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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ascetic, patriot, the horse-lover: who wants to seem in an interview with Ramzan Kadyrov

Great interview that the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov gave an anonymous correspondent of RIA “Novosti” was quite expected. In it, Kadyrov again said that he was a loyal foot soldier for Putin that the USA ostensibly supports the opposition in Russia and terrorism in the Republic fully defeated. However, pay attention to a few points, unusual for this type of material.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

So, getting closer to the end of the conversation, answering a question about whether the people around Kadyrov to tell him that he is wrong, Chechen politician said that they never allow themselves such “rudeness”.

As it turned out, the maximum allowed in Chechnya critics — is a neat question whether the disputed decision Kadyrov’s any secret intention. Note that in the header of the interview, however, was rendered by distorting the meaning of the paragraph, the phrase: “Please say, if not right”.

Read how Kadyrov’s relatives replace each other in the leadership of Chechnya.

In the “personal” parts of the interview Kadyrov is trying to form his image as an honest ascetic, sincerely takatsukasa power.

So, he says, is for two days at work, distracted only “to the prayer and tea”, the dollar savings is not (here he has compared himself with “a poor man in the village”), gets paid in rubles and cannot save.

And — if made — would have gave all for the good of the Republic, “help people”, and “not an investment, and charity”.

The same moral ascetic Kadyrov tried to prove himself further, telling that the main thing that I wanted to achieve from their children, is a knowledge by heart of the Qur’an and excellent performance. Here he recalled that one of his daughters was recognized as the best student of the Republic (it happened after her school report about his grandfather Akhmad Kadyrov). The education of boys, according to Kadyrov, in the family solely military: they have become used from childhood to the ground and the sounds of shots in the future “to secure a quiet life”.

The image of the ascetic, however, is broken in the final interview, when asked Kadyrov about his horses. It is seen that the head of the Republic, this theme is interesting, but he prefers not to mention the cost of animals: in the press they repeatedly estimated from 300 thousand to 2.5 million dollars per head.

Watch the video on “wild horses racing for the prize of the President of Russia. Horses Kadyrov lose”

At the Central Moscow Hippodrome were horse races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation. Watched Vladimir Putin and the heads of state and premiers, came to Moscow for a gas summit. The fight at the races turned serious: stallions Ramzan Kadyrov Khorezm gayar and in the end lost to the Choreographer. See how it was and who went to win the main prize. Video published on the portal youtube.com user Oleg Borisovich

However, speech should go about politics, Kadyrov once again tries on the image of a stern patriot. So, he denounces “enemies of Russia”: from Erdogan to Poroshenko (the latter is “washed-up alcoholic”) and fiercely supportive of Assad, who “took the right position — to be with Russia.”

Watch the video on “Kadyrov: “I would have taken Kiev”

Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the truce in Ukraine. Video published on the portal youtube.com user NEWS ONLINE [the most interesting news ]

Thus, ironically, the life of the Republic the interview had little to do with, except for the numerous assurances that it is safe now. The only issue with the condition of the region, devoted to the construction of the training center special forces: this is set of 25 questions.

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