling, with no consequences. And let! The more that everything is just lush beam. First built in Moscow such a large scale — thousands in the hall and not close to the restaurant — euromechanika involving future contestants all the way from 11 countries, in addition to the feast for a group of enthusiasts headed by promoter Dmitry Melnikov, literally screaming about the fact that Russia seems to be first confident in their future victory, as in the rightness of a single history textbook. Even with the fact this was not!

Sergey Lazarev and Ivan — “first and second series of Slavonic brotherhood”. Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist


— Sergei, you are now greeted as the winner and have no doubt in the outcome of the contest! — gave “W.” the praise of the artist.

Understand me, that’s scary! — really frightened said the birthday boy, which in addition to all the accolades rolled in these days to celebrate 33rd birthday. The puzzle came together — a great song, which I am sure, agreed to go to the contest, great age, have the strength and experience…

However, all so confident in my victory, that I honestly start to twitch — not because they are afraid not to win: it is a competition, the results here predict stupid and need to go professionally and just do my job, to fight…

But because of this universal certainty I now think all the time: suddenly something not so will do, don’t sing, zagrobla, disappoint someone in these big expectations… In General, it’s a terrible pressure and mental and physical…

On the other hand, a critical mass has accumulated for a possible victory, is poured over the edge and the Greek bowl with gusto carries the cross in the life of Philip Kirkorov, producyruemy and current Adler Eurotrip with friends-partners from Dreamteam (“dream Teams”). The composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, twice stayed at the verge of victory with his songs (Shady Lady Ani Lorak from Ukraine in 2008, Hold Me by Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan in 2013), according to the well-known saying, it is ready at least the third attempt to share the burden of victory. Lazarev says: “Great guy, professional with perfect English, you can work with it, it is a competition, all hoping to win, and we will certainly do our best”.

Hopes and on the famous stage Director Fokas of Evangelinos, which Sergey, did not yet have the right to disclose the details of the future of the room, said vaguely but succinctly, responding to a reporter’s question: “whether to Expect (from the number) of something epic?” — “I would and harness made, but according to the rules of “Eurovision” nothing can be attached to the roof. I can say that the Fokas in his repertoire”. And the repertoire that excites the imagination: and the piano with the spirit of Bilan, and glowing cabinets Ani Lorak, and the giant stapler of Sakis Rouvas, and a transparent cube with a gymnast from Farida Mamedova, and swing at the sisters Tolmachev…

Remained most a little — to the mythical “girl” Lazarev, which — and only to her! — he dedicated, it appears, his song You Are The Only One that believed tens of thousands of europanto in Stockholm, tens of millions of viewers in Europe and national juries in all 42 countries participating in the contest…


On shock and awe, as well as the delight of the audience and the jury, counts and another of our party — Alexander Ivanov, who recently won in the “selection of producers” on the TV show “Main stage”, now under the guidance of producer and composer Victor Drobysh is the second part of our “Union state” on evrokonkursa — the brotherly Belarus.

Victor Drobysh, “I understand nothing in “Eurovision”, delivered to the ears of the entire continent. Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist

Initially, the song Help You Fly paid no special attention, although the thing — confidently Schlager, lushly arranged, with the text written not anyone anyhow, and the Mary applegate from the Guinness Book of records for “most-selling ballad” Power Of Love performed by Celine Dion and Jennifer rush (she wrote with Drobysh and almost winning Party For Everybody “Buranovskiye grandmothers”).

Mr. Drobysh, raising his eyebrow and forehead, I realized that urgently need a thing, otherwise Belarus will go down eurotechnica. Stray savvy PR people asked for services and millions were sent overseas. Even though the producer — the person creative, not born embroidered, like a man standing one step away from victory with the same “Buranovskie grandmothers”, which became a much greater sensation at the competition than the winner — Swedish Berber Lauryn. Which, by the way, I repeated the situation with Verka Serdyuchka, which in Helsinki in 2007, the herd went journalists, although won “Serbian Zemfira” — Maria Serifovic with piercing lesbian ballad “the Prayer”, dedicated to some of his, Serbian Renata Litvinova…

In General, Drobysh, saving a lot of millions on overseas spin-doctors, he came up with this, from what started everything, just renamed Ivan Ivanov in it’s section, turned naked ass to the camera and was built near furry wolf. Europe stunned, dumbfounded, groans and excited. The stages of the Western press in the office of Mr. Drobysh can envied Lazarev. Bookmakers, however, have not yet responded to a fascinating piquancy: Belarus takes the still weak signs of euromediti from the 31st position and while the top isn’t going anywhere. However, in the tops of euroopasta Ivan has registered already quite confident.

All, of course, concerned with the question: how translate the image of the poster in stage of reality at the competition in Stockholm? With this question to the producer Drobysh, pushing the elbows turn from Europress, broke and “ZD”.

Victor, 12 points from Russia, of course, in your pocket, there is no doubt. First, we, like Greece with Cyprus, — always for each other. Yes — “Union state”, so in fact vote for yourself, what other countries can only dream of. Secondly, your Ivan is something we do not alien flesh of the Moscow showbiz. And from whom else do you expect good grades?

– As with Natasha Podolsky (Kiev 2005), with Dima the Sorcerer (Helsinki 2007) and “Buranovskie grandmothers” (Baku 2012), I never thought about it seriously. I important market of the countries of the former Soviet Union and Georgia, and Ukraine, and Latvia, all other. I think many of them who participate in “Eurovision”, we get a fairly good response, at least by the viewer’s vote (by a professional jury and grades separately. — Approx. “ZD”).

But I still somehow hope the country that mental respond well to pop-rock, because many say that in the song Help You Fly and some Scottish, English shades. They really are. Maybe even the Finns or the Swedes will pay attention. I think less will see support for the Balkan countries, they still have their perception of the competition through dance and also for each other… actually initially I wasn’t expecting any particular reaction from Europe, as it has arisen, a serious one! Bi-bi-si me every day, calling, France press came, the Germans, the Spaniards… the Spaniards, however, partially negative — wolf sorry for them.

— Well, Yes, the Spaniards and the bulls sorry…

— Yes, apparently, they now repent for the bulls for hundreds of years, tortured (by the bullfight. — Approx. “ZD”).

— The British, the French, the Germans still more asking about the song or about naked loins of your ward?

— The first and main question was, of course: naked? Second: the wolf? All one and the same. But in the termination it still came about music, and very friendly was the attitude.

— You’re being modest by saying that don’t understand Eurovision…

— It is.

— But in your Luggage and “Buranovskie grandmother”, and Natasha Podolskaya, though with 15th place, but this is the result you predicted before the competition. It was quite adequate…

– And you know why? I then realized that he couldn’t view the idea, to pressurize the room. Musically I thought about one, but hard to convey the idea of the song Nobody Hurt No One (“do Not hurt anybody”), as I wanted to, couldn’t go to Natasha came out disheveled, in torn t-shirt, jeans, barefoot, lost, sharp, with a doll, tore the girl’s head to this protest.

And as for the song Lordi (2006 winners) in principle, no one at first did not pay attention, do not remember her until they came out in the form of monsters, masks. And I knew immediately: they “tear” of all.

And I came up with the message for the calling songs: in that year, a student in America killed nearly 30 children, and the news was very loud. The song was the image of the girl that walks-goes to this school, it is very bad, boring, and in the end she takes the gun and starts all wet. The text was strong enough. Was the call.

And suddenly she enters the stage in these “louboutins”, in a delightful skirt. So I decided channel. And I was scared to argue with them. And in this pop, priezavoti, overhead cilia and all was lost. It was necessary, or underwear, or a robe to wear. And I was left in the middle of it all… It was my producer’s weakness.

In the eternal debate about what is more important — the song or number, — the answer is obvious: there must be everything at once, right?

— We have three minutes, three minutes even Yesterday not to crack. Therefore, the supply is certainly important. As this bearded woman (Conchita Wurst) — super song, very powerful thing, but it wouldn’t be her beard, someone might, and another was seriously challenged for the victory.

— And with the Sorcerer in Helsinki in 2007 (6th place for Belarus) that you showed wisdom, cunning or weakness, and gave up his charge with “American idol” producer in the hands of Philip Kirkorov?

Is there anything I did not show, just watched my artist of the rocker turns into something… “Eurovision”.

— As a joke then, the legendary commentator Terry Wogan with bi-Bi-si: is yellow all around — it powder from the Warlock blew at the camera…

— Do not argue with Philip — he is an expert, seasoned in the fields of eurocrate! But if Natasha Podolsky then, in 2005, went another way, and not shifted from one foot to the other, the perception of the song, I think it would be quite another.

And revenge you have taken, therefore, with “Buranovskie grandmothers”.

– Yeah! As it is now again not allowed, so you do not have again to take revenge!.. (Laughs.) But I think we’ve done a good job. About our character Ivan they all say, and even “cursed capitalists”… then Looking for “Buranovskie grandmothers”, I realized that people cling. The hall burst out even during rehearsals. On their performance in the final all up! And, by the way, when Loreen won, and very deservedly, and after the results all remained on the scene, 80 percent of journalists had gathered around grandmothers.

I was even uncomfortable, she was kind of lost, though, and with this crystal thing, but somehow it is not celebrated as grandmothers. I could understand why. Because of my naturalness, the naturalness that these grandmothers and embodied. Naturalism in its purest form! That the child in her arms to bear, and he suddenly said, small that — grandmothers. I realized that this naturalness — nature — people are very catchy.

— So, Ivan is the quintessence of naturalness, and this is your idea?

— What can bribe more than the naturalness of a naked man?! But not vulgarity! It’s still a family show, millions of kids at home, you can curse me, to ask children he has, perhaps, its not?! I understand the thin line of matter. Therefore, the image verified thoroughly. There is the story of Mowgli, now there’s a new movie — like to support Sasha was invested by the Americans, ha ha ha! Same with the wolf — so beautiful! The unity of the animal, and adressierung, unpredictable, freedom-loving, and man — a poignant symbol of the General principle in nature, and is now, by the way, is extremely relevant and topical.

— I think that’s the way it will understand — sublime and symbolic?

— Well, not to put a speaker behind the stage that all of this can be chewed and explained Levitan’s voice: long ago, in a far away Kingdom lived Ivan and the gray wolf!.. Therefore, we must ensure that the viewer saw and said wow! After all, Rodin’s the Thinker does not want to throw a rag or jeans to pull, when it is approached, despite the Puritanism of some countries…

— Although your circle of naturalists and swung at Auguste, you know, our Rodin, but the country-we do not cease from this with pleasure to sink into the waste pit of obscurantism. Now here’s the “chelovechestvo” we condemn, prowling around the flocks milonovich-Mizulina, Orthodox “activists” with axes, rampaging Popov, and suddenly such a visiting card of Belarus on “the Contest” — bare ass and a wolf tail! What Lukashenko?..

— Who should I try to explain issues to us yet was not, though some people, of course, appear — I do not know specifically or not, writing letters… As without it, as without the “no sex”! But, more importantly, if we, as they say, swam for the buoys, we would choose the organizers of “Eurovision”, strictly complying with all the regulations, has long shown a red card, and we were finished with that story.

— Victor, can this be true and not advertising a promotional stunt? Is Stockholm your Ivan really come out naked?

On the stage will be bare Alexander Ivanov. With a wolf.

— Luxuriously! And who wins in your opinion?

– Don’t know about the staged ideas of other participants, all kept secret, and musically — the Spaniard Barei good, good rockers Cypriots Minus One…

You’re right about Philip Bedrosovich: I’m still willing to say that he is a very professional Eurovision and major forms. I think Sergey Lazarev in addition to the experience of the struggle has all the data and voice, and external, and it will be something strong. But I do not consider them as competitors, are now seen as the first and the second series of our common history of Slavic brotherhood. I think we will be there to stick together.

Jamal luxurious, it is a very good singer, but I think that now she pursued not so much for the upbeat song, how much for a kind message in their song. How’s the right move — I don’t know how the Ukraine at the contest. But honestly, now I’m scared to look in upon it, like a boxer who before the fight with Tyson would have started to look at how he beat all of the muzzle. It would be better not to see not to die in the ring just before. However, each person has their own character. Someone is prepared in advance, someone steps into the unknown.

— Lazarev now spent huge money, and you, therefore, all Belarusian modestly and even without clothes?

You wouldn’t believe expensive!

Is that expensive?

Training the wolf, ha-ha-ha! “Since childhood I loved not performances, but rather preparing for performances” — joke in the theatre. You know, I did not meet the 100 (thousand dollars)…

Wow! Philip starts to get nervous…

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