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Friday, April 20, 2018

British scientists: the great Shakespeare’s plays the Jew of Venice

400 years later after the death of William Shakespeare, one of the most famous playwrights in history, his personality continues to surround many legends. Recently the expert from the UK John Hudson suggested that actually many of the works signed by this name, could write the woman’s name was Amelia Bassano. It was a Jewish woman from a family of Venetian musicians who moved to London, says the specialist.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Photo: Amelia Bassano

For the first time his theory of Hudson announced back in 2008, but most experts put this version in line with many other legends around the name of Shakespeare, some of which are his woman and some even by a group of authors. To the 400th anniversary since the death of Shakespeare the scientist decided to reiterate its assumption, reports the Daily Mail.

Amelia Bassano was the dark-haired Jewish woman of Venetian origin, the daughter of Baptiste Bassano, which consisted of a musician at the court of Elizabeth I. At a young age she was the mistress of Lord Henry Carey Hunsdon who runs theatres in Britain. She is one of the first poetesses in the history of England and author of the 800-page autobiography “Dark lady”. The fact that Bassano became the prototype of the Dark lady mentioned in Shakespeare’s sonnets, was proved in 1973. In addition, some researchers admit that some of the heroes of Shakespeare’s plays are also named in her honor.

As the main argument in favor of his theory John Hudson exploits the fact that the plays written by Shakespeare, contain accurate descriptions of Denmark and Italy, as well as Hebrew words and references to Judaism. In all these areas, Amelia Bassano was supposed to understand much better than Shakespeare, which is believed to have spent my life in England and was not too close to Jewish culture.

Version Hudson interesting overlaps with recent high-profile story about the disappearance of the skull of the great playwright. Having found that the skull in all likelihood, is not in his grave, a group of specialists under the leadership of Kevin Calls from Staffordshire University decided to test, not whether the truth of a legend that he kept in the Church of the British city of Bioli 20 kilometers from Stratford-upon-Avon. However, examining the skull, there, scientists have rejected this version, having found that it belongs to 70-year-old woman. However, if we assume that the version of John Hudson may be true, and to take into account that she died, being not much older than 70 years, the story begins to seem more curious.

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