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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mysterious vessels from Laos turned out to be reservoirs for conservation of the remains

During excavations in the Valley of Vessels in Central Laos archaeologists from the Australian national University discovered the human bones of the age of 2500 years, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the researchers, the bodies of the dead were formed in the vessels (height between 0.9 and 1.8 meters, the concentration at one site reached 400 pieces) for subsequent putrefaction, after which get out of there and eventually were buried in the surrounding area — has turned into bones.

Who led the excavations Dougald O’reilly (Dougald O’reilly) is situated in the Valley of Vessels (Plain of Jars) old morgue. The vessels there had been used in funerary rites for the ritual disposal of the dead by a kind of conservation.

Subsequently, the pits filled with bones of the dead, were covered with huge limestone blocks. In some cases the bones before their final disposal also were placed in ceramic jars.

Scattered among the hills of Central Laos, thousands of huge stone vessels of the iron age occupied archaeologists for decades (for a local plateau now lies nearly a hundred excavations). However, many of the sites were inaccessible to researchers because of unexploded bombs dropped on these areas during the Vietnam war.

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