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Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to hack the elections: the hacker from Colombia to manipulate voter opinion in the last 8 years.


has published an extensive articlebased on an interview with Andres Sepulveda [Andrés Sepúlveda], who is serving a sentence in a Colombian prison for using malicious software, conspiracy, violation of the personal data protection act and the espionage. All charges related to his participation in the manipulation of public opinion during the presidential elections of 2014.

According to Sepulveda, he, in particular, helped to win an election, Enrique peña Nieto, the current President of Mexico; operations budget was about $600000. With his team Andres hacked the computers of competitors in the election campaign to commit espionage and manipulated social networks to create a “correct” public opinion.

Sepulveda began his political career hacker in 2005 with breaking unwanted sites and infiltrate databases with records of supporting applicants sponsors. The first task for the month’s work he received $15,000 and was to penetrate into the database of competitors álvaro Uribe vélez, future President of Colombia, with the aim of obtaining e-mail addresses and mailing them misinformation.



Februrary 26, 2016. Bogotá, Colombia. Details of tattoos on the back of Ándres Sepúlveda (31) head, the top tattoo he calls it his “Mayor Relic” it is a QR code encrypted in MAYA (he didn’t want to revealed what is encrypted), the second tattoo: and he got while he was drunk. Ándres Sepúlveda lives at an undisclosed maximum-security building of the General Attorneys office (Fiscalia Nacional) in Bogotá, Colombia; where he is serving a 10 years sentence for hacking and spying on the government and elected officials. Photo Credit: Juan Arredondo for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.





According to him, his team at various times worked on the elections in Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Venezuela. Answering the question if he considers that the presidential elections in the U.S. conducted with the use of such technologies, Sepulveda said he was “100% sure”.

Mentor Andres was Juan Jose Rendon known psychologist, writer and political activist. He gave Andres the job and handed the payment for them. Under the influence of his mentor (who denies any involvement in the activities of Andres), Sepulveda created a project to influence public opinion by means of spreading of information in social networks. He saw that people trust more opinions of others, even strangers, in private expressed in social networks, than the opinion broadcasted through Newspapers and TV.


They and his team have created a Social Media Predator that controls many virtual Twitter accounts. It allowed not only change the descriptions and avatars, but also throw the information to manipulate public opinion. “When I realized that people believe what they find on the Internet more than I see in reality, I realized that I have the opportunity to make people believe anything”.

In one of the polling company, held in Mexico, he’s using a botnet made of thousands of automatic calls on the phones of potential voters with a recorded message.

At the moment it is under heavy guard because of constant death threats, and helps authorities to track the activities of other hackers.

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