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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Kremlin has described the conspiracy theory of the creation of the national guard as “personal detachment Putin”

In the Kremlin deny that the creation of the National guard, whose commander-in-chief appointed a former security guard of the President Victor Zolotov, due to the mistrust of Vladimir Putin to other law enforcement agencies and the approaching electoral cycle. One of the functions of the new structure, indeed, is the protection of public order and providing emergency regime, but this does not mean that the authorities are preparing for mass protests.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“This increase in efficiency and improvement work in the area of ensuring state and public security,” explained the need for the establishment of the national guard the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. He added that the work on reforming the interior Ministry was carried out in a long time. But the decision will require the adjustment of a large number of legislative acts and departmental documents.

We will remind that on Tuesday at a meeting with the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, head of the Federal drug control service Viktor Ivanov, the commander of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Viktor Zolotov and Deputy head of the FMS Ekaterina Egorova, Vladimir Putin announced the most ambitious in the last 10 years, the reform of the interior Ministry internal troops, SWAT and riot police removed from the structure of the Agency to form the National guard. Instead, the interior Ministry will include the FMS (the number of staff will be reduced by 30%) and FDCS.

Peskov in conversation with journalists has specified that the last two services concrete yet. We only know that the heads of anti-drug and migration Ministry of internal Affairs will become the Vice-Vladimir Kolokoltseva. But would it be the current head of the Federal drug control service Viktor Ivanov and the Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky is not yet clear. (Later appeared a decree, from which it follows that the FMS will be transformed into the Directorate for migration and the Federal drug control service in the Directorate General for drug control, the reorganization should be completed by June 1, 2016)

As for the National guard, in an hour after the meeting, the Kremlin has published the decree about its creation and the message that the commander-in-chief of the national guard who are assigned to Viktor Zolotov, included in the composition of the permanent members of the Security Council.

The functions of the National guard in the decree assigned part (in conjunction with the Ministry of internal Affairs) in the protection of public order, security of state of emergency, the fight against terrorism and extremism, participation in territorial defence of Russia, the protection of important goudeseune objects etc.

Along with the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs, SOBR and the OMON in the new structure includes units of the interior Ministry, which oversees the circulation in the arms and in the field of private security, the Center for special purpose rapid reaction force and aviation Ministry of internal Affairs and the Federal state unitary enterprise “Protection”.

Zolotov, the full title of which is “Director of Federal service the national guard troops of the Russian Federation – chief of the troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation” are allowed to have six deputies. In this case, he will receive salary at the level of the Federal Minister, his first Deputy – the first Deputy Minister, ordinary deputies – Deputy Ministers. Dmitry Peskov insists that the creation of the national guard “will not require an increase in staff numbers and will not lead to the increase of the device”.

– It is wrong to say that the number of law enforcement agencies increases – not increases it. The Federal drug control service will become part of the MIA, and it turns out the minus one power Department. And plus one – the national guard – said the press Secretary of the head of state. According to him, the announced reform will lead to the optimization of the structure of power block and cost of its maintenance. “The structure is not static, it changes in accordance with the requirements of the time. A result of an internal study came to the conclusion that at this stage more appropriate this structure,” added Sands.

Journalists suggested that the creation of the National guard to do with the upcoming electoral cycle, which in the case of the deterioration of the economic situation may result in mass protests, and that the new structure will become a “private armed group” to the President. But Dmitry Peskov said that both the rumor is not baseless. However, he acknowledged that Vladimir Putin is experiencing personal trust to Viktor Zolotov. “The President does not appoint people to lead the security forces, not caring for them personal trust. Zolotov has extensive experience in the security services, it is a good Foundation to guide such a large service like the national guard,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Special personal confidence shines through even in the character’s position. Earlier in Russia there was only one commander-in-chief, and now two of them. However, Peskov stressed that Zolotov is subordinate to Vladimir Putin.

Read the article “Putin has created a National guard and expanded the functions of the Ministry of internal Affairs for the sake of Zolotova”

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