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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In Russia celebrates the Day of geologist

Russian geologists celebrate their professional holiday. It was founded half a century ago when he opened the largest oil field in Siberia. Since then, scientists in the asset — serious findings: a third of all gas reserves on the planet, a quarter cobalt, Nickel and iron. That have already found fans to dig a little deeper, and why look to the Arctic and even the moon?

About the diamonds as if incidentally — and this is not bravado: in the office there are exhibits and more valuable. For example, the point on the map was supplied by his master. In the first expedition geologist Kozlowski took more than 60 years ago. And the second gave the country one of the largest deposits of tin. A quarter of a century after he changed a dozen posts — from the cabinets, by the way, for a long time refused — to lead the entire industry in the country.

“When he left as Minister, I have decided to sum up the results — what did I do? And here in General I must say that we have increased the mineral resources on all types of almost fourteen years in two times,” — says Evgeny Kozlovsky — Vice-President of the Academy of natural Sciences, in the years 1975-1989 — the Minister of Geology of the USSR.

Now those gains are often referred to as the “oil needle” expression, which offended almost every geologist. After all, even professional holiday owes its birth to just the oil industry: in 1966, opened fields in Western Siberia and is now one of the largest in the country.

“When I was a student, came to Western Siberia — these were beams, barracks and the first wells. But, nonetheless, familiar: now look at Tyumen, look at Khanty-Mansiysk, Kogalym — the beautiful city in which you can and should live. There is excellent infrastructure — all built at the expense of oil and gas money,” says Dean of the faculty of Geology and Geophysics of oil and gas RSU of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin Alexander Lobusev.

And what is interesting: then, in 1966, oil on an industrial scale were produced in Russia for more than a century, but to the huge deposits of natural resources geologists was coming.

“We were told that oil with us for 20-30 years — it was 30 years ago, 40. Now we are talking exactly the same words. That is, it is the normal development of the oil and gas industry, we have the leading stocks. Well, gas reserves have, according to various estimates, from 70 to 100 years,” continues Alexander Lobusev.

And the clue here is that white spots on the geological map will be enough for several generations. Now those same bearded man in a sweater and backpack, as if they were little marshes, taiga and mosquitoes, go to the Arctic — hard recoverable reserves. From what has already been discovered — a third of all gas in the world, the same potassium salt, a quarter cobalt, Nickel and iron. Not to mention nuclear fuel, precious stones and metals. Only — over 20 thousand deposits, which helped to make the country a superpower.

“Most of the industry is based or uses minerals to manufacture the product. In order to extract minerals, we must first, perhaps, to find him. And mineral exploration are geologists. Therefore, this simple chain of logic says that geologists are, of course, is the specialty, those people who are in the very beginning,” says Minister of natural resources and environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy.

However, geologists, despite the name, are, oddly enough, not only with the Earth. Even before Gagarin’s launch, they have learned to investigate patterns, where hands do not touch and the shovel stick — one only reflective light. By the way, Korolev who, according to legend, personally vouched for the fact that the Moon is solid enough for landing of the module, then do not risk — told him that the planetary community. Now they are opening on the moon helium-3 — fuel for a hypothetical fusion power plant — and warn of shortage of raw materials for all the earth’s electronics.

“On Earth, rare earth metals have come to an end. The price from ten dollars per kilogram for the year increased to more than a hundred dollars. And it will all grow and grow, if we talk about land resources. But on the moon we can find,” says head of Department of researches of the moon and planets of GAISh Moscow state University Vladislav Shevchenko.

Only on the eve of the professional holiday of the Russian geologists here on the planet discovered a giant ocean of water in crystallized a-thousand kilometers under the Canada. Which was formed early in the history of the earth is 3-4 billion years ago. And at the end of last year under the largest desert in the world Takla makan desert in China, found a trillion tons of water in the usual liquid form. So the work and discoveries of today’s jubilarians enough for a long time.

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