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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Netherlands refused to Ukrainians in avtobratstvo

The results of the voting in the Netherlands make it virtually impossible for the ratification of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Despite the non-binding nature of the referendum, the authorities cannot ignore the opinion of the people shortly before elections, which, however, already demanded in Kiev. This not only calls into question the European future of Ukraine, but actually marks the beginning of the end of his political career Poroshenko.

Announced disappointing for Ukraine, the results of the referendum in the Netherlands on Association with the EU. According to the latest data, 38.1 per cent voted for the ratification of the agreement, 61,1% were opposed. The turnout on the results of the counting of ballots was 32.2%, an increase of 30%, required for recognition of the valid vote, reports RIA “Novosti”. Final voting results will be announced on April 12. And while the EU is “awaiting the decision of the Hague how it intends to proceed with ratification of the Association agreement with Ukraine”, said the source TASS.

“In Kiev they live in a different reality. For several months the Ukrainian media gleefully trumpeted that almost 100 percent of the Dutch people support the Ukrainian integration”

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte acknowledged the victory of the opponents of the agreement in a referendum. According to the Prime Minister, this means that the ratification (of the agreement) just “can’t continue”. Initially, exit polls reported that turnout was 29% when needed 30%. However, later data have been revised and amounted to 32%.

“The Verdict Of Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko found the reasons for such a fatal and humiliating failure is not in their policy, and of conspiracy against the EU and Ukraine. “I would like to remind everyone that the true goal of the organizers of the referendum did not mean the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. It is an attack on the unity of Europe, the attack on the spreading of European values. This is also evidenced by the discussion that was launched on the eve of the referendum” – are his words on the website of the President of Ukraine.

“I want to stress that this referendum is purely Advisory in nature. Now it’s up to the government, the Parliament of the Netherlands. I emphasize that we will not deviate from the path of European integration”, – said Poroshenko. Simultaneously, the head of Ukraine continues to assure the population that the referendum means nothing. “Strategically, this event is not an obstacle on the way of Ukraine to Europe. I want to note that, despite this, Ukraine will continue to implement the Association agreement with the EU, because this is the path to modernization of the Ukrainian state and strengthening its independence,” said Poroshenko.

However, the results of the voting so disappointed Ukrainians, with a sharp criticism of Petro Poroshenko were made by deputies from his eponymous party. Thus, a member of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Mustafa Nayem said that the verdict to the President.

“The result of the referendum is the verdict personally Petro Poroshenko. Not the country, not the war, not the people of the Netherlands. It’s an indictment of the President, have all powers, within two years systematically and strongly between past and future was selected the past; which, contrary to the cries of the people and their declared slogans, chose as a partner “elites” and oligarchs”, – he said in Facebook.

Frustration parliamentarian knows no bounds. “We can build coalitions in the international arena, to share our successful foreign policy ultimately gives the country a rating that Merkel, Cameron or Hollande, but the ordinary inhabitant of Europe, for which we associiruetsya with the headlines of the world press that capture the reality. The main thing is not to tire, not to break into hysterics, but to bite the bullet, gain experience, courage and methodically take responsibility into their own hands,” he said.

Outrage was expressed in the Radical party. So, its leader Oleg Lyashko said that the failure in the Netherlands is payback for the offshore Petro Poroshenko, “the corruption and lies of the Ukrainians,” he wrote in Facebook.

“In Kiev they live in another reality”

The debate, which will discuss the results of the referendum will commence in Parliament on Thursday, April 7, in the afternoon, said the newspaper VIEW Director of the Centre for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov. “The deputies will discuss the preliminary results and what to do with them. Various MEPs have already urged the Dutch government to ensure that it ignored the results of the referendum. But at night, Prime Minister Rutte stated that he will not be able to do it. Why else threw tens of millions of euros for its holding?” – asks he.

The expert believes that the voting results will be taken into account. “The debate will be sharp. Surely someone, especially members of the D66 party – a party that actively campaigned for the agreement with Ukraine will be encouraged to ignore the referendum. But representatives of the ruling coalition stated that it is impossible to do. Yes, there are bypass mechanisms, but it is very risky for mainstream parties. They have already entered the pre-election year, respectively, to take and to spit on opinion of their own people for them would be like death,” explains the source.

In Ukraine, of course, did not expect such a turn of events, the expert adds. “In Kiev they live in a different reality. For several months the Ukrainian media gleefully trumpeted that almost 100 percent of the Dutch people support the Ukrainian integration and Association. And now they are genuinely surprised at how this could happen, and look for those guilty,” he said.

When blame need to look for it in Kiev, said Kornilov. “If not for money, “Soros” and not hyperactivity Ukrainian mladoevropeytsev, who came to dance on the squares of Amsterdam and Dutch towns, the turnout would have been lower and the referendum would be stripped. So, if anyone should blame the Ukrainian policy, it is only yourself,” he said.

“I hope that Ukrainians will understand”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Koenders noted that Ukrainians need to be patient. “Indeed, the majority is skeptical about the Association agreement, and we’ll react to it. I also want to thank all the Ukrainians that it does not become an obstacle to the friendship between the Ukrainians and the Dutch. And I want to ask for patience. And I hope that Ukrainians will understand” – reports Ukrainian TSN the diplomat’s words.

In addition, Koenders stressed that ratification of the agreement by Ukraine about Association with the EU now can’t happen. “I understand that Ukrainians want clarity. We had the vote. And the result is negative, contrary to appearance. It is still too early to say, need to wait, but over 30% of the Dutch voted. But it is a political fact that the majority is opposed. We need to investigate what was behind it. We need to seriously approach this issue. However, this means that ratification cannot continue as if nothing happened. But we are not alone, we will work with our European partners, with Ukraine,” said Koenders.

Less influential Dutch politicians have left the referendum without attention. So, the Chairman of the “freedom Party” of Geert Wilders saw the outcome of the vote “the end of the EU”. “It seems that the Dutch said no to the European elite, and no agreement with Ukraine. Beginning of the end for the EU. If two-thirds of voters say no, it would be a vote of no confidence in the elites of Brussels and the Hague” – he wrote in his Twitter.

Something unique to public diplomacy response to the results of the referendum demonstrated in the United States. State Department spokesman mark Toner simply refused to comment on the news, which he did not like. “For me, it would be premature” to give any evaluation to these results, green noted.

“The results of the referendum could affect the image of Ukraine”

But Ukrainian diplomats and the media found guilty. So, in their opinion, to the anti-Ukrainian moods among the population of the Netherlands have their hands Russia. However, they did not specify how. “The biggest skeptics there are local Communists and socialists, which literally word for word repeat of the anti-Ukrainian rhetoric,” writes UNIAN.

However, Ukrainian politicians uneasy. Kiev elite, by juggling with the obvious facts, it’s absurd continues to “fool” the people. So, the foreign Ministry of Ukraine after Poroshenko said that the referendum is Advisory in nature and will not affect the European future of the country. Chief of the Ukrainian diplomacy Pavlo Klimkin, in turn, continues to assure the population that the referendum will not affect the implementation of the rules of the Association. “From the point of view of practical implementation now, nothing has changed, this agreement shall be applied, as before, while on a temporary basis. So nobody cares at all,” said the Minister.

“Thus, one need not be conducted on certain speculations that it could affect the practical implementation of the agreement. We always believe in victory and have to fight for it. So now the European integration of Ukraine is not stopped, we will move this way”, – explained the Minister. On the other hand, the diplomat noted that the referendum results will affect the unity within the EU. “Of course, from the point of view of understanding the results is the attitude of the Dutch towards Europe, the desire of skeptics to damage its unity, and it is very strongly felt – the mobilization of this particular camp,” said Klimkin.

“Glory To Ukraine!”

“The government should announce that it plans to do with the results of the referendum. Don’t need to do the 6th night or the 7th morning, the conclusion that all was lost, all was over and the Association agreement killed in the Netherlands. This isn’t the end, move on,” said the Ambassador for special assignments Dmitry Kuleba. The diplomat noted that the agreement already ratified by the European Parliament, and it is already running. “Therefore, the results of the referendum could affect the international image of Ukraine and will lead to another intra-European debate, but will not affect the practical aspects of the Association,” says the diplomat.

Comfort Poroshenko hastened the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. She recorded a special address to the Ukrainian people in connection with the disastrous results of the referendum. It is remarkable what efforts had been taken by the Lithuanians for this entry saw the people of Ukraine. The Lithuanian foreign Ministry has handed over video of the Ukrainian newspaper “European truth”. “Today we heard about the results of the referendum in the Netherlands. We all wish they were different. However, now is not the time to lose hope or to put under question Ukraine’s European choice”, – said Grybauskaite.

The Lithuanian President recalled that the provisions of the free trade agreement has already entered into force. “The process of integration may take more time than we thought. However, the end result is clear, he was determined on independence, Lithuania and whole Europe will be on your side. Glory To Ukraine!” she underlined.

At the same time the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman called the referendum a “Wake-up call for Ukraine”. “The results of the referendum in the Netherlands was unfavorable for Ukraine. We respect the will of the citizens of the Netherlands. Although we understand that this referendum is only of Advisory character, this is an extremely alarming signal for Ukraine”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Commented on the results of the referendum in Russia. So, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called the results of the referendum in the Netherlands “indicator of attitudes of Europeans to the Ukrainian political system”.

The blow to the reputation

“It’s not even a slap on the face is a kick in the sore spot,” – so described the results of the referendum in the Netherlands, political analyst, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph” Vladimir Skachko. “One of the slogans of the euromaidan were “I Want the EU and Lacy panties”. It turned out that the girl who was the frontman of this slogan, went to work in Russia, and all Ukraine can’t go to work to Russia, declared an aggressor, nor, of course, in Europe, which has been declared a visa-free Paradise – he recalled in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. Is a blow and the reputation, and the hopes and dreams of a huge number of people,” added jump.

Despite the assurances of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that in Ukraine all indifferent to the outcome of the referendum, Skachko I am sure that the confidence of the people in power will continue to decline. “Everything adds up. The crane’s just about to break under the pressure of steam inside. The Ukrainian authorities not relied on, but frankly I hate. The Prime Minister has zero ratings, the President – about ten percent. According to its characteristics it is in the eyes of the population is falling faster than even Yushchenko. He still lasted five years, but this rapidly goes nowhere. Man does not produce even just aesthetically good experience”, he explained.

While the people of the country will be reformatted and it is difficult to imagine any other bright future, than the European, I agree the source. “Ukraine has one imposed on her landmark Europe, which it does not accept. And vital economic partner – Russia – declared enemy, and even the appeal to common sense in Russia is declared to be treason,” he says.

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