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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scientists: DNA analysis confirmed the guilt of Europeans for the genocide of Indians

Analysis of the “resurrected” DNA of several populations of the ancient Indians showed that the arrival of Europeans and diseases of the Old world really caused sharp reduction in populations of the “first peoples” of America, said in an article published in the journal Science Advances.

“Surprisingly, none of the studied genomes, we found the remains of over a hundred ancient Indians, did not leave their traces in the DNA of the aboriginal people of America. The only scenario that fits observations — complete disappearance of isolated from each other populations of Indians after they began to contact with the Europeans,” said Bastien Llamas (Llamas Bastien) from the University of Adelaide (Australia).

Llamas and his colleagues came to this conclusion and once again accused the Spanish conquistadors and other European invaders and travelers in the genocide of the Indians, restoring fragments of DNA extracted from nearly a hundred of the Inca mummies and bones members of other aboriginal tribes of America.

Scholars interested in the so-called mitochondrial DNA — a small genome segment, which is contained in the mitochondria, the cells power stations, and transmitted, together with these organelles from mother to child. Today, geneticists and historians have used mtDNA for the “pedigrees” of different Nations and observations of their migrations and histories.

Using fragments of the mitochondrial genome, a group of Llamas were able to see how migrated various groups of Indians in the period almost from the moment of their appearance in America, approximately 16 thousand years ago, and before the modern era of history.

Comparison of mtDNA showed that the ancestors of the Indians virtually had no contact with each other after initial settlement in the New World, divided into isolated groups of about 8-9 thousand years ago. In this form they existed in fact, before modern times, when virtually all ancient haplogroup of mitochondrial DNA is completely gone.

This course of events, given that all the DNA samples originate from the densely populated districts of North and South America, suggests that the mass media ceased to exist, dead or disease, or violent means.

Since such “extinction” of mtDNA haplogroups occurred approximately at the same time, when America entered the conquistadors, we can talk about how Llamas believes that the fault of the Europeans in the drastic reduction of the Indian population and the complete disappearance of some tribes is completely proved.

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