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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Scientists have learned about gender inequality in world religions

Despite the dominant position of men in most traditional beliefs, women in the modern world were more religious. This is the conclusion of American sociologists who examined the believers from 2008 to 2015. Briefly about the study reported by Live Science.

Sociological center Pew Research worked with six denominations (Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus), as well as with citizens who do not consider themselves to any religious denomination, from 84 countries.

It turned out that women are more likely to belong to any religious community (83.4 per cent for men — 79.9 per cent). In addition, in half of the countries surveyed pray daily women more often than men (the rest remains equal, and only in Israel men pray more). This pattern is true even for those who do not identify themselves as a particular religion.

In 36 countries, more women than men indicated the importance of faith to their everyday lives, in 43 countries on this issue say the same thing. For men, religion was more important in Israel and Mozambique. In angels, heaven and hell both sexes believe is about the same.

Special attention sociologists have paid to the comparison of Islam and Christianity. Muslims religiosity practically does not depend on gender: all indicators, except for visiting the mosque, men and women in Islamic countries provided the same performance. On the contrary, Christian women are praying (in their own words) ten percent more likely to be Christians, go to Church more often, and among them seven percent more than those for whom religion is “very important”.

The causes of the identified inequality some sociologists are biological and psychological differences, the situation on the labour market, education, and the sense of insecurity that women experience much more often, as more are suffering from poverty, disease and violence. The relationship of these factors with religiosity remains to be seen. However, scientists say that working women worldwide were less religious than those who did not earn.

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