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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Found a sensational way to heal the paralysis with the help of fat cells

A new technique to make bone and fat cells of adults in stem, successfully passed the first tests. These stem cells can then be applied, including, for restoration of the spine and spinal cord, which could raise to his feet paralyzed people.

photo: Alexander Astafiev

Australian researchers representing the University of New South Wales, claim that using their technology, fat cells can be “two steps” to transform into any tissue of the body. Research in this direction the researchers were inspired by the Salamander, in which the body cells sometimes turn into a stem, then divided and used for regeneration of limbs, according to sciencealert.com.

At the moment experts have conducted tests on mice whose cells were successfully “reprogrammed”, having induced multipotent stem or, as they are called progenitor cells. This means that the “fate” of these cells is not predetermined, and they can become what they need. Truly meaningful such an achievement makes the fact that in the adult organism these cells are not found, and the transplantation of germ cells is not directly associated with a number of serious dangers and is recognized by many people as immoral. None of these problems, in all likelihood, does not apply to cells obtained by a new method, which tests on humans are planned for next year.

Their work experts presented on the pages of the scientific publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

That stem cells can potentially heal a person with a damaged spine, according to the results of another study, published recently in the journal Nature Medicine. Specialists representing the University of California at San Diego, managed to repair the spinal cord of paralyzed laboratory rats, reports arstechnica.com. Although experts admit that this method is still a lot of testing on clinical trials on animals, the scientists hope that one day he will be used to help people.

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